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“How dare you play tricks on this student and try brainwash, who is also tightly connected to my Tiger Clan, right in front of my eyes”

“Ah hey, you’re too mean Hwang Jiho-nim.

What do you mean brainwash! Although you’re not exactly wrong.”


Seodol proudly admitted that he was trying to play tricks on me, but he expressed dissatisfaction with his expression.

On the other hand, Hwang Jiho looked bored.


“Drop the honorifics.

It hurts my ears every time you speak like that.”

“What It hurts your ears”

“Your voice is like a plague that dries up and kills all the vegetation in mountains and streams.”

“Ah… Wait a second, Yellow Tiger! You’re saying such awful things right in front of Jo Euishin.

I’m flustered!”


Seodol spoke in an exaggerated voice as he swept through his well-dressed hair.

Despite what he said, he doesn’t seem flustered at all


“You know everything that you’ve done.

Don’t you have any shame left in you”

“What are you talking about What should I be ashamed about”


Seodol’s demeanor looked unceremoniously proud despite Hwang Jiho scolding him.


“I don’t think student Jo Euishin himself is flustered about my offer of giving him my order.

I guess you can say that I’m showing humility to him.

I’ve nothing to be ashamed of.”

“…I think the language translation function is malfunctioning because you’ve been stuck in your rat hole for too long.

What nonsense are you on about”


I’m not entirely sure of what they’re talking about, but one thing is for sure.

This Seodol is a crazy, mad man. 

He’s like a complete opposite of crazy from Hwang Jiho.


‘I thought the heads involved in the 12-point alliance talks were all normal human-like beings.’


Thinking about it, there was no way that the Rat Clan Head, who calls himself Prankster and stalks people that he likes, could be normal.

Ah, but I shouldn’t really judge someone’s whole personality with just the first impression.

I let the two clan heads engage in their verbal battle while I floated my special status window.


[Name] Jo Euishin

[Nicknames] Two-dimensional future transform subject, Nameless Supernova, Red Wall Thief

[Order] (Information failed to load)

[Light Skill] (Inactivating)

[Status] Normal

[Current Level] Lv.



Using Objects Lv.


Exclusive menu for Two-dimensional future transform subject Lv.


Communication with Transcendent Universe Lv.


Fate Lv.

(Information failed to load)


The difference in the level of my overall ability before and after I trained with White Tiger was very noticeable, but the most worrisome part right now was the order part.

Ever since the release of the PMH game, bugs like this have been bothering users.

During those times, bugs were sometimes resolved over time.

However, this issue with information not being loaded is still persistent.


“What matters to me is Jo Euishin.

I don’t care about anything that you say, Yellow Tiger.

And either way, he’s got nothing to lose even if he receives my order, isn’t that right”

“He will suffer the side effects of having your order.”

“Jo Euishin looks powerful.

I’m sure he can handle it… But I’ll still adjust the amount so that it doesn’t strain his mind.

Alright I’m sure he can take it well.

No human being has ever lost their mind because of my order!”


Hwang Jiho and Seodol looked at me at the same time.

My answer has been decided in the first place. 


“I refuse.”


Although a lot of humans want to receive order from such higher beings, there’s no way that my current situation could handle it.

My answer clearly resulted in joy and sorrow of the two clan heads.

Hwang Jiho laughed at Seodol with a satisfied face, while Seodol looked incredulous.


“Eh Don’t be like this.

Think about it again!”

“You’re very persistent.

Stop being clingy and go away.”

“Well… Today is not the only day.”


Seodol still seemed full of regret.


“So what exactly brings you all the way here I’m sure it’s not just because you wanted to offer your order to Jo Euishin.”

“Hmm Ah, that…”


Seodom smiled brightly again as he looked at me and Hwang Jiho.


“I want to observe you both day and night.”

“Get lost.”

Despite Hwang Jiho’s threat, Seodol didn’t go away.

* * *

At the Players’ Association China branch, Chengdu Office.

Ever since he arrived in China, Hong Gyubin has repeatedly negotiated with local government officials and public security.

Now he’s with Jegal and some other students.


‘Something’s odd.

The procedure for issuing a temporary ID card for a teenage player can’t be as difficult as this.’


There were many things that caught Hong Gyubin’s attention, but he didn’t make it obvious and instead kept smiling politely toward the Chinese players.

Hong Gyubin’s worries deepened as there was little clue on how it was going at the moment.


‘…Should I contact those people’


He thought that the process would go faster if he asked for Jegal’s help, but it didn’t work out as he wanted.

The fact that he ruined Jegal’s overseas schedule because of this matter greatly bothered Hong Gyubin.

Just then, the Class Zero seniors approached.


“Professor Jegal, we’ve called some higher-ups so it’s going to be alright now.”

“Yep, yep, just trust us.”

“Let’s get this over with.”


Geum Chansol and Wang Chansol whispered in a low voice.

Hong Gyubin and Jegal looked suspicious of them, but deep down they know the influence and power that the GeumChanWangChan duo holds.

The second-year students had a rough look on their faces.


“We’re doing what we can.”

“We happen to have a high-ranking member of the State Council among my father’s friends.”


The State Council….

Isn’t that part of China’s actual high-ranking administration

The fact that the duo mentioned the State Council itself, not just a specific department under it, makes it seem like they know an actual high-ranking person.


‘Well, given Wang Chansol’s family and his connections, that wouldn’t be so odd.’


When Hong Gyubin asked them if there’s another student who abused their connections, Wang Chansol pointed to Geum Chansol. 


“He happens to have a relative on the board of directors of Zhuque Konzerne (Corporation).”


Zhuque Konzerne, a giant group of companies considered as China’s top 2 industry.

The corporation dealt with all of China’s second world-related business, including processing of various materials like minerals and fabrics.

