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Chapter 1048: ShockedTranslator: Lonelytree

At first, Weng Jingjing sent and called Gong Tianhao just to test him.

But unexpectedly, Gong Tianhao agreed to go on a private date with her.

At that moment, her entire heart was pounding.

At that moment, she was sure that Gong Tianhao still had feelings for her.

Otherwise, he would not have agreed to go on a date with her.

When she thought of this, she became excited.

Just as Leng Piaoxue said, Gong Tianhao could not forget her first love.

The reason why he did not help deal with Xiao Lingyus scandal and allowed it to fester, causing Xiao Lingyu to be scolded by others, was that he wanted to get rid of Xiao Lingyu and give himself an excuse.

When that time came, he would divorce Xiao Lingyu, abandon his wife and children, and marry her.

All of a sudden, Weng Jingjing seemed to see herself standing beside Gong Tianhao, enjoying the endless glory brought to her as the wife of the CEO of the Imperial Group and the mistress of the Gong family.

She had obtained the power of the mistress of the Gong family, enjoying the glory and wealth.

Thinking of this, Weng Jingjings eyes lit up.

Her expression was filled with excitement and joy.

After an unknown amount of time, her phone rang.

Seeing the caller ID, Weng Jingjing couldnt help but frown slightly.

She was a little unhappy, but she quickly hid her expression.

She picked up the phone and asked gently, “Piaoxue, whats wrong Is there something wrong”

Leng Piaoxue asked directly, “Jingjing, I asked you to ask Gong Tianhao out.

Have you made an appointment”

“Yes, I have!” Weng Jingjing said without hiding anything, “Tomorrow night, at the Bolai restaurant!”

Hearing this, Leng Piaoxue immediately said happily, “Jingjing, I told you that you could ask Gong Tianhao out.

As expected.

What does this mean This means that Gong Tianhao really has you, his first love, in his heart.”

She paused and continued, “Jingjing, you can go on a date with Gong Tianhao without worry.

I will arrange the rest!”

“Okay!” Weng Jingjing replied.

She seemed to know what Leng Piaoxue wanted to do, but she didnt stop her.

At this moment, Leng Piaoxue said, “Jingjing, since you can date Gong Tianhao, if you can have sex with Gong Tianhao and leave evidence, it will be more beneficial for us.”

Leng Piaoxues words were no longer a suggestion but an order.

If Weng Jingjing could successfully have sex with Gong Tianhao and obtain some photos and videos as evidence, it would be extremely advantageous for them.

When Xiao Lingyu saw the photos of Gong Tianhao having sex with another woman, it was very likely that she would have a mental breakdown.

As long as it could provoke and shock Xiao Lingyu, Leng Piaoxue could do anything.

Weng Jingjing and Gong Tianhao had to sleep together, and it had to be known by everyone!

After hearing Leng Piaoxues words, Weng Jingjing was silent for a moment before saying, “Piaoxue, this… Im not sure about this!”

Leng Piaoxue said coldly, “Even if youre not sure, you have to do it! But dont worry, Ill help you!”

“Okay!” Weng Jingjing hesitated for a moment before replying.

“Yes, Jingjing, dont worry.

I wont harm you.” Leng Piaoxue immediately changed her tone and said, “Im doing this for your own good.

Im helping both of you! If you dont do this, I dont know when Gong Tianhao will be able to get a divorce.”

Weng Jingjing was silent.

“Although Gong Tianhaos personality is a little cold, he is a responsible and good man.

If he sleeps with you, he will definitely be responsible for you and give you an explanation!” Leng Piaoxue kept comforting Weng Jingjing.

Weng Jingjing sighed and said, “Piaoxue, I know youre doing this for my own good.

Thank you so much!”

Li Yuanhang drove to the place that Gong Tianhao and Weng Jingjing had agreed on — Bolai restaurant.

However, this time, he only drove a relatively ordinary car and appeared to be relatively low-key.

As soon as he entered the restaurant, Li Yuanhang reported the number of the private room and was then brought in by the waiter.

However, as soon as Li Yuanhang entered the restaurant, the reporter who was pretending to be a guest in the restaurant was slightly shocked.

The news he received was clearly a private date between Gong Tianhao and Weng Jingjing.

How could it be Li Yuanhang and Weng Jingjing

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