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“Is His Royal Highness still alive”

Everybody fell silent when they heard the question.

Was it that serious

Could the crown prince have been killed


The cultivators of the Junwu Empire were worried sick.

What did the crown prince mean to the Junwu Empire

Everybody knew he was the greatest genius in the empires history.

If they wanted to defeat the Dongsang Kingdom, he was their only hope.

If he died, the Dongsang Kingdom could burn the Junwu Empire to the ground.

The thought only made them more nervous.

“Wheres the doctor”

“Wheres Miss Dongfang”

“Shes a Supreme Level medicine refiner.

Go get her!”

Everybody was running around like blind rats.

Feng Wu frowned and bellowed, “Shut up, all of you!”

She couldnt check Jun Linyuans pulse with everybody running around.

Her outburst frightened everybody.

They couldnt believe such a young girl could speak in such a commanding tone.

Feng Xun knew what an excellent doctor she was and no longer felt so anxious.

He and Xuan Yi finally controlled the situation.

With their help, Feng Wu could finally examine Jun Linyuan.

Night Owl really did some damage this time.

Having been defeated by Jun Linyuan so many times, Night Owl would rather die than have Jun Linyuan rise again.

Luckily, Jun Linyuan swallowed the enhancement pill at the last moment, and it protected his heart.

That was why he was still alive.

As long as he was alive, the rest was treatable.

Feng Wu picked him up and ran back to the fortress with him in her arms.

Intimidated by Feng Wus demeanor, everybody made way for her.

Feng Wu ran all the way into the castle.

The other people only realized what had happened after she was gone.

“Is His Royal Highness still alive”

“He must be! His Royal Highness is so blessed!”

“Was that girl called Feng Wu She seems to care about His Royal Highness a lot.”

“Thats an understatement.

Didnt you notice it She was so protective!”

“Havent you seen that Miss Dongfang is also…”

“I like Miss Feng Wu.

Shes so talented.”

“Its too early to say anything.

The most important thing now is to save His Royal Highnesss life.”

Everybody hated the Dongsang Kingdom even more.

If something happened to the crown prince, the war between the Junwu Empire and the Dongsang Kingdom would be bloodier than ever.

Feng Wu carried Jun Linyuan all the way into the castle.

Elder Wu was also severely injured, but he didnt have time to worry about himself.

He led Feng Wu to the crown princes room.

Not many people knew Feng Wu yet, but after seeing her amazing battles, many people were so impressed by her.

Many people in the castle were perplexed when they saw her.

Miss Dongfang arrived in a hurry.

She didnt know who Feng Wu was or her relationship with Jun Linyuan.

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