They also oversee the exchange and sale of rare items, as well as the production of equipment for players.

The monopoly of Zhuque Konzerne over China’s industries and businesses was one of the main factors that prevented a Player’s Association from being established in China before.


‘Also considering Geum Chansol’s family connections, it wouldn’t be odd to know at least one from that board.

But he’s saying that he has a direct relative there’


Hong Gyubin felt chills in his spine as he realized that those delinquents have connections with such higher-ups and that they can easily abuse those connections no matter where they were in the world.


But thinking about it, Hong Gyubin felt relieved that these boys are using their influence for the sake of Professor Jegal, and not because of some other insane reason. 


“Of course, we’re the best.

I knew it all along.”

“And we’re even better when we have the perfect Professor Jegal next to us.”


The GeumChanWangChan duo gave each other a series of high fives.

Soon, the window they were queued in became busy.

The player immigration officer immediately changed his attitude and issued Mok Wooram’s temporary ID card right away.


“Professor Jegal! We did well, didn’t we”

“As expected, it’s really exciting to respond to power abuse with a stronger power abuse!”


As Jegal thanked the students, Hong Gyubin was lost in thought as he stared at the temporary ID card.


‘The officer made this ID so fast.

Even faster than I expected.’


Hong Gyubin saw a picture of Mok Wooram registered in the Player’s Association’s database.


‘Maybe it’s because it’s Mok Wooram who is involved.’

* * *

Although it was later than expected, Jegal and his students were able to safely obtain a temporary ID card for Mok Wooram.

The Class Zero seniors seems to have wanted to immediately send Hong Gyubin and Mok Wooram back to the Korean Peninsula, but Hong Gyubin disagreed.


“Wooram hasn’t opened his eyes yet.

He’s a player in his teens and one who studies at Eungwang High.

It’s dangerous to cross the border while he’s in an unconscious state.

If an accident occurs while we’re crossing borders, it’s going to be an international problem.”


Jegal agreed with what Hong Gyubin said, so the Class Zero students had no choice.

But the heads of the Tiger Clan and Rat Clan seem to have different ideas.


“I guess Hong Gyubin has something else on his mind.

Maybe it has something to do with the delay in issuing Mok Wooram’s temporary ID card.”

“I agree.

Gyubin is someone that’s done a lot of ‘carrying people’ as his job as a regulation executive.

I know that he can control most situations by himself even when crossing borders.

There must be another reason.”


I could see Hong Gyubin nodding quietly as he came out.

He glanced towards the clan heads.


‘So he wants them to come back with him.

It’d be better if they went back after the newspaper department’s schedule is all done.’


It’s possible that Hong Gyubin may just want to be with Jegal, but the two clan heads seem to have the same opinion on this matter, so I guess they’re right.


“The newspaper department is planning to visit the Player Training enter in Chengdu this afternoon.

Can I leave the other things up to you”

“Of course.

Go ahead.”

“Professor Jegal! Can we come too”


When the Class Zero seniors overheard that Hong Gyubin would be left behind, they excitedly asked if they could come with Jegal and the newspaper team.

However, Jegal shook his head in disagreement.


“China’s Player Training Center has a complicated process in granting access to other players.

It’s difficult to increase the number of people who are scheduled to visit.”

“Ah, but we can just take care of that ourselves again!”



Is he talking about power abuse


I guess the duo had something to do with the process of issuing Mok Wooram’s temporary ID.


“Don’t bother your relatives and connections too much.”

“Well, it won’t make much difference if we contact them once or twice today!”

“We really want to come with you, Professor Jegal!”


Jegal made eye contact with the protesting Class Zero seniors and spoke softly.


“Borrowing someone else’s power and influence always comes at a price.

I can only allow it, once or twice, if you’re using that power for the sake of your junior students.

But that’s not the case right now, isn’t it I’m always worried that you might get into trouble later on.”


The Class Zero seniors closed their mouths at Jegal’s soft words.

Jegal has an order that prevents him from saying lies, so the students are sure that his words are always sincere.

They know that Jegal is genuinely worried about them, so they had no choice but to comply to put their teacher’s worries at ease.


“While I’m away, please get along with Team Leader Hong Gyubin.”




The Class Zero seniors nodded with exhausted faces.

Hong Gyubin was looking at Jegal with a touched facial expression.


“Hmmm Oh What happened Why are there more people in here”


Starting with Moon Saeron, who awkwardly appeared with an awkward face, the other members of the newspaper team belatedly appeared in the lobby and began to discuss their daytime schedule.

* * *

The newspaper department’s visit to the Player Training Center has begun.

Hwang Jiho looked quite unhappy as we got off the air bus.

I could guess why even if I didn’t ask.

It’s because Seodol shamelessly followed us to this place.


“Why did you come here”

“Hehe, unlike other people, I don’t need to borrow power from other people to visit some place.

I can just do it by myself.”

“Show off.”

“Yes indeed, I am showing off.”


Most of the newspaper department members whispered to each other.


“Did we get another crazy guy on our tail”

“I think I’ve seen his face somewhere…”


Only two people weren’t talking about Seodol.

Moon Saeron and Jegal.

The information freak Moon Saeron seem to have noticed Seodol’s identity already, so she kept her mouth shut.

Jegal looked bitter and just advised Seodol not to interfere with the department’s schedule.



‘There’s no way that Jegal doesn’t know the being that gave order to his first apprentice.’


Seodol might be related to the secret between Hong Gyubin and Jegal.

But anyway…

While Jegal led the group to the entrance of the Player Training Center…


“Get out of my way!”




Hwang Jiho ran next to Jegal and fiercely formed a boundary.

Jiho felt some form of energy wave forming somewhere, so he reflexively tried to protect the group with his body.


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