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‘Deep sleep’ was the term that refers to one of the last things that people of royal lineage and their descendants do in this world.

People of royal lineage who do not appear for a long time were often described to be ‘deeply asleep’ or dead.

There are three known beings who are in deep sleep; Three of The Eight Real Bears who made a mistake while trying to execute the God and its apprentices, the Blue Dragon who lost his order and failed to avenge Yeom Junyeol in the game, and Silver Tiger head of the Tiger Clan.

“Deep sleep… It’s not a matter known to most humans.

How did you know about that”

“I thought it meant being in a vegetative state or in a coma.”

“It’s a thing that happens when there’s a problem in the body which prevents it to function further.

For humans, a vegetative state means loss of motor function due to brain damage, while a state of coma seems to mean the human heartbeat and pulse are close to its limit.

Deep sleep for people of royal lineage is a bit different from that.”

Jiho continued explaining as we head to the main building of the mansion.

“What do you think is the biggest difference between the royal lineage and its descendants, and humans”

The first thing that came to mind was the way of birth.

People of royal lineage are born from sources such as myths, legends, and fiction.

‘The descendants are born in a similar way to humans though, so that’s probably not the answer Jiho is looking for.’

Perhaps it’s about abilities

But I feel like that’s not it either.

The strongest homeroom teacher of Eungwang High, Im Yeonhwa, showed her power as someone from the royal lineage, yet Jegal, Geunhyung, and even Gong Cheongwon weren’t pushed back.

Considering the honorary teachers who recently took office and the other players from top-notch teams such as Yeom Bangyeol, natural power is not an absolute criterion for distinguishing between humans and the royal lineage and their descendants.

After contemplating for a while, I came to a conclusion.

“The existence of a True Name.”


You are correct, Jo Euishin.”

Jiho showed a satisfied smile.

“Human beings can change their names any time.

But we are different.

Even if we use other names or aliases, we only have one true name.”

Those of royal lineage know their true name from the moment that they are born, while their descendants know theirs once they learn their powers.

The True Name is the source of their power and existence itself.

It’s the definitive distinguishing factor between humans, descendants, and the royal lineage.

“The souls of the royal lineage and its descendants are very unstable.

Although the descendants are relatively more stable, their souls can still leave the body at any time.

The thing that connects the soul and the body is the True Name.”

The royal lineage spawned from myths and fiction… Was it their true name that binds them to this world and their bodies

‘So what happens if they lose their true name’

The White Tiger came to mind.

He lost his True Name and couldn’t find it until the end of the game.

In the game, the White Tiger passes through the ordeal of heaven and overcomes the wrath of heavens, but he still didn’t regain his true name.

‘He fought in such an unstable state until the end.’

So where in the world is White Tiger’s real name

Jiho finished up his explanation.

“The state in which the soul leaves the body and doesn’t return is called ‘deep sleep,’”

Jiho’s explanation was over, but I don’t know what part I should comment on.

As he kept my mouth shut, we arrived in front of the main building.

Jiho spoke again when we arrived.

“Well, the effect of losing one’s true name depends on the case too.

It can be as severe as the Silver Tiger, who is now in a deep sleep, or like White Tiger who is just fine and still awake even after he lost his.”

Unlike the light tone he was using, Jiho’s eyes tell me something different.

“What happens to the soul that leaves the body”

“There’s no way to know.

There’s never been one of royal lineage who went into a deep sleep and awoke from it.

None from the descendants too.”

“There’s been no case of that at all”

“None that I know of.”

Jiho stopped talking for a moment before adding something.

“As long as the body remains in the present world, it is not impossible for the soul to return.

Much like reincarnation.”

In other words, it means that unless there is an order in place just like in Ok Toyeon’s case, the body will die as it is if it disappears.

“To sum it up, you can think of deep sleep as the state in which the souls of the royal lineage and descendants have left their body.

Is there anything else you are curious about”

Just when I was about to ask for more details about reincarnation, I felt someone else’s presence.

From far away, the father and son Red Tiger and Shinrok were walking toward us.

They look a bit awkward, but it looks like they’ve been talking to each other.

