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Yan Zhexian clenched her fists.

Her beautiful face sank, and her teeth started to grind.

Yan Huangtu was stunned, looking at the Rakshasa Supreme Saint from top to bottom.

Without waiting for them to ask or confirm, Zhang Ruochen pulled Gong Nanfeng and flew far away.

He called out, “Please wait.

I have something to speak to him in private.”

Yan Zhexian and Yan Huangtu obviously didnt know how to face the fact that Zhang Ruochen was their savior, so they didnt chase after him.

“Brother Ruochen, we have nothing to hide.

Why cant we be straightforward” Gong Nanfeng asked, confused.

Zhang Ruochen pulled Gong Nanfeng a hundred miles away.

He released Profound Spatial Dimension and said thoughtfully, “Lord Ironclad is dead!”

“I know that.

Ive calculated it.

Did you kill him” Gong Nanfeng asked.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head.

“It was a Celestial Court Supreme Saint.”

“I didnt figure that out.”

“A Celestial Court Supreme Saint came to Infernal Court to take Tensho Compass.

There must be someone whose hiding their secrets.

Theres no way that you could figure it out.”

Gong Nanfeng said thoughtfully, “As far as I know, the people from Celestial Court came here to kill you.”

The corner of Zhang Ruochens mouth twitched.

He felt that chatting with Gong Nanfeng was not a pleasant thing.

He said, “Killing me is only secondary.

My life is nothing compared to Tensho Compass.”

Gong Nanfeng nodded and asked in confusion, “Why did the Celestial Court Supreme Saint kill Lord Ironclad”

“Celestial Court and the Enchanteur Chamber have been cooperating in the past, but now they are on bad terms.

Guess what, Lord Ironclad is from the Enchanteur Chamber.

Do you understand now” Zhang Ruochen said.

Gong Nanfeng was shocked.

“Celestial Court and the Enchanteur Chamber are working together When did Lord Ironclad become a member of the Enchanteur Chamber How come I, the Overseer, dont know about this And I didnt figure it out!”

“Thats not important.

Whats important is that Yan Huangtu and Yan Zhexian cant know about Tensho Compass.”

Zhang Ruochen finally got to the point.

He looked at Yan Zhexian and Yan Huangtu in the distance.

The two were also discussing something in a low voice.

Gong Nanfeng asked, “Why”

“First, Yanluo Clan is not on the same side as Fane of Destiny.

What if they take this opportunity to take the compass” Zhang Ruochen said.

He emphasized the words “Fane of Destiny.”

Gong Nanfeng said, “They dont seem to be a threat to you.”

Zhang Ruochen ignored him, “Second, the situation on Hoth is very chaotic now.

Bai Qinger of the Enchanteur Chamber controls many top Supreme Saints.

You should know that they were all involved in stealing Tensho Compass.

What if Yan Huangtu or Yan Zhexian were also controlled by Bai Qinger”

Gong Nanfeng was shocked.

“Impossible! How dare Bai Qinger control Yan Huangtu and Yan Zhexian”

“Why not To tell you the truth, Bai Qinger plotted Duan Lingfeng and the others to take Tensho Compass.

She even dared to take Tensho Compass.

What else could she not do” Zhang Ruochen said.

Gong Nanfengs face turned cold.

He said, “Fane of Destiny will definitely investigate this thoroughly.

If Its true, the Enchanteur Chamber and Bai Qinger will have to pay a heavy price.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded in satisfaction.

Patting his shoulder, he said, “The current situation is chaotic.

No cultivator can be trusted.

Protecting our lives is the most important thing we should do.”

Gong Nanfeng sighed bitterly.

“I claim to know everything in the world.

Yet I couldnt figure out anything once we stepped foot on Hoth.

Im being used without realizing it.”

Zhang Ruochens face darkened.

He thought Gong Nanfeng was making an oblique accusation.

He pretended not to care, “Cultivators of Celestial Realm, Kunluns field, and even Bai Qinger arent simple.

Its normal that you cant predict what will happen as big figures are behind them.

Youre already very powerful.

Look, you did catch up with me again.”

Gong Nanfeng looked at Zhang Ruochen and said in a low voice, “Brother Ruochen, I was just about to tell you about this.”

Zhang Ruochen immediately pricked up his ears and prepared to listen carefully.

Gong Nanfeng said, “Only the most core members of Fane of Destiny know this secret.”

