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Chapter 105 At Last We Had Meat to Eat

She suddenly opened her big eyes, and the tension in her heart totally vanished to be replaced by questions.

“Zhang Han!”

“Whats the matter Dont move, its going to be crooked.” Zhang Hans left hand tightened Zi Yans chin.

“What you take is eyebrow pencil!” Zi Yans eyes containing anger fixed on Zhang Han.

“Bastard, he actually took me to practice!”

“Ahem… Got it.

I will finish in a minute, okay” Zhang Han was slightly embarrassed.

He didnt know anything about cosmetics.

After knowing what in his hand was an eyebrow pencil, he then used it to draw on Zi Yans eyebrows.

Zi Yan thereupon glanced at him ruthlessly and did not say any more.

She closed her eyes again, throwing the handle after the blade.

After this small episode, however, Zi Yan felt a sense of relief.

She was so nervous that she seemed to be suffocating right now!

“Pshaw, Zi Yan, Zi Yan, you are so humiliating…”

Zi Yan silently cursed herself.

“Okay, lets see.”

Soon, it was only a minute before Zhang Han opened his mouth.

When Zi Yan looked at herself through the mirror, her eyes gradually became round.

“Zhang Han!”

A very sharp and murderous sound spread all over the restaurant.

When driving to the Ocean Park, Zhang Han always inadvertently put on a smile.

Instead of using the phantom copper coin, he used the power of it while applying cosmetics.

Just like painting, he succeeded after a few strokes.

In the back seat, Zi Yan slightly pouted and was not very happy.

The reason…

Seeing her downward-sloping eyebrows and the ugly canthi, everyone would understand.

Zi Yan loved to look beautiful, so she simply could not stand Zhang Hans poor makeup skill.

But she was compelled to go out by Zhang Han and directly picked up Mengmeng together, leaving no time for her to fix her makeup.

“Bastard, humph! I will never trust him again!”

Zi Yan was so annoyed that she talked out her thoughts in the mind.

“Uh” Mengmeng was surprised and asked doubtfully, “MaMa, hm… What is a bastard Is it, is it something delicious”

After taking a while to collect herself, Zi Yan gave Zhang Han a severe look when seeing his smile and said, “Your PaPa is, Mengmeng.

We should pay less attention to your PaPa in the future.

He is a big liar.”

“No, PaPa is not a liar.” Mengmeng resisted.

“Little traitor!” Zi Yan snorted and pinched the dainty nose of Mengmeng.

“Oh, its almost crooked,” Mengmeng rubbed her nose with small palms and said faintly, “MaMa, PaPa is not a liar.

You cant say so.

PaPa is so great and makes such delicious food, huh.”

Seeing the look of Mengmeng, it seemed that if Zi Yan did not give in, she would be serious to this problem all the time.

Considering this, Zi Yan shook her head helplessly.

Then she said both angrily and amusingly, “Ok, ok, your PaPa is not a liar, he is the best.”

“Hmm, MaMa is also super good.” Mengmengs little body squeezed into Zi Yans arms, acting like a spoiled child.

In laughter, they arrived at the Ocean Park.

After getting off, Zi Yan put on a cap and put the brim of it very low.

This time it was not because she was afraid of being recognized, but she thought the makeup on her face was too ugly.

Just entered the Ocean Park.

They three rode the Ferris wheel again.

This time, Mengmeng was still in Zhang Hans arms, and Zi Yan and Zhang Han sat next to each other.

When the wheel reached the height, Zi Yan and Mengmeng were still afraid.

Zi Yans hands involuntarily grabbed Zhang Hans arm and her body also gradually leaned on him.

With Zhang Han, she felt much better than the last time.

Mengmeng had a wonderful time the whole afternoon.

By the time they got back to the restaurant, it had been nearly 5:30, and some people had already come here.

But these people who came so early were all nonmembers.

As for members, they did not need to stand in line and certainly did not have to wait in advance.

Zhang Han sent Zi Yan and Mengmeng to the upstairs, and then he set out to Mount New Moon.

He took two native chickens, some eggplants and cucumbers.

He planned to make Braised Chicken Chips with Brown Sauce, Cucumber with Garlic Sauce and Braised Eggplant with Soy Bean Paste.

When Zhang Han drove back to the restaurant with ingredients, he was amazed.

In front of the restaurant, 30 small chairs were completely full, and there still stood nearly 20 people.

Although the number was not big, it was spectacular in this area.

“Why there are so many people”

Zhang Han was a little surprised, but he figured out when he heard what they said as he got out of the car.


On seeing Zhang Han, these people all looked at him, and the people in the queue in the back said anxiously, “Boss, I especially asked for leave to have a meal here, but there are too many people in line, can you do a little bit more”

“Yes, yes, I heard the new noodle soup, you must let us have a try.”

