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 Chapter 185 - Tossed Coin (4)

[Min Geurin] (Link)

[Min Geurin] This is a web application that Daesok made.

After I showed it to a junior from the association that Grandpa Song knew, it’s out of reach now.

It became out of reach

When I checked the link that Min Geurin sent, the logo of the association appeared along with the message that says ‘This page has limited access only.’

It was a message that appears when the association blocks access to a specific webpage. 

‘It means that the association saw information inside the page that could be controlled…’

I’m not familiar with this since there’s no such information like this within the game.

[Min Geurin] Grandpa Song called the association and even went there personally, but there’s still no update from them.

[Min Guerin] I couldn’t contact Daesok’s parents too.

[Min Geurin] And then, there’s suddenly a warning that there’s a transition between two worlds where you and Daesok were.

But then, you and Daesok didn’t answer my messages…!

From what I heard, Min Geurin couldn’t sleep a wink after her video call with Kwon Lena was suddenly cut off. 

Although the case of the application bothered me, I decided to calm Min Geurin down first.

‘It’s not going to be easy to hide Daesok’s current situation right now, but I think hiding it from her would cause her more anxiety.’

I decided not to lie to Min Geurin and told her the truth that she needed to know, in order to ease her heart. 

With that in mind, I sent her a message.

[Me] I heard that he and Yuri received a lot of examination from the doctor.

They’ll be going home more lately than us.

[Min Geurin] Yuri too

[Min Geurin] Oh right, Yuri didn’t reply to me either… I thought it was because she had been busy along with the President.

Are the two of them in a really bad condition

[Me] I don’t know about that.

Where are you right now Are you at home

[Min Geurin] Yea, I’m with my instructor.

That’s a relief. 

Hong Gyungbok would comfort Geurin well.

It may be thanks to Hong Gyungbok’s prevention that Geurin is calmly messaging me right now instead of rushing to the hospital or to Seokmo Island. 


“What’s going on”

“Min Geurin messaged me.

When can we start visiting Daesok”

“Min Geurin Ah, I see she was worried about Daesok.

However, it’s not possible to visit today.

Visitation today is reserved for his close family and relatives.”

“Why Is his condition that bad”

“It’s partly because he’s still unconscious, but there’s a bigger reason than that.

The head of the Deer Clan requested for a sample collection and decided to visit his room at night.

Researching cases of human poisoning would help them develop an antidote.”

The head of the Deer Clan. 

There are a lot of good Clan leaders like those of the Tiger Clan and the Deer Clan.

“Yoo Sanghee visited in the morning to give him some treatment.

It’ll be better to visit another time.

Let’s wait until tomorrow.

Gather all the students and visit together.”

It’s going to be difficult to gather the students for hospital visitation though. 

I might not be able to help with Geurin’s uneasiness, but the information that Hwang Jiho gave should be enough.

[Me] Let’s all visit together tomorrow.

Hwang Jiho made a request to the hospital.

[Min Geurin] Hwang Jiho

[Me] Hey, that dude is a close nephew of Hwangmyeong’s Chairman Lee.

Min Geurin must have forgotten about that.

I think Min Geurin calmed down a bit when she heard that we can visit Daesok tomorrow.

[Me] Well then, I’ll see you tomorrow.

[Min Geurin] See ya.

[Me] Contact me again if something happens. 

After sending that message, we prepared for dinner while waiting for Kim Shinrok and Red Tiger.

White Tiger and Yong Jegun went to the main warehouse to personally choose the liquor, while Hwang Jiho personally prepared all the food.

“I heard that person from the Dragon Clan is friends with Shinrok oppa.

I heard he’s a burden to Yellow Tiger nim and Euishin oppa.

Who is this person”

“Can we take a picture”

“We have a lot of guests today! Shall we go ahead and help White Tiger nim”

“It’s been a long time since they went here, so there must be a lot of things to talk about.

Ah, it’s the game you played last time after mountain hiking…”

My role in the dinner preparation was to handle the three Tiger people.

— Yong Jegun was reluctant to stay up all night with the injured Red Tiger.

— They stayed with the descendants of the Silver Tiger.