“Im in charge of Destiny Token, so Im a core member too,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Gong Nanfeng said, “Actually, I could only catch up with you because Tensho Compass is on you.

Im the vessel spirit of Tensho Compass.”

It was an incredible secret.

Even though Zhang Ruochen was mentally prepared, he was still shocked by his words.

“The vessel spirit of a Divine Artifact No, I saw that the vessel spirit of Tensho Compass was suppressed by Duan Lingfengs Heaven-devouring Genbu Formation.” Zhang Ruochen didnt believe it.

He still thought that Gong Nanfeng was scheming and deliberately setting a trap for him.

Gong Nanfeng couldnt predict him.

And Zhang Ruochen could only sense a general idea when he used the Heart of Truth to feel Gong Nanfeng.

Gong Nanfeng said, “I am the vessel spirits body.”

“What do you mean” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Gong Nanfeng said, “Brother Ruochen should know that all the spirits in the world will go through a Yuanhui Tribulation every 129,600 years.

Moreover, the difficulty of getting through Yuanhui Tribulations will only get harder.

Vessel spirits are also spirits.

We go through Yuanhui Tribulations as well.”

Zhang Ruochen was deep in thought.

Gong Nanfeng continued, “Different spirits have different difficulties in going through the tribulation.

The closer they are to the hearts of nature, the easier it will be to go through the tribulation.

For example, the plant spirits.

“On the other hand, the fiercer the spirit as it goes against the rules of nature, the more difficult it will be to go through the tribulation.

Its the same for humans, Immortal Vampires, and vessel spirits.

“The difficulty of overcoming the tribulation of a Divine Artifacts vessel spirit is not lower than an Immortal Vampire.

However, many Divine Artifacts vessel spirits can last for ten, dozens, or even longer.

“This is because the Divine Artifacts vessel spirit can split more than 90% of its spirit and cultivate a physical body to overcome the Yuanhui Tribulation.

The other part of the spirit lowers its cultivation below divinity and sleeps inside the Divine Artifact to avoid the perception of Yuanhui Tribulation.

After the Yuanhui Tribulation is over, it can cultivate divinity again.”

Zhang Ruochen questioned, “If the Yuanhui Tribulation was so easy to deceive, wouldnt all the spirits in the world be able to use this method to substitute death and live through one Yuanhui Tribulation after another”

Gong Nanfeng shook his head.

“If I let you split more than 90% of your Saint Soul and cultivate a physical body to become another you, would you be able to accept it”

Zhang Ruochen thought carefully and shook his head.

No matter how powerful a human cultivator was, after losing more than 90% of the Saint Soul, he would probably become a retard.

Furthermore, the loss of the Saint Soul would severely impact ones cultivation.

It was very likely that his cultivation would drop drastically or that he would never be able to improve in the future.

For any God, as long as they had a sliver of confidence in surviving the Yuanhui Tribulation, they would not choose to do so.

Back then, Guye Jing had only absorbed Zhang Ruochens soul power, not the Saint Soul itself.

It was terrifying to think that if one had cultivated a person who was the exact lookalike.

Gong Nanfeng continued, “Most gods would not do this.

Gods are different from Divine Artifacts.

Gods rely on themselves, and their divine souls mustnt be lost.

Divine Artifacts are different.

Vessel spirits are important yet also not important.

This is because the power of a Divine Artifact comes from its owner.”

Zhang Ruochen believed most of his words, “Has no God ever done this before”

Gong Nanfeng said, “Buddhism has found a secret technique that can hide from the Yuanhui Tribulation.

However, one cant protect his divinity physiques.

One can only protect less than 10% of his soul.

The remnant of the soul needs to absorb more than 90% of a new soul.

By then, its not the same person anymore.

Therefore, its considered a new life, also called reincarnation.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled bitterly.

“Even if one escapes from the Yuanhui Tribulation, its no different from death.

He would be a completely new person.”

“Let me tell you a secret.

In Fane of Destiny, some gods guessed that you were the reincarnation of Saint Monk Xumi,” Gong Nanfeng said.

Zhang Ruochen was stunned.


If I were the reincarnation of Saint Monk Xumi, even if I only had less than 10% of his soul, Id be a powerful figure in the world.”

“Dont worry! Youre definitely not the reincarnation of Saint Monk Xumi.

Otherwise, you wont be able to leave Mount Destiny,” Gong Nanfeng said with a smile.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Rather saying that you found me, its that youve found Tensho Compass”

Gong Nanfeng crossed his arms and nodded.

