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‘…Why does Jiho want me to meet with the Deer Clan’s head’

Something suddenly came to mind.

Inside the game, there was something called the “Deer Clan’s Secret Store” system.

Once a quest was completed, the store usually comes up.

When the number of uses exceeds a certain number, a hidden menu was added.

‘Don’t tell me he’s thinking about making a customized medicine for me!’

Customized medicine.

It was a medicine newly prepared according to the results of a person’s health assessment done personally by the Deer Clan.

Depending on the character using the Secret Store, the Deer Clan actually appears and gives direct medication guidance.

‘I’d feel better after taking the medicine, but I think it’s better not to take it for the sake of my mental health.’

I have experienced so many things in this world.

If I were to choose one of the most intense and unbearable feelings I could get from this world, it would be the taste of the medicine made by the Deer Clan.

The spirit medicine of the Deer Clan opened a new horizon of taste.

It tasted so bad that I can’t forget it even if I tried to.

I don’t know how the customized medicine tastes, but I don’t think it would be too different from the human medicine that Hwang Jiho had last time. 

‘I should run away.’

Since the sun has just set, I could use Oh Hyeji’s light skill ‘The Moon River’s Leaper’.

It’s not yet late at night so it won’t be as efficient, but I’d be just fine as long as White Tiger doesn’t catch me.

“Well then, I’ll be off to the…”

“Jo Euishin.

Where do you think you’re going”

As I was saying goodbye to the descendants, Hwang Jiho suddenly appeared.

This damn old man.

“If there’s anything you need from your dormitory, I’ll have someone get it.

Or we can just buy you a new one.”

“Ah, Euishin oppa! Let’s go online shopping later after you meet your guest!”

“Please pick a new game to buy for us!”

“I wanted to buy a camera but I don’t know which one to choose, so…”

Following the descendants’ requests, Hwang Jiho had an evil smile on his face.

When I tried to think of another excuse, Hwang Jiho spoke again.

“Shall we make new medicine for Shinsoo too The head of the Deer Clan wanted to meet Shinsoo anyway.

It’s not too good to take the medicine too often, but since the summer is almost here so there are heat waves and…”

“Let’s go.”

It’s said that summers here are exceptionally hot, so it would be nice to have some medicine prepared for Olmu.

I answered right away even before Jiho finished speaking.

…Woof Woof woof!

Olmu looked shocked.

White Tiger lifted the little angel who was too shocked to move.

“If we don’t bring you, Jo Euishin might run away.”


Looks like it was blatantly obvious that I was trying to run away.

The White Tiger soothed the sad Olmu.

The cute little angel had his ears folded and tail dropped.

“White Tiger, you need yours too.

It’s not an easy thing to deal with Heaven’s Wrath.

On top of that, you made that reckless move with the Shapeshifter recently.

Your body must be very tired.”

White Tiger’s face mimicked Olmu’s.

Now both of them had hardened faces.

They know it’s a good thing for both their health, but Hwang Jiho’s openly teasing attitude was so annoying.

“Why don’t you have some too, then”

“Aww, are you worried about me I’m so proud of you.

Don’t worry, this body is strong enough.

I don’t need any of that medicine.”

I don’t think White Tiger asked out of concern though…

Hwang Jiho’s really on a different level of annoying.

‘My main playable character, White Tiger, won’t need to drink any of this medicine if he could just debuff the Heaven’s Wrath…!’

Hiding my regret, the descendants bid us goodbye as we reached the entrance.

After getting past the maze garden and getting on an air shuttle for a short low flight…

‘It’s my first time in this building.’

Between the maze garden and the golden fence, there were structures of an ununiformed style.

An old-fashioned Hanok, a bold Chinese idyllic structure, a hard Gothic style, a magnificent Baroque style, blooming art nouveau, and cubism. 

It wasn’t as big as the main building, but it was amazing nonetheless because of the various styles arranged in harmony.

It would be thanks to the exquisite garden landscape that each of those buildings blended in.