Hwang Jiho didn’t say it directly, but it turned out to be that way. 

The children’s destructive cooking skills did not seem to change yet.

The sun set quickly as I talked with the Silver Tiger’s descendants and the three children, with Olmu still wrapped in my arms.

That’s when I started to feel a bit hungry.


“Red Tiger nim! Shinrok hyung!”

As I looked in the direction where Olmu was looking, I saw the two father and son.

Red Tiger looked happy.

It was a face that’s not easy to see in this world and even in the game world.

‘So the Red Tiger is capable of smiling too.’

On the other hand, Shinrok looked tired as his head was a bit lowered.

“Shinrok, did the conversation go well”


Kim Shinrok completely ignored the smiling Yong Jegun.

Instead, Red Tiger spoke to Yong Jegun.

“My son had always been on my side.

I have greeted him late.”

“You were there the entire youth retreat, so your greeting is indeed late.

Shinrok, Mr.

Red Tiger didn’t say a word before because he was nervous about what you were thinking.”

Red Tiger didn’t deny Yong Jegun’s words.

It’s easy to imagine the suffocating awkwardness between the two royal lineage people as he guarded Kim Shinrok.

Shinrok’s face turned red again at that thought. 

“Dinner is ready.

Come on.”

Hwang Jiho smiled and spoke while he was wearing an apron.

Hwang Jiho took off his apron and made sure that all the people were sitting down before he sat at the head of the table.

“I’ve made these myself.

Eat well everyone.”

The automated maids arrived with all the food and drinks.

These were the menu created while waiting for the father and son to reconcile.

Red crab meat topped with caviar.

Red-colored eoran and geumtae.

Braised abalone with fish sauce.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @ novelmultiverse.com]

Red soup, rice, corn milk, and omija were served with each menu.

The descendants and I, who were still minors, had cold tea while the others had alcohol.

‘Now they’re talking.’

Red Tiger and Kim Shinrok awkwardly clinked their glasses and exchanged some words. 

The atmosphere was very warm as the Silver Tiger’s descendants, who didn’t know the situation, saw Red Tiger, Kim Shinrok, and Yong Jegun all talking to each other.

The cheerful atmosphere increased as the father and son talked to each other.

Hwang Jiho said something at the sight of the two clinking their glasses.

“There’s a lot.”

“Of what”


Jiho didn’t understand my question and looked around instead.

White Tiger, Red Tiger, Yong Jegun, Eun Seho, Eun Iho, Eun Jaeho, and even Olmu who sat in the baby chair with a tray attached to him.

There’s indeed a lot. 

‘Hwang Jiho was always alone inside the game.’

Hwang Jiho was quiet, unlike usual.

Instead, he raised his glass often as he gazed at the dinner table. 

The fun time ended quickly. 

Yong Jegun stood up from his seat when he saw the descendants’ eyes looking a bit sleepy.

“Thank you for the meal.

The sight was also nice to see.

Although it’s regrettable that I couldn’t ride the cruiser with the students in my class, I think things went okay anyway.”

I see Yong Jegun still felt disappointed that he couldn’t ride the cruiser.

Shinrok frowned when he saw that Jegun was speaking skillfully.

“…Just go and leave.”

“Okay, okay.

Shinrok, talk well with your dad.”

“I said leave already!”

Yong Jegun teased Shinrok one more time with his unique ecstatic expression before turning his back.

Olmu hastily went back to his room to retrieve something.

I thought it was Reed, an item that I wanted to have, but it was something else.

Bark bark!

“I guess he wants you to watch him down that medicine pouch from the Deer Clan.”

My heart shook as I saw Olmu and White Tiger.

‘Shouldn’t I change my clothes first because I’m still wearing the same one from the retreat…’

Olmu curled up as he downed the drink, while the descendants covered.

It didn’t take long before I decided to sleep and go.

* * *

At Hwangmyeong Medical Center, a network of general hospitals established by Hwangmyeong Group.

Among them is the ward on the top floor of the player-only hall of the general hospital called Hwangmyeong Eungwang Hospital located in Eungwang High. 

Currently, only teachers and students from Eungwang, who returned unconscious from the youth retreat, were hospitalized on this floor.