“Boss, please, it took me an hour to get here.”


Their words were full of urgency.

Even if there were a lot of people in front of the line, they did not choose to leave but wait for the boss.

“Ill make more.”

Zhang Han answered casually and walked to the restaurant.

His words made these people so excited.

“Thank you, boss!”

“The boss is so nice.”


The crowd cheered as if they had won a battle.

A man with blond hair who sat in front of the line witnessed everything.

It was incredible for him.

When did the owner of the restaurant earn gratitude from diners for making a little more food

In general, they ordered at will!

Oh god, what an amazing restaurant!

But in the meantime, the blond man took it for granted.

After all, the food here was so delicious that even he, a food agent, had been conquered, let alone others.

Regardless of these, when Zhang Han walked into the restaurant, the manager of the store next door was already sitting at the white table, waiting to eat.

“Take these two chickens and clean them up.” Zhang Han handed over the bag containing two chickens.

The manager looked pleased.

He directly took the bag and opened his mouth in advance.

“Boss, dont give me money.

Im sorry about what happened last time.”

Then he turned and rushed out.

This time, he was going to supervise his men to let them clean the chickens up thoroughly.

Liang Mengqi and some other people were enlightened by this scene.

“Boss, are we going to have meat to eat” Liang Mengqi asked in a hurry.

Hardly had he opened his mouth when Yu Qingqing, Zhao Dahu, Sun Dongheng, and his family, as well as Wang Qiang and his wife, looked over.

Of course, eating vegetables every day was not good.

Even the people who did not have a passion for meat would have a meat meal at intervals.

Moreover, there were not many people who did not like meat.

Some people did not like eating fat, some did not like pure meat.

They liked meat with bones, such as spareribs.

Some people liked chicken wings and chicken legs, while others liked to eat viscera, such as chicken hearts, pork livers and so on.

Furthermore, the most famous steaks in western restaurants were really popular.

There were always a few kinds of meat that the particular persons would also love.

Zhang Han nodded slightly in the attention of the crowds.

There were two chickens, and it was not a big deal to give them a few.

After all, they are members who deserved preferential treatment.

Zhang Hans affirmation made their eyes filled with strong eagerness.

“Great, we have meat to eat at last, ha ha ha!” Yu Qingqing laughed loudly.

She was a real carnivore.

Though the others said nothing, it was all in their eyes.

It was the first time they had enjoyed meat in the restaurant.

After boiling the rice, Zhang Han planned to cook a pot of Egg-fried rice for the diners and make a pot of noodle soup at the same time.

Then he prepared the dinner they were going to eat.

When all the ingredients were ready, the manager of the restaurant next door brought back two chickens.

As knife rose and fell, the chicken was cut into pieces by Zhang Han.

This time he was ready to make Braised Chicken Chips with Brown Sauce, not adding ingredients like potatoes.

It was a pure meat dish.

Braised Chicken Chips with Brown Sauce was also a common Chinese dish.

Its cooking procedure was not difficult but the ingredients were strictly required, and the operation was fine.

It was a necessary dish for restaurants.

In fact, as long as you, generally speaking, followed the steps of food software to cook meat dishes, they would also taste good.

But in order to taste better, as mentioned above, whether the process, the ingredients, or the technologies, such as heat control, should be mastered by experienced people.

Braised Eggplant with Soy Bean Paste, which was similar to Braised Eggplant, was simple to make and suitable for all ages.

It was also a common dish with good taste.

Let alone Cucumber with Garlic Sauce.

It was crisp and delicious and they, including Liang Mengqi, had tasted at noon.

Zhang Han was ready to cook.

He finished Egg-fried rice at first, put it on the counter, and began to boil noodle soup.

“Look, the boss picked up the dough, and the show is about to begin,” Liang Mengqi said with expectation.

At this time, people in the restaurant all concentrated on Zhang Han, and even two guests who had seen at noon prepared to take out their mobile phones to record the fantastic skill.

Soon, under the crowds gazes, Zhang Han held the dough in his hands.

It was time to start…

The people gradually held their breath.


Zhang Han calmly put the dough on the panel.


“Boss, why dont you act” Liang Mengqi asked.

“Take your time.”

Zhang Han replied calmly.

“Oh.” Liang Mengqi nodded.

Actually, she still wanted to see the bosss handsome look when he cooked, but it didnt matter.

Good taste was enough.

Zhang Han cut the dough into strips with a knife, pulled them into threads carefully and threw them into the pot.

Soon, a pot of noodle soup was ready as well.

Non-members prepared for dinner in succession.

The people such as Liang Mengqi also filled their bowls with Egg-fried rice and noodle soup.

When they put the bowls on the table, there was no one to eat, though the mixed savory smell of Egg-fried rice and noodle soup let them feel hungry.

But for the sake of more food, they endured!



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