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“So ‘that person’ has given you a command again.”

After walking along the long corridor, the Butterfly stopped.

There was someone that they hadn’t seen after the events of Seokmo Island.

That someone had been ordered by ‘that person’ to offer a sacrifice.

But after failing to procure the desired sacrifice, the Bear Clan who forgot how to show respect to ‘that person’ thick-facedly asked for a second chance. 

Many people were punished because they failed to follow the orders of ‘that person’, but the man who was only involved in the preparatory stage of the sacrifice mission seems to have been forgiven safely.

‘He ought to be grateful that he’s escaped the wrath, but that’s just the way it is.’

The man was very disappointed in himself that he wasn’t quick enough to destroy his target.

Nonetheless, his clothes appeared torn from all the effort.

The man thought of himself as a pathetic person, but the Butterfly just smiled and reassured him.

“Hmm, instead of feeling what you are feeling right now, you should be grateful and honored that you are carrying out this mission with me.”



The man banged his fist heavily on the wall and shouted.

However, there was no way that the man could destroy this building being protected by ‘that person’.

Seeing that the wall survived with no scratch at all, the Butterfly felt pity for the man. 

‘Even if a man possesses a scary power, it’s useless as long as he doesn’t know how to use it.’

Although the Butterfly felt sorry and pitied the man, the Butterfly decided to soothe him.

“All of this is thanks to the spirit that taught you everything you know.”

The Butterfly held the man’s fists.

On the other hand, the man was still shaking his fists, trying to control his anger.

As soon as the Butterfly soothed his fists, his anger subsided. 

“I apologize for being presumptuous.

I understand that your spirits and mine are different.

However, I would like you to take good care of your body.”

The man stared at the Butterfly.

The Butterfly pretended not to feel his gaze and continued to caress the man’s fist.

“If it is the command of ‘that person’ then…”

The man was at a loss for words.

The Butterfly silently held the man’s head.

When the man had completely calmed down, the Butterfly spoke softly.

“After you’re done carrying out the command of ‘that person’, can I go see him too”

The Butterfly felt the man nod once.

At that gesture, the Butterfly couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.

‘I understand that he always wants to be alone when he’s angry.

But this time is different.

It took me a long time to reach this point.’

At first glance, it looks like the Butterfly was hanging onto the man, but it was the other way around.

The Butterfly held back laughter from the man’s changed attitude.

As if soothing an upset child, the Butterly hugged the man and caressed his head.

“Alright then, let’s see each other later.”


After giving a silent farewell, the Butterfly headed to the place where ‘that person’ is.

The Butterfly took a few steps but couldn’t help but look back at the man.

She stopped walking just before the huge door.

“Did you just cough Are you calling me”

When the Butterfly reached toward the door, the door opened slowly.


Every corner of the room beyond the door was covered by darkness.

It’s like entering a bottomless pit, but the Butterfly still entered with no hesitation.


Just before the door closed behind the Butterfly, she called out a single butterfly.

The butterfly summoned from the fingertips of the Butterfly fluttered forward.

She walked carefully, taking single steps only.

When the single butterfly’s wings gradually slowed down and disappeared, the Butterfly Spirit politely lowered herself.

“Did you call for me I am at your service.”

The soft voice of the Butterfly Spirit resonated through the darkness.

And in the same darkness, a reply from a groggy voice was heard.

“Let’s hear your report.”

The Butterfly Spirit lowered herself further and began to give a report.

“Of the many commands you have given me, I have accomplished the last one first.

I have placed butterflies wrapped in jin in the location you have mentioned.”

“You didn’t let yourself be detected by the Maiden’s Eyes did you”

“Please do not worry about that.

A flower bearing a spirit was also blooming at the designated place.

After wrapping my butterflies with your jin, they have become much heavier.”

After the Butterfly Spirit finished her report, a voice asked her again.

“What about the commands that I have given you before”

“It’s all going smoothly.

The target now is much weaker than the target that we’ve caught a year before.”

“We’ve already wasted a whole year.

Proceed much quicker from here on.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

The Butterfly Spirit gave more reports after that.

She said goodbye after that and left.

“I don’t like that Butterfly Spirit for some reason.”

“I especially don’t like it when she smiles.”

“It’s odd because I usually like those who are good at work, and useful.”

“I do like it that she doesn’t talk to us recklessly and she doesn’t treat us like a joke.”

The twins sitting beside the man with the groggy voice murmured to each other brightly.

The man didn’t bother to answer the twins’ complaints.

He simply held up his long finger and turned a page of his book.

“By the way, I hear you’ve got a new name Why don’t you take care of it right away”

The long fingers stopped mid-air.

When the man showed signs of responding to them, the twins looked up at the man with anticipating eyes.

Soon, they heard the feeble voice answer.

“I don’t have to erase all the names in here.”

“Eh Why though”

“Shouldn’t the owners of these names be killed or put to a deep sleep”

Seeing that the twin boys were not satisfied with his answer, the man added another word.

“Sometimes, regardless of my will, there are people who will try to erase those names for some other reasons.”

* * *

The members of the newspaper department were left confused amid the thick dust surrounding them.

Moon Saeron, as well as the 2nd and 3rd year students, protected their vital points with their energy wave efficiently, but the same cannot be said for the 1st year students.

Kwang! Kwaaawang!

Repetitive explosions struck their ears once more.

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At the same time, sporadic waves of energy wave started bombarding the boundary that Jiho set up.


