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One of the Seven Deadly Evil Demons, who were higher beings, Avaritia of greed.


The laboratory of the Demon tribe, a priest who worshiped the demon.


The inside of the greenhouse made by distorting the space was full of omnipotence and poison.


The demons who visited this place then began to shout with a tired expression.

“Oh, let me ventilate! I will die like this!”


The demon who had come to the priest of Avaritia turned out to be the priest of Invidius.

An Avaritian priest who used his third eye to observe the world alone in the laboratory.


He began to speak quietly.

“If you wear the robe given by the Demon God, you wont die.” “It is, but it doesnt feel good.”


“What made you come here Youve been busy chasing the crow mask.

Oh, I am also interested in the crow mask, so if there is any information about it, Ill spit it out and turn it off.”


The priest of Avaritia looked nervous.

He faithfully began to answer in consideration of the disputable person.


“Because the politethat person was going to commission a search for that gang.

If you receive that request, you will have to deal with the Ungnyeo of Sorrow.

I rejected her because I liked her more than him, but be persistent.

Shes here to hide.

No one is coming to your lab, right”


“Piece of **…” When the head of the Don tribe was mentioned, he made a very displeased expression.


“Do you also have any grudges against that gang-hyeok”


“I dont have that for myself.

The problem is the humans he introduced.”


“Humans Did you introduce humans to those gangsters”



As a test bed for theseed of the curse that I made myself.”


The priest of Avaritia waved the hem of the robe engraved with the demons seal and moved his hand.

As he shot a psychic wave into the air, the dark side of the greenhouse brightened and a huge tree appeared.

One side of the tree rooted in the distorted space was purple and the other side was royal blue.

‘Its weird every time I see it.

I dont understand his hobbies!


Then, the priest of Invidius frowned.


The purple leaves opened their mouths in order to swallow the light-bearing omnivore.


Whoops, whoops!

All of the demonic psychics disappeared after a bizarre predation phenomenon, but instead, purple leaves began to absorb light.


Thanks to the light, the fruits hanging near the leaves began to appear.

Among the various types of fruits, there was one that stood out in particular.


“Oh, I remember I said I was researching this before.

Is it the fruit that contains the seeds of the curse calledstain of conscience”



If the conscience of the guilty person remains, the stain gradually spreads and takes over the eyes and ears, attacking the mind and isolating man.”


“Its quite useless to the perfect villain.

There are many people who have no conscience at all!”


“I know.

So thisstain of conscience is more valuable.” The priest of Avaritia, seen through his robes, was smiling with his lips twisted.

“It is difficult to mentally manipulate good people.

We do not fish for riches of unknown origin or for honor in return for the sacrifice of others.”




“On the contrary, it is very easy for a good man to fall under the weight of his sins and his mistakes.

Perfect humans are extremely rare.

This curse targets and destroys the weakness of such good people.”



I know this is a useful seed of a curse, but what does this have to do with stalking”


The smile faded from his lips at the question.


“There are players who are very rare among human beings and have offensive and unpleasant abilities.

The gang hunter asked the humans who were aiming for the magician to give them thisstain of conscience.”


“I dont know what youre talking about, as my abilities have increased after the conflict between different worlds.”


“Dont you know The ability that is at odds with our demons,words and spirits.”


Even the priest of Invidius, who heard the wordspirit, took on a hardened expression.


“The humans introduced by Jeo Kang-ryeop planned to target the most famous necromancer on the Korean Peninsula today.”


“Are you talking about the Southern Oxyin whom the higher being, Thoth, gave his blessing … … The necromancers abilities and protection are annoying too.

How did the scheme go”


“Yes, that is correct.

As for the outcome of the scheme, only precious seeds were consumed and it was over.”


“Well, thats unfortunate.

How about aiming at the necromancer himself”


“Its difficult because there are so many people and Jin people who care about the necromancer.

Isnt it time for us to get out of the water yet Our magic research group may be revealed.

Even when handing over the seeds, I struggled to hide my identity.”

The two demons expressed their annoyance by swarming with the magi and the psychic, perhaps because thewords and spirits were very offensive.

Inside the greenhouse, where poison and magic were mixed, the priest of Invidius spoke to change the topic.


“Even though your attitude is the same since you gave me some interesting information, Ill give you some information in return.”


“Any information about the crow mask”



Information aboutreal crows.”


The priest of Invidius stretched out his palm and made the form of a crow with a black psychic wave.


“That crow demon has moved.”


“The demon king of bystanders and silence”



That unlucky Demon King.”


Puck! When the priest of Invidius grabbed his hand, the raven embodied as a psychic shattered.


“Did you know that there are humans who have been blessed by Sidelentium themselves That human is moving near the barons new station.”


*    *    *


Saturday morning.


In the morning, there was a guy who sent messages with the momentum to explode the device message room.


[Jang Namwook] I didnt know what to do, so I stayed up all night thinking about it, but I cant find an answer.

I dont know how the hell to handle this.

I dont think I can do it on my own.


There were hundreds of lines of messages that all pointed to the message,Im in trouble.


[Yoo Sanghoon]


On the other hand, Yoo Sang-hoon, who was presumed to have woken up in the morning and checked the message, took only one and finished it economically.


[Jang Namwook] … … Id like to hear from you.

Thank you.


[Yoo Sanghoon]


[Jang Namwook] Yes.

Ill tell you soon.


It seemed that Jang Namwook was interpreting all of Yoo Sanghoons messages in a positive way.