With all of the medical staff away, only the heads of the two clans stood in the hallway.

“Are you all done”

“Thank you, thank you! I also obtained data from the head of the Tiger Clan! You’re the best!”

The head of the Deer Clan, who looked like a child, looked cheerful as he hugged a storage container full of samples.

Among those, there’s a sample from the Yellow Tiger, who took the antidote while he was in the body of Hwang Jiho.

“If it’s used for any other purpose other than for developing an antidote, I will cut off all transactions.”

“You don’t have to worry! Do I have any other thing I can use this for The thing I’m most concerned about is the antidote.

There’s no need to worry!”

The head of the Deer Clan spoke hesitantly as he was trying to put the sample storage inside the carrier.

He looked up at the Yellow Tiger who was in his old-man form, which made it look like a grandson was begging his grandfather to buy him some snacks.

“Yellow Tiger, I wanted to test conduct tests with humans too but… We don’t have much relationship with the humans so… And we also don’t want to test just anyone….”

“I’ve caught some humans so I’ll hand them over once I’m done interrogating them.”

“Really! Thank you! I’ll give you a discount next time you buy medicine from us!”

At the Yellow Tiger’s words, the head of the Deer Clan happily ran around.

Yellow Tiger laughed heartily at the thought that he found a way to deal with the retreat instructors who planted the bombs on the island.

After a few hours, a masked secretary guided the Dear Clan head out of the ward.

The elevator doors opened once more.

“You’re early.”

Someone that Yellow Tiger was waiting for had arrived through the elevator.

“Yellow Tiger Chairman Lee, hello.”


It was the Healer that was the pride of Eungwang High, Yoo Sanghee that appeared along with the secretary.

“Sanghee, just like that time, we owe you once again.”

“Professor Noh Youngmi and the other juniors from the student council have been injured.

Of course, I have to assume responsibility.”

Yoo Sanghee walked humbly in the hallway of the ward while standing side-by-side with the Yellow Tiger.

“I’m going to return the favor.”

“Return the favor The gift set I received from Jiho last time is more than enough.”

Yellow Tiger pulled the corner of his mouth and spoke with a nice smile.

He looked like a chairman who cared for his students.

He said some meaningful words with such facial expressions.

“I think you had a difficult time with the problem with your career.

It’s hard to say no to the TC isn’t it”

“…I see you knew about that too.”

Yoo Sanghee stopped in her tracks.

Yoo Sanghee’s young face was tainted with a faint trace of fatigue and embarrassment.

Yellow Tiger stopped beside her and spoke.

“Just ask for help from the Hwangmyeong Group anytime you might need it.

You deserve that much given all the lives you’ve saved.”

*     *     *

I was in a different place when I woke up from my dreamless sleep.

I was puzzled for a few seconds when I saw that I wasn’t in my Gosiwon or my dormitory, and then I came to my senses.

(T/N: Gosiwon refers to the small private room that Euishin stayed in before he was transported inside the game world.)

‘Ah right….

I didn’t sleep in the dormitory.’

I blinked my sleepy eyes.


I heard an angel-like voice.

When I turned my head, I saw Olmu who was struggling.

The tray from last night is still attached to him…

“Did you sleep well”

It was White Tiger.

I don’t know why he’s here in the guest room where I slept, or why Olmu is with him.

But since it’s my playable character who asked, I answered anyway.


“Is your body okay”

“I slept deeply so it’s fine now.”

After hearing my answers, he placed Olmu on top of my bed.

Olmu came running towards my arms.

I don’t know what the White Tiger did in my room, but since the cute Olmu was in my arms, everything seemed fine to me.

“This guy kept trying to interrupt your sleep so I held him back.”

“Olmu did”


Olmu gave a short answer and continued to dig through my arms.

Did Olmu really try to disrupt my sleep

Was Olmu lonely all night

Is it because I’m still sleepy and Olmu is in my arms

I couldn’t organize my thoughts well.

“You heard what Jo Euishin said.

Don’t disturb Jo Euishin’s sleep from now on.

White Tiger turned his back and left after saying those words.

I feel like a storm swept me away early in the morning


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