“Yellow Tiger, have you invited Jo Euishin”


Shinrok’s gaze turned on me after greeting the Yellow Tiger.

I haven’t seen Shinrok for a while.

The last I saw him was when his dark past was revealed in front of his relatives and Yong Jegun.

When I revealed his dark past, I mean.

“Jo Euishin, it’s a bit late now.

Are you planning on staying overnight”

In my eyes, he looked partially like an expert torture master and the embarrassed kid in front of his family just a while ago.

Since most of my questions were answered already, I decided to just go back.

“No, I didn’t plan on staying.

Well then, I’ll be going now—“ 

“Hahaha! Shinrok, did you hold a grudge with what happened last time Don’t be mean to Euishin.

According to the rules of the school dormitory, submitting a notice for an overnight stay is merely a recommendation.

It’s not mandatory.”

After Jiho cut me off and laughed loudly, Shinrok didn’t say anything further. 

But I wonder if Shinrok really did hold a grudge from last time

I should be careful with breaking dormitory rules in the future.

“…I was going to cook food and serve self-made alcohol tonight.

Although I can’t serve alcohol to Euishni, I’m happy to make him any food he wants.”

Didn’t he want to send me back to the dorms

I’m not very sure with the attitude he’s showing.

Jiho laughed again at Shinrok’s subtle attitude.

I didn’t feel like going back to the dorms anyway, so I ended up going in with them to the main building.

“Euishin oppa! Hi!”

“So the Yellow Tiger-nim wasn’t lying to us! Welcome back, hyung!”

“Oh, it’s Euishin hyung.”

The descendants looked very sleepy as they welcomed me, I almost thought they were being sarcastic.

Is Olmu asleep

Or maybe White Tiger took a walk and brought Olmu with him.

“Shinsoo is with White Tiger.

They’ll be back soon.”

It was Red Tiger who let me know where Olmu was.

Shinrok asked me something as he was headed to the kitchen.

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“Jo Euishin, what would you like to have I’ll make you whatever you like if the ingredients are available here.”


It didn’t take long for me to answer that question. 

I decided on what to eat very soon.

Maybe around 30 minutes after he asked.

“Jo Euishin said… he wants to eat whatever he can share with Olmu.”

“I see Euishin and Olmu have a very good relationship.”

The Tigers were talking about something, but my attention was focused on the front gate from afar.

Bark, bark bark!

I could feel my angel running towards me from afar.

Like the little genius that he was, Olmu ran fast and jumped onto my lap.

I was so proud of him, jumping to such a high place with that small body.

Olmu’s eyes shined as I showered him with praises and he rubbed his head against my hand.

I did my best in letting him know just how wonderful of a genius he was.

“…It seems like they really are very, very close.”

“I sometimes wonder if Shinsoo used mental disturbance-related skills on Euishin.”

I heard the Yellow Tiger and Red Tiger talking about us like that.


Olmu barked in the direction of the White Tiger.

They left the house together, but White Tiger is a few steps behind when they arrived.

“White Tiger, what happened”

“He didn’t say anything important.”

“You should take a seat too.

Red Tiger’s son is cooking some food.

He said he’ll make enough food for all of us, so you should join us too.”

Shinrok came out of the kitchen when all of the descendants fell asleep.

“I’m done cooking.”

Shinrok served a hearty buffet meal with the help of the automatic maids.

The covers for the dishes were engraved with tiger images.

“Let’s open them.”

Jiho whipped his finger when the automatic maids stood still and Shinrok sat down.

Everyone got a glimpse of the food when Jiho removed the covers with his energy wave.

“Ha, hahahahaha! Hahahaha!”



Jiho laughed, while the other’s expression looked stiff.

White Tiger and Red Tiger’s eyes were on Kim Shinrok.

“I-It’s not me! I swear I didn’t make this! … The only dish that has dried persimmons is dried persimmon crystal fruit.

I’ll bring the food that I made.”

Shinrok made some excuses and White Tiger took notice of it.

After laughing loudly for a while, Jiho calmed down and said something.

“Well, it seems like some spirit made the automatic maids bring out the wrong foods.”

“…I’ll go catch whatever that spirit is then.”