I knew it from the Silver Hall and the main house, but the interior sense of this old man was really superior.

“Welcome! We’ve been waiting for you!”

The youngest of the descendants, the 10-year-old Eun Jaeho was with another kid who shouted while jumping around the Hanok’s entrance.

Don’t tell me the head of the Deer Clan was in a child’s image.

“Yellow Tiger! White Tiger! Hello, hello! Shinsoo, and the human, hello to you too!”

Seeing that the kid called the tigers that way, it seems like the kid really was the Deer Clan’s head.

The head of the Deer Clan waved and hurried us in.

“I’m so happy you called me! I don’t get a lot of chances to make customized medicine for anyone…”

“Why You can take in as many customers as you like, can’t you”

That’s true.

As long as the right skill and ingredients were present, they can make as many medicines as they wanted.

Just like a wide-eyed deer, the boy shook his head.

“Even so, I can’t just make it for everyone! I’m already so busy.”

Now, this is confusing.

Does he want new customers or not

The Deer Clan then soon laid a silk jewel cushion according to the number of people here.

“All right! Let’s all take a seat.”

Jiho sat at the head of the table, while the head of the Deer Clan sat on the next seat.

“Let me introduce you.

You already know White Tiger and Shinsoo.

That one’s Jo Euishin.”


After Hwang Jiho pointed at me, I bowed to the Deer Clan head.

“This one’s the head of the Deer Clan.

He uses the name ‘Hyangrok’ at the moment.”

“Nice to meet you! You can call me Hyangrok.”

Hyangrok took out a thermos from his backpack.

The thermos had a deer horn-shaped mark attached to it.

“Let’s have some medicinal tea! Want some Ah, while you’re having tea, I want to check up on Shinsoo first…”


Thank you very much.”

While Olmu was having his pulsation checked, an automated maid brought us tea cups to drink the medicinal tea.

I trembled in nervousness.

The infamous Deer Clan’s tea…

The Deer Clan was well known for their medicine that tasted like hell, but as soon as Hwang Jiho tilted the thermos bottle…

A fragrant and refreshing scent surprisingly filled the room.

It was a completely different smell from the usual Deer Clan medicine.

I wonder if it tastes the same.

Hwang Jiho was the first to drink.

I followed right after him.

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‘…It’s delicious!’

As soon as I swallowed the tea, it felt like a warm breeze blew through the inside of my body.

Both my body and my tongue felt happy.

Why do they make their medicines taste so bad when they could make them as delicious as this!

“It tastes good.

Can’t you make the customized medicine taste just like this”

Hyangrok, who was holding Olmu’s ear, spoke firmly.

“No! We make it that way on purpose.”

“…On purpose”


I go to all the trouble making it taste like that.

It tastes different every time you have it, right I adjust it to make it taste worse and worse every time you take it.”

So that bad taste was intentional!

The moment of suffering while taking the medicine would pass by like a flashlight.


For a moment, I thought heard Olmu groan a little bit. 

I looked at Olmu to check, but the sound didn’t seem to have come from him.

Is the mountain spirit around here

Or do deers bark in this world

As I turned my head, I saw Hwang Jiho.

He looked suspicious, but I heard the sound as he was drinking his tea so it probably didn’t come from him.

“Hmm, well it really has to be that way.

It has to taste bad to stimulate the nerve endings of the taste buds, making it easier to activate energy wave and increase the absorption efficiency of the medicine!”

I didn’t know that was the reason for the bad taste of the medicine.

“I’ll at least be considerate so that you won’t completely hate having to drink the medicine.”

While Hyangrok burst into laughter, I heard the unknown sound again.

I had no time to think about it as it was my turn to be examined.

“It hasn’t been that long since you made medicine for the Tiger Clan.

Be mindful of the side effects.”

“Yep, got it!”

Hyangrok responded enthusiastically to Hwang Jiho.

Hyangrok looked into my hands, neck, and pupils in great detail.

‘I can feel an energy wave.

Is he using some sort of skill’

Although it was faint, I felt the energy wave from Hyangrok’s hands and eyes.

