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Zhang, Moon Empress, and Princess Nina, the meal is almost ready.

Lets go to have some Cloud Light Tea first,” Li Mu said with a smile.

Then they stood up and walked to an open-air dining hall decorated in an antique style.

There was energy flowing above it and exquisite patterns flashing around as if there were screens.

From another perspective, they could also enjoy the sky.

“Nina, sit here.” Mengmeng, who sat on the right side of Zi Yan, patted the chair on her right side and said to Nina.

“Okay,” Nina smiled and said.

She walked over and sat down.

Then they began to chat in low voices.

Seeing that, Li Mu thought, “It seems that they have a good relationship.”

After they took several sips of the tea poured by two servants, Li Mu looked at Zhang Han and asked tentatively, “If what I think is correct, youre from another Star Area, right”

“No, were from a place you dont know in Sea Dragon Star Area,” Zhang Han replied.

“I see.” Li Mu nodded and said with a smile, “It must be an extraordinary place since its the hometown of a powerful cultivator like you.

Since we are all of Sea Dragon Star Area, if you want to go to the prosperous area of the Star Area in the future, I can show you the way.

If you get into any trouble, I can offer help to you.

I will be very willing to serve you.”

“Well, arent you going to grab some sixth-tier treasures for fun” Zhang Han took a sip of tea and said casually.

“Well.” Li Mu, who suddenly looked a little embarrassed, said after two seconds of silence, “When we were in Cloud City, I did have the intention.

And I think anyone who suddenly sees so many precious treasures would be tempted.

But I didnt do anything.

Now, I dont want to grab anything from you any longer.

I just want to be friends with you.

Even if I want to, I dont have the strength.

So you can rest assured that I wont play any tricks.

Princess Nina may understand more about me and should know that I dont like tricks.”

After saying that, Li Mu glanced at Nina.

At that time, she should nod and agree while saying, “Yes, Young Master Li Mu is a very good man, although sometimes he has a swagger that annoys us.”

However, Nina and Mengmeng were looking at something under the table.

They kept talking to each other and just ignored him.

Li Mu became speechless and felt a little awkward.

“Young Master Li Mu is very outstanding among the children of the sect leaders.

I can see that he wants to make friends with you distinguished guests,” Yi Hou immediately said to defend Li Mu.

He was on Li Mus side after all.

“Well, that sounds nice.

But arent you afraid that Tiger Talisman Royal Family will make trouble for you after knowing this” Mu Xue said without thinking.

“Hahaha.” Yi Hou suddenly burst into laughter after hearing that and said, “Its not like what you said.

We were originally in an adversarial relationship with Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Besides, Cloud Shadow Sky is powerful enough to not be afraid of Tiger Talisman Royal Family.”

His words fully showed his confidence in his sect and disdain for Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

“They rely on the power of science and technology much.” Li Mu thought for a moment and said, “Sea Central Star Area is a high-tech region.

Tiger Talisman Royal Family is very powerful but not invincible.

Besides them, there are many other forces.

Although their fleets are powerful, others could buy some fleets as well.

Cloud Shadow Sky also has several ones.

In addition, as cultivators, we have more strength than them.

For decades, we have fought against them several times…”

Then he took a sip of tea gracefully and continued to finish his words calmly, “And always been the winner.”

“Well, so confident.” Instructor Liu clapped his hands and claimed.

He quite liked Li Mus unintelligible confidence.


Thanks to our elders and Cloud Shadow Skys power.

Im just the beneficiary,” Li Mu said casually.

Seeing him, Zhao Feng and others felt an aura simultaneously.

Li Mu looked just like those handsome young masters they met in cities.

Among those young masters Zhao Feng had interacted with, some had bad tempers, some were willful and some were irritable.

Some with high status might not be the kind of rich playboys who liked to make trouble as people thought but had a desire to make progress, and those who liked to make trouble were always the ones with little achievement.

Obviously, Li Mu was an excellent top young master.

After all, he was one of the Eight Great Young Masters in the Cloud Star Area.

Zhao Feng and others thought highly of Li Mu.

After they chatted and laughed for a while, the servants began to serve dishes and wines.

“How should I address you” Li Mu asked Wu Ming while pouring wine for him.

“I have told you before that my name is Wu Ming, which doesnt mean nameless,” Wu Ming replied impatiently.