“Thats right.

Just like your Saint Soul, which could fly back to your body even if its thousands of miles away.

Even the black sack of Duan Lingfeng cant stop my perception of Tensho Compass.”

Zhang Ruochen had a headache believing in Gong Nanfeng.

“How high is your cultivation now”

“I just cultivated my body.

Thus, Im very weak.”

“Youre lying, right If youre really weak, how can you walk through the universe How can you catch up to me” Zhang Ruochen probed.

Gong Nanfeng said, “Brother Ruochen, Im not lying.

Im really weak.

Its just that my body is special and stronger than a mortals.

I can adapt to all kinds of harsh environments.

As for my speed, its entirely because a Divine Artifacts vessel spirit is always attracted to the Divine Artifact.

I cant control the power of the Divine Artifacts spirit at will.”

Zhang Ruochen stood with his hands behind his back.

His emotions were complicated.

He didnt know what to do.

Luckily, he hadnt claimed that Tensho Compass had been taken away by the Supreme Saint of Celestial Court.

Otherwise, he would have been exposed.

Kill Gong Nanfeng to get rid of the future trouble

He felt that he couldnt do it.

Besides, Zhang Ruochen didnt wholly trust Gong Nanfeng.

What if Gong Nanfeng was a subservient superior and deliberately made up a story to numb him.

Fane of Destiny needed a good reason to kill Zhang Ruochen.

Gong Nanfeng might have come for this.

It was a trap for Zhang Ruochen.

But if he kept Gong Nanfeng alive, how could he hide Tensho Compass

When Xue Lingxian and Granny Begonia appeared on Hoth, Zhang Ruochen realized that the plan to rescue Lord of Nephilim Island had already started.

It was very likely that their capture of Tensho Compass had something to do with the rescue plan.

Otherwise, Kunluns field would not have exposed the secret that Xue Lingxian was still alive.

There must be a reason why theyre willing to pay such a high price.

In Zhang Ruochens subconscious mind, he hoped Kunluns field could rescue Lord of Nephilim Island.

He also hoped that thousands of lives in Kunluns field could be spared from the flames of war.

This was why he hadnt given Tensho Compass to Gong Nanfeng.

Yet taking a step back, he was Prince of the Eastern Region, Sect of the Blood Gods leader, and the Crown Prince of Shengming Central Empire.

He was responsible for protecting the lives in the Eastern Region, the disciples of Sect of the Blood God, and the descendants of Shengming Central Empire.

Gong Nanfeng said, “Brother Ruochen, you believe me now, right”

Zhang Ruochen answered subconsciously.

Gong Nanfeng said happily, “Then can you return Tensho Compass to me”

Zhang Ruochen laughed dryly and shook his head.


Gong Nanfeng couldnt understand.

“Youre too weak.

Its safer to keep Tensho Compass with me,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Gong Nanfeng was listless.

He sighed and said, “Yes, Im indeed weak.

We might easily lose Tensho Compass if its with me.”

“Its okay.

Im still here,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Yan Zhexians pretty face was full of frustration and helplessness.

Thinking back to all the things she had done with Zhang Ruochen, she felt like they were enemies on a narrow road.

Why was it this annoying guy who saved them

Looking at her embarrassed face, Yan Huangtu smiled and said, “Actually, Zhang Ruochens not that bad.

Even great-grandfather cant stop praising him.”

“Great-grandfather only took a fancy to his talent, but he didnt see his character clearly,” Yan Zhexian said.

Yan Huangtu said, “I think his character is not bad either! At least he was frank to you.

In the House of Enchanteurs of Divine Domain of Destiny, he transformed into the Heaven and Earth Slaughterer to help you out.

Otherwise, how many Godstones would you have lost in that bet”

Yan Huangtu knew the secret of Yan Zhexians fetus in her belly, so he was no longer hostile to Zhang Ruochen.

Fighting to the death on Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting was only for the benefit of the forces behind them.

It was a fair and just competition.

It was not a deadly feud, nor was it a personal one.

Yan Huangtu continued, “Zhang Ruochen had already faked his death and hid in the dark.

With his character, he wouldnt meddle in other peoples business in this state.

However, he saved us, which would cause trouble and expose his identity.

I think he didnt do it for me.”

There were some changes in Yan Zhexians eyes, but she still pursed her lips and said stubbornly, “So what I wont accept his favor.”

“He didnt want you to accept his favor at all.