He suddenly asked me a question.

“Are you hurt anywhere Are you sick”


“…Really Hmm.”

Hyangrok erased and repeatedly wrote something in his notes.

“What’s wrong Is there a problem with Jo Euishin”

“No, it’s just… He looked sick, but the result was actually fine.

Jo Euishin looks a little tired, but he’s very strong!”

What does that mean

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my body here yet.

After finishing the examination, Hyangrok handed me a business card with his device code.

“In the future, if you have trouble breathing, please contact me.”

I heard the same thing from Akea before.

Before further thought, Hyangrok interrupted me with his words.

“I will send the medicine before the end of summer.

Look forward to it!”

I absolutely will not look forward to it.

* * *

After some online shopping with the descendants, it was finally time to sleep.

I was planning to stop by my dorm, but Olmu looked weak after Hyangrok’s visit so I decided to stay with him.

‘I should check my messages now.’

I hugged the sleeping Olmu in my arms as I turned on my device.

The first message that I saw was from Saeum.

[Saeum of April] As expected! Everything gets resolved in the end as long as you’re here, Euishin!

The series of thank-you’s made me cringe a little bit just by reading them.

After scrolling through all that, I finally saw what Saeum’s current condition was.

[Saeum of April] We were all planning to work part-time together to pay for the repair of the teacher’s lounge, but the Chairman decided not to charge us.

There’s no way Hwang Jiho would make these three pay the repair fees.

It’s a lounge that was smashed by our classmates who tried to stop Hani, the reincarnation of their old friend, from going somewhere dangerous.

[Saeum of April] I think the Chairman decided not to make us pay because it was the first time our class had an incident like that.

That’s true as well. 

[Saeum of April] Along with Hani and Lena, we wrote a lot of letters of apology.

[Saeum of April] I’m going to go hang out with them after I finish writing these! Euishin, come hang out with us too!

No matter how generous the teachers are, they can’t help but give some sort of punishment to the children who destroyed lots of things on school grounds.

Saeum sent a picture of Hani and Lena who were in the middle of writing an apology letter as they laid down in the nurse’s office bed.

I don’t know why they’re still in the nurse’s office, but it’s a relief that they looked happy as they were writing their letters.

The next message that caught my eye was from the chat room with Yoo Sanghoon and Jang Namwook.

[Yoo Sanghoon] (Link)

Sanghoon sent a link without any explanation.

When I checked it out, it was an official letter of selection for the representative of Eungwang High and Military Academy Sports Exchange Exhibition.

Looking at the basketball club, Yoo Sanghoon was the only one selected among the freshmen.

[Jang Namwook] Congrats!

[Jang Namwook] The only freshman selected from us was Sihoo.

I tried out with Sihoo but I didn’t pass…

I was a little worried about the recent situation with Sihoo, but he must be doing well enough to be selected to play for the basketball team. 

Jang Namwook also wrote a very long congratulatory message from Sanghoon.

[Jang Namwook] I think I’ll join the cheering squad.

I’ll be cheering for our school, but I’ll be rooting for you too Sanghoon! Let’s compete in good faith!

[Yoo Sanghoon] Ty. 

With Namwook’s long message, Sanghoon’s reply was a simple “T.Y.”

I wrote “Congrats Congrats!” to the chat room as a courtesy.

I continued checking the next message.

[Gong Cheonghwon] Thank you for contacting me.

[Gong Cheonghwon] In the future, please contact me again in case Hani gets into any trouble.

Gong Cheonghwon wrote a polite thank-you message.

No matter how many times I read it, it was a normal message that any good teacher would send.

‘I still can’t believe that Gong Cheonghwon is the Son of God…’

I gave a brief reply before moving on to the next message.

The next one was also sent by a teacher from Eungwang High.

[Jegal] Is Wooram okay

[Jegal] I’m afraid I won’t be able to get home soon.

I’m sorry.

The newspaper department and the Class Zero seniors must have had another incident abroad.


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