Something occurred to Li Mu.

When he heard that someone stole wine, his men also mentioned the name to him.

At first, he thought that guy didnt want to let others know his real name by saying he was Wu Ming.

He didnt expect that his name was really Wu Ming (Wu Ming means nameless in Chinese).

He got that wrong.


Wu… You have a very interesting hobby.” Li Mu teased with a smile tentatively.

Seeing that no one showed any expression of displeasure, he knew that they were not difficult to get along with.

“Young Master Li, please just pour wine for Uncle Zhang and Elder Zhang.” Wu Ming pointed to those two beside him and said, “This is Zhang Hanyangs father and this is Zhang Hanyangs grandfather.”

Then Li Mu let out an involuntary gasp and his gaze trembled.

He didnt expect that Zhang Hanyangs grandfather was there and felt a chill in his heart.

He, like Nina, subconsciously thought that Zhang Hanyangs grandfather was much powerful than Zhang Hanyang.

Since Zhang Hanyang was already so powerful, how mighty could his grandfather be

“Well… they must be extraordinary as they could obtain sixth-tier treasures easily!” Li Mu thought.

Li Mu gave a dry laugh, thought for a while and said, “Nice to meet you, Uncle Zhang.”

Li Mu just greeted them as Wu Ming, the outsider, told him.

He didnt talk so formally but in a natural way to bring them close together inadvertently.

“Youre so courteous, Young Master Li.” Zhang Mu responded calmly.

“This is the wine we use to entertain our distinguished guests.

Please have a try.

Moon Empress, this one is Flower Fragrance Wine, which could make people drunk easily.

This one is Deer Wood Wine, which is relatively sweet.

Please take one you like,” Li Mu said to Zi Yan.

“Id like to drink the Deer Wood Wine,” Zi Yan said.

Then Zhang Han took the bottle to pour a glass of that wine for Zi Yan, saying, “The Deer Wood Wine is a kind of relatively precious wine of Cloud Shadow Sky.

The Deer Wood is a kind of plant, which needs a hundred years to produce fruit.

Besides, it will cost 49 years to produce the wine that tastes mellow and has an endless aftertaste.”

“How do you know” Li Mu asked in surprise.

“Generally, only the… core of our force knows those things.

Besides, we dont sell or give it to outsiders.”

“I heard that from my old friend,” Zhang Han replied casually.

How could he not know Back then, Zhang Han was also the core of Cloud Shadow Sky.

“You are really generous since you are willing to serve us with the Deer Wood Wine,” Zhang Han smiled lightly and said.

He had a good impression of Li Mu, thinking he was meticulous, thoughtful but not impulsive.

There were many people who had those qualities but few could restrain their greed.

“It looks like red wine.” Zi Yan looked at the wine with a light red color in the crystal glass.

“What is red wine” Li Mu asked as soon as he heard that.

“Its a kind of low-alcohol wine made from the juice of grapes.

It wont make people easily get drunk but can beautify the skin,” Zi Yan replied with a smile.

“Wine made from the juice of grapes…” Li Mu didnt know what to say but murmured.

He thought that was the most common wine.

“That is similar to a kind of fruit wine in our place, which has a series of flavors with good taste.

Well, if there is a chance in the future, we can taste those fine wines in some special places in the Sea Dragon Star Area,” Li Mu said with a smile.

Zhang Guangyou took a sip of the wine and said in an intoxicated tone, “Well, it tastes very good.”

“Glug, glug, glug…” Wu Ming emptied a cup of wine at three gulps and said, “It tastes really good.”

Seeing that, Yi Hou, with the corners of his mouth trembling slightly, said, “Can you taste it when you drink in this way”

“There are not so many delicacies here, only some spirit beast meat and common vegetarian diets.

So we can only serve you these not-so-abundant dishes.

When you go to the Sea Dragon Star Area in the future, I will entertain you again,” after the dishes were served, Li Mu said to liven up the atmosphere.

They chatted while eating.

Zhang Han had become familiar with Li Mu soon.

Even Yi Hou could tell that the young master really wanted to make friends with them.

Whether in Sea Dragon Star Area or other places, there were very few people that Li Mu wanted to make friends with.

