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She stared at Feng Wu and said coldly, “Youve defeated Hoshimi, so I guess you have some skills, but thats not enough.”

Feng Wu didnt have time for this.

“Lets begin!”

She charged at the girl.

“How careless!” The girl smirked.

She raised her staff and started chanting.

Ice began to form in the air.

The Dongsang cultivators were pleased, while the Junwu Empire cultivators grew anxious.

This teenage girl was more powerful than Hoshimi.

“Shes a peak Level 2 Spiritual King!”

“A peak Level 2 Spiritual King!”

“What should we do Is Feng Wu a junior or intermediate Level 2 Spiritual King”

“This is so frustrating.

We have peak Level 2 Spiritual Kings, but the age limit makes it so hard to find any!”

“All the Dongsang weapons have inscriptions that suit the users.

That staff has inscriptions, too!

“The inscriptions increase the power of her ice by 20%!”

“20% on top of being a peak Level 2 Spiritual King Thats impossible!”

They all panicked.

Even Chen Ziyun grew anxious.

Feng Wu had defeated Sheng Changtian, but this girl was a Level 2 Spiritual King with a 20% increase in her power.

What was Feng Wu going to do

Ice was forming rapidly.

In less than a second, there was a giant ice ball in front of the girl.



The ice ball exploded when Feng Wu was ten meters away.

Everybody saw the ice blades surround Feng Wu.

She was trapped inside the confined space.

The Junwu Empire cultivators held their breaths.

Those ice blades could destroy Feng Wus face!

Was the genius girl going to be killed

The teenage girl smirked, and so did the other Dongsang cultivators.

Feng Wu didnt make any unnecessary moves.

“Ground Control!


“Fallen Star Sword!”

No one thought Feng Wu could control the flying ice blades.

Not only did she do that, she also made them fly back.


The Dongsang girl froze.

By the time she realized what had happened, the ice blades were only inches away.



Even so, a few blades still flew past her cheek.

Her smooth skin was cut open, and blood trickled down her cheek.

That wasnt all.

While she was busy handling the ice blades, the Fallen Star Sword reached her tiny neck.

The girl straightened her back and stopped moving.

She stared at Feng Wu in astonishment.

“You…” She couldnt form a sentence.

How could this be

She knew Feng Wu hadnt graduated yet, but since when could a current student defeat her

She wasnt the only one that was surprised.

Meanwhile —

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