No matter how one was to look at the second, it seemed to be interpreted asWhat is this bastard doing now


[Jang Namwook] In conclusion, Sihoo and I had a fight right now, and Sihoo is staying overnight without permission.


It was currently the weekend, but the military academy had strict rules, so staying out without permission would be a big deal.

However, did they ever have a fight


Thinking about it, it was a lot, considering Do Sihoos move, which would have been no problem even if he entered Eungwang Highs Class 0.

This was because his main target was Jang Namwook.


‘Nevertheless, Jang Namwook was patient every time and when he apologized, he immediately looked at me.


Jang Namwooks message continued.


[Jang Namwook] You know that the military academy has a faster curriculum than Eungwang High, right


[Yoo Sang-hoon] ㅇ


[Jang Namwook] Our school has to decide which classes to take in the second semester by next week.

But Sihoo said he wanted to take the navy curriculum, so we got in a fight.


I was starting to understand what the story was about.

Player soldiers often worked cooperatively with other military units of land, sea, and air due to the nature ofa minority with special abilities.


Player Military Academy also actively accepted the curriculum of the Army, Navy, and Air Force Academy for the practice of cooperative operations.


‘A 50,000-ton passenger ship died from seasickness, so its a naval curriculum Its crazy.


Of course, Jang Namwook must have thought the same as me.


[Jang Namwook] Sihoo has severe seasickness.

You might get hurt or die during your naval training, right


[Jang Namwook] The professors, teaching assistants, seniors, and classmates all stopped, but they didnt even pretend to listen…


[Jang Namwook] At first, I just watched and stopped myself, but then we started fighting.


[Jang Namwook] Sihoo ran out of school last night after fighting, but I dont know where he went.

The device was turned off, and I tried to call home, but it didnt come back.


[Yoo Sanghoon]


[Jang Namwook] I dont know why… First of all, I submitted an out-of-the-box report on my behalf.

If theres a problem, Ill be offended.



Jang Namwooks admissions process to the Military Academy.


What Doshihu said in Cymopoleia.


As I listened to the story, I got a rough idea of ​​what was going on.


‘Jang Namwook also overcame opposition from those around him and went to the military academy.

It was the same with Dosihoo.


Since they were both in a similar situation, I dont know if Doshihoo felt one-sidedly.

In such a situation, Jang Namwook reacted the same way as everyone else, so the accumulated stress may have exploded.


First of all, I had given the name of a person who was highly likely to know the whereabouts of Do Sihoo and was reliable.


[Me] Have you tried contacting Do Won-woo sunbaenim


[Jang Namwook] Oh! If its Wonwoo hyung, you might know it.

Im going to exchange device codes at a party on board… I dont know your contact information.


I also didnt know Do Won-woos contact information, but there was someone I knew in this message room.


[Me] Yoo Sanghoon seems to know.


[Yoo Sanghoon] ㅡㅡ


[Jang Namwook] Thats right! You said Sanghoon and Wonwoo hyung had known each other for a long time, right Ask me.


It did seem like Yoo Sanghoon hated Do Won-woo, but he was a childhood friend that I knew as a family unit anyway.

If Yoo Sanghoon said he didnt like it, should he contact Yoo Sang-hee


[Yoo Sanghoon] o…


[Jang Namwook] Thank you!


If Do Won-woo said he didnt know, then he would have to come up with other measures.


When I finished checking the message, someone spoke to me.

“You came early.”


It was Min Green in plain clothes who spoke to him.

Behind her was a figure standing like a janitor.


“I didnt wait long.

Are you going with me” Song Dae-seok looked at me once with a dissatisfied expression and once in the air taxi he had rented in advance.


‘They came together as expected.


Maybe if it was going as a group, but there was no way that I would let Song Dae-seok and Miin Green go anywhere alone.




“…Its the way you expected Dae-seok to come.”


Song Dae-seok and Min Green sat side by side, and I was seated opposite Dae-seok.

It was because Song Dae-seok was very resolutely pointing to the other side of him when I got on next.

Song Dae-seok looked stiff and Min Green seemed restless, so he pointed to the vending machine in the taxi to change the atmosphere.


“This is a pretzel that is only sold in Air Taxi, would you like to eat it It will take a while to get to Hongcheon.”


Previously, gourmets Maeng Hyo-don and Joo Soohyuk recommended honey cinnamon pretzels and handed them one by one.

Song Dae-seok, who was eating pretzels with a vigilant face, began to speak.


“Contrary to the rumors, it doesnt look suspicious.”




“On the bulletin board of the Eungwang High community, it is said that the Year 1 Class 0 unknown supernova often smiles suspiciously.

But why do you look okay to me Isnt Green just pretending to be meek in front of him What are your intentions”


I didnt know it was going to look this good.


“Its not.

Eushin often smiles suspiciously in front of me too!”





So confidence looks suspicious.”


“Yes… … thank God.”


I didnt know what was fortunate, but the fact that he smiled suspiciously in front of Min Green seemed to have reassured Song Dae-seok.

It was okay if my playable characters were relieved.


Then, there was silence, and then the conversation continued for a very brief moment about the topic that Min Green had barely come up with, and then the awkward situation was repeated once more.




The air taxi stopped in mid-air at will.


“Uh, we still have to go a little further to get to Garisan where Master is.”


“This is not an air taxi service zone.”


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At this, I checked the website of the association to see if there was a gap in the other world nearby, but there seemed no problem.


“Whats out there”


On the ground, I saw three white horses watching the air taxi.


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