After drinking for a while, Zhang Han glanced at Li Mu and said inadvertently, “How is Elder Bai of your sect” On hearing his words, Yi Hou asked, “Are you referring to Elder Bai Shan”

“Elder Bai Shan” Li Mu was slightly stunned as it seemed to him that there was no such a person called Elder Bai Shan among the one hundred elders of the sect.

“He is fine.” Yi Hou continued.

“He has been in isolation for cultivation for a while.

I am not sure if he can reach a higher stage from Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage this time.

But I think he probably can as he is insightful and has been well prepared.”

“Well, which elder are you talking about” Li Mu asked.

Yi Hou said, “Isnt the only one with the family name of Bai of the elder group Elder Bai Kuishan The fifth-third elder.”

“Oh.” Li Mu suddenly picked up on Bai Kuishan and looked surprised.

He now realized that the one Zhang Han mentioned was Bai Kuishan.

Bai Kuishan was quite powerful, but Li Mu didnt expect that Zhang Han knew him.

Li Mu thought it was a good thing that Zhang Han knew Bai Kuishan because it would enable him to learn more information.

However, Zhang Han sighed softly and said, “Im talking about Elder Bai Shanhua, the First Elder of Cloud Shadow Sky.”

“Who Elder Bai Shanhua” Li Mu was stunned.

After thinking for a short while, he said in confusion, “Sorry, I havent heard of this name.

Our First Elders Taoist name is Gui Yi, and he has been the First Elder for five hundred years.”

Li Mus heart skipped a beat as he wondered if the one Zhang Han mentioned was the former First Elder.

“But the former First Elder… was not named Bai Shanhua.” he thought and felt confused.

Li Mu stopped guessing and smiled slightly, asking, “May I know which generation of elder the one you mention is”

Seeing Li Mus expression, Zhang Han knew that he had never heard of Bai Shanhua.

He sighed inwardly and asked again, “You must know the former sect leader of Cloud Shadow Sky, Sect Leader Ning, right”

When Li Mu heard that, he looked more confused.

He looked at Yi Hou and asked, “Isnt Cloud Shadow Sky under my fathers management”

“Yes, in the past, Cloud Shadow Sky was just a small force.

It is under the leadership of Sect Leader Li that it has become a powerful one.

I havent heard of anything of the older generation.

I am not sure about that,” Yi Hou said and observed Zhang Hans expression constantly.

Like Li Mu, he was a little shocked.

They were surprised that Zhang Han even knew those secret things about their sect, which they themselves didnt know.

Even Zhang Mu and the others looked confused.

Zhang Hans words indicated that he seemed to know Sect Leader Ning.

“Has Han been affected by that martial arts heritage of predecessors” Zhang Guangyou thought to himself.

He was surprised when Zhang Han talked about the things that happened many years ago

He was not sure about that, and he felt things were complicated and it was necessary for him to talk to Zhang Han alone at night.

After asking a few questions and getting no accurate answers from Li Mu, Zhang Han did not ask any more questions.

Those several people of Cloud Shadow Sky he got to know when he returned to the Sea Dragon Star Area a thousand years ago seemed to disappear.

He didnt know whether they had died.

A lot of changes had taken place over time.

Everything was possible.

After putting thoughts aside, Zhang Han saw that people were chatting with each other casually.

The food served for them was in abundance and the place they would live was also very good.

The houses of modern technology style were all intelligent.

What Li Mu arranged for the three of Zhang Hans family was a large house with three bedrooms.

As they approached the house, a half-meter-tall mechanical cat slid over and waved to them, saying, “Welcome, distinguished guests.

I am your housekeeper, a mechanical cat.

I can bring convenience to your life.

If you need anything, please tell me…”

“Well An intelligent robot” Mengmeng looked at the mechanical cat in surprise and said.

The cat was very cartoonish.

Its blinking big eyes were like screens, and it had a smiling-like expression that could make people feel happy subconsciously.

Mengmeng was curious about it and asked, “What can you do”

“I can sing, dance, turn on the lights, cook, clean, warm the bed, massage and…” The mechanical cat answered.

“Wow, it can do so many things!” Mengmeng looked up at her mother and then said excitedly to the cat, “Can you do magic tricks”

To her surprise, the mechanical cat said a spell and played magic tricks.

It moved back a few meters and performed an electricity dance with its hands, which was quite interesting.