The energy wave collided with the impenetrable golden boundary.

Although the boundary came from the head of the Tiger Clan himself, it wasn’t as sturdy because Jiho had to set it up in a hurry.

If Jiho hadn’t reacted as quickly as he did, someone might’ve been seriously injured.

“This is more powerful than I expected.”

It was time for Jiho to use up as much magic as he could to raise the durability of the boundary.

Seodol was standing in front of a cracked boundary.

“It’s been a long time since I went on vacation.

Now, what the heck is this This is so annoying.

What kind of bastard is doing this”

There was no sense of panic in Seodol’s voice at all.

He spoke formally and in an irritated manner.

Seodol said something as he lifted his gray beads.


I’ll be right back.”

Hwang Jiho saw Seodol waving at us.

“Don’t tell me he…”


When Seodol touched his gray beads to the Jiho’s golden boundary, the boundary slowly changed color and collapsed.

Jiho clucked his tongue and tried to repair the boundary, but it was too late as Seodol had already run out and disappeared into the clouds of dust.

“Professor Jegal! That guy must be crazy! He ran in the direction where the energy pressure is more intense!”

The head of the newspaper department saw what Seodol did with his insight skill and so he shouted in surprise at Seodol’s crazy behavior.

“Just pretend you didn’t see him.

Jiho, I’ll help you.”

“Ah, sunbae! There’s someone who fell over there.”

“Oh Oh… Hey, are you okay Is there anyone who got hurt Hurry and take out your weapon item cards!”

All those who knew about Seodol’s real identity tried to change the subject.

The head of the department was also more worried about his juniors rather than the crazy guy that he met for the first time today.

A few seconds later, a loud noise from afar was heard.

‘What in the world is happening’

I don’t think there’s going to be much trouble because there are a lot of powerful people on our side, but I decided to get ready just in case.

I actualized an SR-grade item called ‘Rod with the Light of the Prophet’.

I started to look around with my skills.

It was still daytime so the skill doesn’t provide as much difference compared to when it’s used at night.

Regardless, the surroundings became clearer for me to see.

Hwang Jiho consistently maintained the stable golden boundary.

At the top of the boundary, there were words written by Jegal which were supposed to strengthen it.

Moon Saeron and the head of the department comforted the shaken newspaper staff and instructed them to take out their weapon item cards.

The sight of them relieved me of my nervousness.

‘Seems like there’s not much risk in here.’

There’s no need to summon the Sangbosimgeumpa and risk exposing myself.

After using my Glare skill, I returned the Sangbosimgeumpa item card to the item window.

Booom boom! Fwooooo…!

After Seodol escaped out of the boundary, high-density energy wave continued to clash against the boundary.

However, thanks to Hwang Jiho and Jegal’s skills, the boundary remains sturdy.

After a few minutes, the high-density clashing became more infrequent.

“Well done.

Your boundary-making skills are as good as Chairman Lee’s.”

Jegal praised Hwang Jiho.

Jegal could’ve managed to protect all the students on his own.

However, the first shot that came quickly towards them couldn’t have been prevented by him if it weren’t for Hwang Jiho.

‘Someone would’ve been injured badly if Hwang Jiho wasn’t here.’

I also praised Jiho for protecting everyone.

“Good job.”

“This is nothing.”

Jiho made a triumphant appearance.

As he slowly retracted the boundary, the sight of the aftermath of the energy wave attack was seen clearly.

‘We’re all okay, but it’s still not over.’

It seems relatively okay here at the main gate where we currently are, but sirens installed around the player training center began to ring one after another.

The situation still seems yet to have subsided inside.

Chinese players were seen either contacting people or running towards somewhere.

“Somebody inside the Player Training Center seems to have gone wild.”

Jegal said while checking if the newspaper department members were okay.

“Gone wild Oh no.

Maybe it’s that person The one involved in last year’s Chonglai Mountain incident…”

Moon Saeron said so with a startled look.

I know about the Chonglai Mountain incident as well.

The mountain was referred to as the shield of the Chuk Dynasty long ago.

It’s located northwest of the Tshuwanseong Fortress.

Last year, the general satellite recorded a huge incident that occurred in that area.

The Chinese Public Security Agency tried to frame it as a natural disaster, but no one in the world believed it.

All kinds of rumors circulated led by the suspicion that the Agency made a false announcement in order to cover up the existence of players with too powerful of a potential in them.

“….What should we do Would it be better to return to the hotel for now”

The head of the department spoke with worry, but Moon Saeron’s eyes tells us that she has a better idea.

We already received permission to enter the Training Facility beforehand. 

It seems like she wants to go in there and personally make news coverage of the event.

On the other hand, Jegal still looked deeply troubled.

Considering his personality, it’s almost second nature to him to rush inside immediately and help rescue the other players.

However, as the leader of the newspaper team, he can’t just leave the frightened students behind.



We all heard a strong sound of wave.

When I looked back, I saw Seodol.

“I’m back.”

Seodol was smiling brightly again, as if something good has just happened.

Hwang Jiho scoffed at him, but Seodol just ignored it.

“What have you been doing”

Seodol held out something so that only I and Hwang Jiho could see it.

“This… is a present.”

What Seodol showed to us was a team mark that looks like it’s been used by professional players.

It wasn’t in a good condition, but the pattern engraved on it was still recognizable.

We knew right away to which team this item belonged to.

The pattern belonged to one of the world’s top 10 teams, “The Oath of the Three Knights”.


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