If not for Gong Nanfengs sudden appearance, he would have already left without revealing his identity.

He also didnt want you to know his identity when he helped you in the House of Enchanteurs.” Yan Huangtu said.

Yan Zhexians eyes showed a pleading look, “Uncle, why are you speaking up for outsiders You dont want me to marry him, do you He and Princess Luo Sha are engaged.

It was the deity who bestowed him the marriage.

If I marry him, what will it be Will I be his concubine”

“Of course not,” Yan Huangtu said.

Yan Zhexian said, “So, youre on my side You wont listen to great grandfather I dont have to marry Zhang Ruochen”

“I mean, you are the pearl of the Yan family.

After you marry him, you have to at least be on equal footing with Luo Sha,” Yan Huangtu said seriously with a sharp look in his eyes.

“Please dont joke around.

Theyre coming.

What should I say Ugh! Why did it have to be Zhang Ruochen Should I thank or glare at him to make him stop pestering me and give up” Yan Zhexian asked in a low voice.

She didnt know whether to laugh or cry and felt fate was playing tricks on her.

“Im seriously injured.

I need to heal first.”

With that, Yan Huangtu sat down cross-legged and began to heal.

Zhang Ruochen returned to his original appearance and walked over with Gong Nanfeng.

He glanced at Yan Huangtu, sitting cross-legged with his back to him.

Then his gaze shifted to Yan Zhexian.

His gaze fell on her slightly hunched lower stomach.

“You should have stayed in Yanluo Clan to care for the baby.”

Yan Zhexian wanted to reply arrogantly, “This has nothing to do with you.” However, Zhang Ruochen had just saved her.

It was too unreasonable.

In the end, Zhang Ruochen was not evil nor not unforgivable.

She said lightly, “I came out to experience life.

I didnt expect to encounter danger.”

“Theres always danger when you experience life.

I know you dont like me.

It doesnt matter.

I dont like you either.

But for the child in your belly, I can escort you back to Hoth.

You should return to Yanluo Clan as soon as possible.

With your cultivation, youd better not get involved in this matter,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Yan Zhexian wanted to talk to Zhang Ruochen properly, but Zhang Ruochens words made her very unhappy.

She became angry and laughed coldly.

“If you dont need my escort, just say it.

I dont want to get into trouble,” Zhang Ruochen said directly.

Gong Nanfeng said, “Im afraid you cant.”

“Why are you interrupting” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Gong Nanfeng looked serious and said, “I mean, Fei Zhong is on his way here.

Hell be here in 15 minutes at most.”

“Did you calculate it” Zhang Ruochens face changed slightly.

“The real body, or the puppet.”

Gong Nanfeng smiled bitterly.

“Im afraid its… the real body.”

Zhang Ruochen immediately activated Precepts of Truth and flowed it into his eyes.

He looked in the direction Gong Nanfeng was pointing.

Yan Huangtu wasnt in the mood to heal.

He stood up abruptly.

Gong Nanfeng wasnt nervous or flustered at all.

He even comforted Yan Huangtu and Yanzhexian.

“Dont worry.

Master Ruochen is here.

Dont panic.”

“Fei Zhongs real body is here.

Lets split up.

We might still have a chance to escape.” Yan Huangtu looked at Zhang Ruochen, hoping to entrust Yan Zhexian to him.

Gong Nanfeng said, “You really dont need to panic.

Master Ruochen is so righteous.

Hell definitely lure Fei Zhong away alone.

He did the same when we met Lord Ironclad earlier.

Im so touched by his righteousness..”

Yan Zhexian was surprised.

If the Divination Divisions Overseer hadnt said this, she wouldnt believe that Zhang Ruochen was such a righteous man.

Did she really misunderstand him

Zhang Ruochen almost spat out blood.

He wanted to punch Gong Nanfeng to death.

Gong Nanfeng said, “Lets go first.

Brother Ruochen will definitely stay here to block Fei Zhong and buy time for us to escape.”

“Why should we leave We all know Fei Zhongs character.

Hes only a Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saint.

Its too dangerous to leave him here alone.

If we want to go, well go together.

If we want to fight, well fight together.”

Zhang Ruochen turned his head.

He hadnt expected Yan Zhexian to say such things.

“What are you looking at I dont like you, but when disaster strikes, I wont leave you alone and run away!” Yan Zhexian glared at him and snorted.

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, “Nonetheless, I have a plan that might work.”

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