“Kitty, sing a song,” said Mengmeng.


Then the cat sang a song that she had never heard before.

Mengmeng suddenly became interested in the mechanical cat.

After playing with it for more than half an hour, she started looking around the large house.

It had three big bedrooms full of sense of black technology.

It was the first time for Mengmeng and Zi Yan to walk around rooms with so many advanced functions.

“Mummy, we have three big bedrooms.

Can I ask Nina to stay here tonight Daddy, dont you bring some ingredients for food I want to have the meal you make,” Mengmeng said.

“Are you trying to show Nina your Daddys cooking skills” Zi Yan smiled and asked.

Hearing that, Mengmeng pursed her lips and said, “My Daddy has awesome cooking skills.

Why cant I show off”

“Well, just go to tell Nina,” Zi Yan said laughingly after seeing Mengmeng twerk when speaking.

“Then Im going to Ninas place to tell her to come to our house,” Mengmeng said and immediately ran out.

Within the residential area, Ninas house was next to Mengmengs.

Invited by Mengmeng, she just came out.

Li Mu, who was chatting with Instructor Liu at the edge of the square, gave a thought to the relationship of Nina and Mengmeng.

It got dark soon and most people went back to their rooms to rest.

Mengmeng and Nina with Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot, played very happily in a room.

When they were having dinner, Nina continuously praised the wonderful food on the table.

Mengmeng was used to sleeping at 11 p.m..

She felt that she couldnt fall asleep if it was too early.

So she played with them outside for a while before going to bed willingly.

After breakfast the next morning, Zhang Han gave each of them a sensor and said, “Take this.

From today on, you can go to adventure and practice in the west side of the river for a week.

If you encounter any danger, you can activate the sensor, and I will get informed.

With your strength, you wont be in danger here.

However, Instructor Liu, you should be careful.

You are with a sixth-tier treasure, which will attract a lot of enemies.”

“They dont dare make troubles for us.” Li Mu suddenly laughed and said, “Last night, our people contacted those on the fleet from Dal Star.

Many people including me all believe that you guys are the unknown force that has torn dozens of ships of Tiger Talisman Royal Family into pieces.

In addition, some of you guys have shown your strength, and some havent, so no one in Lost Continent dares to provoke you unless they are disturbed.”

“Oh Has the fleet of Tiger Talisman Royal Family been destroyed Haha.” Zhang Han suddenly chuckled.

It was evident that the fleet was destroyed by Yue Wuwei, the old guy.

“Then where are we going” Mu Xue asked.

“Master, we dont know what to do without your leadership.”

“Just go to explore like before.” Jiang Yanlan glanced at her and said, “Well, has Mu Xue the female demon become Mu Xue the kitty”

“Hey, Im just asking.

Dont get involved! Just go home and play with your husband, the sucker.” Mu Xue snorted.

Then Jiang Yanlan stopped talking.

She was no match for Mu Xue in banter.

Instructor Liu might be a match for Mu Xue in that, but he didnt dare to.

If he didnt pay attention and made a dirty joke, not only Mu Xue but also his wife would hit him, which had happened before.

“We are finally about to adventure.” Deep Flame, who was ready to set off, looked at Zhang Mu and said, “How about we go on an adventure together”

“Okay,” Zhang Mu laughed and said.

Then, he flew into the air and went southward with Deep Flame.

“Master, were leaving too,” Zhao Feng and Ah Hu said and left one after another.

“Brother Han, you… Alas, Im leaving,” Chen Changqing said reluctantly.

Chen Changqing originally wanted to adventure and practice with Zhang Han but didnt expect that Zhang Han had become more and more powerful and could already suppress those cultivators at Yuan Ying Stage.

Since there was a big gap between their stage, it was meaningless for them to fight together.

So Chen Changqing just went to explore alone.

Zhang Guangyou, Wang Xiaowu, Leng Yue, and others all left.

“Mengmeng, I… Im going to adventure and practice too.

When I come back a few days later and youre going to the east side of the river, Ill go with you,” Nina whispered.

In fact, she also wanted to play with Mengmeng.

But since she got there, she had not gained so much.

Experiencing should also be treated seriously.

Whether she could break through the Yuan Ying Stage depended on how much she had gained that time.

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