White Tiger said so with a cold tone. 

Jiho didn’t understand why White Tiger acted like that, so he had to ask.

“What’s going on”

“White Tiger hates dried persimmons.”


So there’s a food that White Tiger doesn’t like!

“A lot of people among the Tiger Clan hates it too.

It’s one of the things that some of us either like or dislike.

It’s packed as our weakness too, so a lot of us are not so fond of it.”

So there’s some kind of back story for the Tigers and dried persimmon.

But it’s still a little odd for White Tiger to be openly disgusted by something, given his personality.

Jiho said something that cleared it up as if he knew what I was thinking in my head.

“Shinrok played a joke on White Tiger some time ago.

When White Tiger went into an abandoned house for training, he replaced all of White Tiger’s food with dried persimmons.

For a whole year, White Tiger only ate dried persimmons, and since then he hated it so much.”

“White Tiger must be upset by what you served.

How can you prepare foods that he doesn’t like”

Jiho laughed again as he looked at the buffet food full of dried persimmons.

Shinrok, the troublemaker of the Tiger Clan, made such an accident happen.

“My son likes dried persimmons, so maybe he just wants White Tiger to taste some.

Looks like the effect is the opposite though.”

Red Tiger made an excuse on behalf of his son while dishes made of dried persimmons filled their table.

Looking at their reactions, Yellow Tiger and Red Tiger didn’t seem to hate dried persimmons.

The foods served at the table were persimmon walnut rolls, dried persimmon with raw vegetables, seasoned dried persimmon, and dried persimmon canapes.

White Tiger returned to the table.

Shinrok also reheated the food he prepared and served some new ones.

“Shall we taste all the dried persimmon dishes that Shinrok made”

“Really, I didn’t prepare all of these except for the dried persimmon punch.”

“Please understand.

It’s so much fun to tease White Tiger, so I sometimes get playful.”

Red Tiger was either teasing White Tiger or protecting his son.

I’m sure part of the reason why he took a long time to make up with his son is because he’s so clumsy.

“You weren’t just ‘playful sometimes’ when we were young.”

Jiho added to the conversation.

Was Red Tiger also a troublemaker like Shinrok when they were younger

I can’t imagine the pranks that Red Tiger did to that old man Yellow Tiger.

“…The liquor is a bit sweet.”

White Tiger, who has been drinking silently, said so.

All the bottles served by Shinrok seemed to have only sweet-flavored drinks.

Given that he’s fond of dried persimmons, Shinrok must like sweet things.

Shinrok gave excuses once more.

“My drinking buddy doesn’t like sweet alcohol.

Drinking these alone isn’t very exciting, so these are the only drinks left behind.”

“Is it Yong Jegun If a descendant eats or drinks with us, they should appreciate whatever we serve them.”

Yong Jegun must have no other friends.

But Shinrok seems similar to him since Jegun is also the only friend that he mentions.

“Cheongho likes persimmons.

He used to be a picky eater, but I remember he emptied his plate one time.”

“Perhaps Shinrok has similar taste buds with his teacher.”


Cheongho is Shinrok’s teacher

I heard that Cheongho is the original user of Taehokwon, so did Shinrok learn it from him

“Did Teacher Kim Shinrok learn Taehokwon from him”


what I learned from Cheongho is reverse usage.

I tried to learn Taehokwon a few times, but it really didn’t fit me.

It was White Tiger who introduced wushu to me.

But I didn’t get to learn sword techniques from him.”

I heard that Taehokwon cannot be learned unless it fits a person’s physical qualities.

Even if he is a Tiger Clan descendant, it won’t work unless it fits him.

Shinrok showed us a bit of his reverse usage skill.

When Shinrok swept the hair from his face, the face of the Bear Goddess and Red Tiger changed into the face of the ordinary teacher that I knew. 

I could hardly feel traces of energy wave that he used.

After seeing that, Red Tiger praised his son as best as he could.

After a few moments, when the conversation was in full swing, someone spoke.

“I think it’s best to let you know today.

I am scheduled to leave the Korean Peninsula next week.” 

Jiho decided to drop a bomb on us. 


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