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Feng Wu didnt give her opponent any time to react.

Frankly speaking, Solai was a capable fighter.

He was a Level 3 Spiritual King, and a junior Level 2 Spiritual King couldnt possibly withstand his power.

Luckily, Feng Wu wasnt an ordinary junior Level 2 Spiritual King.

The battle started, and she exerted as much power as Solai did.

“Wow, Xiao Wu is an intermediate Level 2 Spirit King now!”

Sheng Changtian was shocked.

Was this Feng Wu even human

She was too powerful to be one!

He had met her ten days ago when she had just risen to Level 2.

It had only been ten days, and she was making progress again!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

They exchanged blows in mid-air.

Feng Wu didnt exert her full power during the competition with the Military Academy, but she needed to send the pill to Jun Linyuan, so she spared no effort in the battle.

She immediately used her most lethal stances.

Each strike was more powerful than the previous one.

Solai was astonished.

This shouldnt be happening.

He was a whole level higher than her and had exerted his full power, but he still couldnt take her down.

Solais eyes glinted.

He had to defeat her for the sake of the Dongsang Kingdoms dignity.


He moved his rod even faster.

Several times, he almost hit Feng Wu in the head, but she dodged the strike every single time.

Ten minutes had passed, and neither of them was winning.

“OMG! Feng Wu has held on for so long!”

“Shes a level lower than him.

That shows how much potential she has!”

“Have you forgotten There are inscriptions on Solais weapon.

Hes 20% more powerful than he really is!”

“Look! Hes exerting that power!”

Solai smirked.

He stared at Feng Wu.

“Youre good, but Im better!

“Youve been able to fend me off despite being a Level 2 Spiritual King.

I can see your potential.

“However, you shouldnt have revealed it here.

“The Dongsang Kingdom will never let a genius like you grow up!”

Everybody heard those words.


Cultivators of the Junwu Empire were frustrated.

Were they going to kill their genius girl

“You should have killed Sakurin.

That way, you would have at least taken out one enemy, but you were too merciful.

“Do you think thatll stop me from killing you

“Get ready to die,” Solai said gloomily.

Feng Xun realized something was wrong, so he shouted, “Feng Wu, come off the stage! Now!”

If she gave up, Solai wouldnt be allowed to kill her.

Many people also realized that Solai wanted to kill this young genius.

Everybody tried to get Feng Wu back.

“Feng Wu, just give up!”

“You can always win the next battle!”

“Dont throw your life away!”

Feng Xun wanted to drag Feng Wu off the stage, but he couldnt do that.

The contestants had to leave the stage willingly, and no one was allowed to intervene, unless the three bosses came here in person.

“Its too late.”

Solai grinned again before Feng Wu could say anything.

It was an eerie smile.

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