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“There’s no need.

We’ll be leaving in a few hours anyway.”

“I was afraid you were going to die.”

He kissed their clasped hands, then returned his hand to her forehead.

Darkness hid many things but also revealed a lot.

Sei closed her eyes tightly.

“Isn’t it better to die from a cold At least I won’t die a dog’s death.”

“Sei, were you hurt by what I said last time”

Sei pulled out the hand held by Yuri and turned to the other side.

“No, I wasn’t.”

“Then that day, why did you say that I never once implied anything to make you feel you were deluding yourself.”

“Then I must have been mistaken.

I don’t want to argue.

Can you go out so that I can get a little rest”


“Get out.”

Annoyingly pulling the sheet, she felt him getting up and dragged it up a little further to her face.

The hot air returned every time she breathed under the fluffy blanket.

“I felt miserable for a moment when I heard you telling him to kill you.

It was the first time that death seemed so unfamiliar to me.”

His voice reverberated.

“Believe me.”

She opened her eyes and looked around her, but there was no one there.

She reached out her hand to him and drew the curtains up a little.

Her eyes hurt from the night light coming through the thick window.

Fortunately, her fever went down as day turned to night.

*  *  *

In the mirror, reflected the curvaceous figure of a woman in a suit donning jewelry designed by David Meyer.

Sei, who wore a ridiculous amount of jewelry, shook her head at her reflection.

“This is a little too much! I only have 10 fingers, yet I have more than 10 rings.

Besides, isn’t one brooch enough It’s not like I’m wearing a girl scout wappens….」”

Giulio, who approached behind Sei’s grumbling figure, glanced up and down and grinned.

“That old geezer likes women who look ignorant and very rich.

Everything you’re wearing is a limited edition.”

“I don’t have to look good for some old man.

I’ll take these out.

No matter how obsessed I am about money and jewellery, to tell you the truth, I only like to look at them.”

After returning to her room, Sei took off the rings that had been put on all of her ten fingers and then took off her jacket.

 After staring at the mirror for a while, she took off her blouse and chose a camisole-shaped bodysuit.

It was designed using see-through lace and silk, and its use was ambiguous, making people wonder whether it was a lingerie piece or a swimsuit.

Wearing pants and a white jacket over it, Sei chose one of the most gorgeous rings and wore it.

Seeing how she had changed into a completely different image in an instant, Giulio was displeased with her appearance.

Romano and Stefan gently raised their thumbs.

Instead, I heard that the clutch is shining with diamonds.

“Isn’t this enough”

“Well, whatever.

Let’s go.”

The event was being held at the hotel where they were staying.

David Meyer was a world-class casino tycoon and had been a legend who had made a lot of money by working in the media industry and coin business since about a decade ago.

Currently, according to the business world’s assessment, his assets were impossible to estimate.

The rich man, who had immense wealth, began to pay attention to jewelries and gold.

After collecting rare jewelries and designing them as motifs, he showed off his wealth in a smart and reasonable way by holding events and displaying them.

Of course, people would quickly lose interest if it was all about his show of wealth.

The most astounding aspect of it was the people who he sent out invitations to.

From a former president to a legendary actor or singer, even notorious mafia members.

They tolerated the mafia because they were the only criminal groups to serve God.

In short, it meant that there was no one in this world Meyer was afraid of.

“But… what about Kais Miller” Sei asked as she walked out of the room and down the hall.

She hadn’t seen that man since she had woken up.

The conversation she had with him felt like a dream.

“I sent him to the event venue first.

To look for someone.”

“To look for Who”

“Yuri Petrov.”


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