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Chapter 2893: True Phoenix Blood (2)

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This was a competition, and if Zuo Qingluan gave the True Phoenix Blood to their opponent, she would be a traitor!

The students opinion of Zuo Qingluan changed.

Qiu Zeyu knew where the True Phoenix Blood had come from, so when he detected tension in the audience, he lowered his head and tried not to be noticed.

Meanwhile, Zuo Qingluan was glaring at Sheng Changtian.

If Sheng Changtian dared tell the truth, she would kill him!


Sheng Changtian could sense the tension in the crowd and was satisfied to see what was happening to the future wife of the crown prince.

He now had something on the lady.

Does that mean I can get what I want through Zuo Qingluan in the future

Sheng Changtian was excited by the thought.

Feng Wu didnt miss the changing expressions on his face.

She rolled her eyes at him.

“Im asking you: Where did you get the True Phoenix Blood”

Sheng Changtian smirked.

“What True Phoenix Blood I dont know what youre talking about.”

Feng Wu said, “Didnt you just drink it”

Sheng Changtian laughed.

“True Phoenix Blood Who told you I drank that Whats the matter with you

“I see!” Sheng Changtian snorted.

“Youre jealous of the person who owns the True Phoenix Blood.

Youre jealous of her talent, beauty, and the person shes engaged to!

“Thats why youre saying I drank the True Phoenix Blood.

You want to ruin her reputation!

“For someone as pretty as you, you have such an evil mind!”



Everybody was listening.

Zuo Qingluan was the only one who had the True Phoenix Blood now.

Was Feng Wu jealous of her

That seemed to make sense!

Many people believed what Sheng Changtian said.

Only a few people, like Duan Chaoge, Feng Xun and Chen Ziyun, knew the truth.

Most people had no idea what happened, so they started giving Feng Wu judgmental looks.

Zuo Qingluan forced herself not to burst out laughing.

Sheng Changtian was an excellent partner, and she was very pleased with what he said.

Feng Wu, I bet you didnt see this coming! Id like to see you talk yourself out of this!

Zuo Qingluan thought Feng Wu would become flustered, but she was wrong.

Feng Wu still had that calm smile on her face.

“Not the True Phoenix Blood, you say

“And you didnt get it from Zuo Qingluan

“Ill start collecting evidence, then!”

Feng Wu charged at Sheng Changtian before he had time to react.

As a Level 1 Spiritual King, she had already been a formidable fighter.

Having risen to Level 2, she was even more capable now.

By the time Sheng Changtian realized what Feng Wu was doing, he had already been lifted off the ground.

Feng Wu picked him up like he was a chicken.

Sheng Changtian was completely baffled.

Before he could figure out how to react, Feng Wu started collecting evidence.

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