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Chapter 182 - Tossed Coin

Min Geurin was panicking as she was setting up her hologram.

She opened the ‘Our Class’ folder from the address book.

None of the kids could be contacted except for those who did not participate in the retreat.

‘It’s odd that the message ‘The number cannot be reached’ pops up.’

Geurin didn’t think much of it when her video call with Lena suddenly stopped a while ago.

Although the connection was disconnected unnaturally, she thought that Lena would just call her again.

However, after a few minutes, she was worried that no call or text was sent by Lena, which brings her to this situation at the moment.

She tried calling Lena, Yuri, Song Daesok and the other boys, and even professor Ham Geunhyung.

‘What’s going on with my classmates and teachers…!’

Geurin felt something odd, but she didn’t think of reporting it to the police or the Player’s Association.

Min Geurin experienced what it was like to be bullied and caught in trouble as a child, so she knew well how the public officials respond to students’ reports.

‘They won’t see it as a clear emergency, so they won’t dispatch any officers immediately.

They would just happily deliver it to the relevant department to have them check the report and then get back to me after a few days, but then it would be too late!’

Moreover, it’s unlikely for officials to dispatch any help just because the report would say that some kids couldn’t be contacted in the middle of the night.

Although there may be strong players that would help Geurin immediately despite her not making a complete report, it was difficult for her to contact them at this late hour without much ground or concrete reason.

‘The Master and Grandpa Song did a lot of cumbersome work because of me.

I know a lot of people would say yes to me easily, but I just can’t contact them like this.’

Min Geurin had such thoughts, but she did not give up.

‘I need a good excuse to have the two of them move!’

The first thing that came to her mind after such a conclusion was the Player’s Satellite. 

‘There might be something in the satellite records.’

Min Geurin opened the Player’s Association website and looked at the satellite data of Seokmo Island and its vicinity.

However, she couldn’t find anything.

It was noticeable that some numbers were out of the normal range, but it’s possible that it’s still within the possible error range.

‘This won’t do…!’

She was worried that something bad would happen to Ham Geunhyung, Song Daesok, and her other classmates.

She was worried about the other kids and the other teachers, but she was worried the most about Daesok.

‘Daesok didn’t really want to go to the retreat.

B-because of me, he…!’

The words said by Daesok passed by Geurin’s mind.

— There’s some annoying thing.

— Annoying thing

— Last time, Seokcheon Lake was acting up a bit, and then not too long ago, the area around Cymopoleia was weird. 

Daesok showed satellite data as he said those things.

After seeing hundreds of lines of observations, Geurin said something.

— The numbers are a little off from the standard, but I guess they still fall within the allowable range.

Daesok contemplated on how to make Geurin understand. 

— That’s true if only one or two numbers are off.

But even if they fall within the allowable range, it’s still very odd for hundreds of numbers to do that.

— Very odd

— Well, yes.

When tossing a coin, the probability of getting heads or tails is both 50%.

It is normal whether the coin lands on a head or on a tail.

— That’s true…

— But wouldn’t it be odd if heads come out on all thousand tries

Min Geurin, who thought that Daesok was talking about the implementation of independent probability, spoke after much consideration.

— (1/2)1000.

The possibility is close to zero.

– Correct.

Then, is it possible that the heads and the tails would come out exactly 5,000 times each consecutively if a coin is tossed 10,000 times 

— I can’t tell the exact difference without a calculator, but I think the probability of that situation is closer to zero than the situation earlier.

A much smaller probability would come out.

— Right, that’s why it’s weird!

Daesok spoke as he floated dozens of holograms.

— It may be difficult to observe by just looking at the satellite records of the association.

However, in addition to the information from the satellite observations, private research institutes or universities, domestic and international astronomical observations, and overseas institutions apart from the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea Astronomical Research Institute, and National Oceanographic Research institute, one look at the data published by them would lead to one conclusion.

— What conclusion

— Just like the toss coin hypothetical earlier, the ‘strange point’ is that it seems to be being manipulated by someone.

Daesok was crazy about satellites and he used to gather even small bits of related observations.

He often read those to have a better understanding of the satellite. 

In Geurin’s eyes, the numbers were only a simple sequence.

But to be fair, Daesok viewed Geurin’s paintings as a simple combination of lines and colors.

That’s why she tried to understand Daesok’s view of the satellite numbers. 

Daesok has always known Geurin’s mind and he has been trying to help her understand.

‘Found it.’

In their message history, a link to a web application sent by Daesok came out.

It was a software that analyzes vast observational data released by research institutes around the world through an algorithm devised by Daesok to find ‘strange things’.

She designated the entire area of Seokmo Island as the range and time when the communication was cut off.

The data analysis application began to calculate.

The results are…

A red dot appeared at a point in Seokmo Island. 

‘…That’s the place where Seokmo Island’s training center is located!’

There was no reason for her to say more.

Geurin ran out of her room after seeing the result.

Her destination was right next door where the great hero Song Manseok was staying.

At the same time, she also sent a message to her teacher, Painter Hong Kyungbok.

Geurin forgot to wear her AR glasses and just started running.

* * *

[Me] I received your message.

[Me] What’s going on there

I sent a message to Geurin, but I didn’t get a reply back.

‘There’s no reply.

Could she be asleep’

She wouldn’t call if it’s not an urgent matter.

However, the current situation was not good to make a phone call.

“…Is it safe here”

After we reunited with Red Tiger, Kim Shinrok, and Yong Jegun.

Jiho was furious at the devastating sight.

“It’s safe.”

The Red Tiger answered shamelessly.

It was far from being safe after the self-destruction of the Bear Clan people which was caused by the Bear of Agony.

I can’t tell whose blood it is.

 Clothes were cut here and there.

Burn marks on the skin such as the back of the hand and the face.

Everywhere I looked, it was far from being fine.

Recovery items couldn’t be enough because of the effect of ‘Predicted Hell’.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @ novelmultiverse.com]

“It’s only safe if you hold on tightly to your life.

I can’t believe the Bear of Agony used his torment skill to this extent.

Unlike the Shapeshifter, he didn’t leave in vain.

He did this so he could do damage to you.”

“It’s enough to recover with self-healing.

No problem.”

“What do you mean ‘no problem’ The two of you are…”

Was he referring to Jegun and Red Tiger

Yong Jegun seemed to have burnt his clothes, but his wounds were recovering very quickly perhaps due to the recovery item that he used.

“…Jo Euishin, why are you acting like this doesn’t matter I was talking about you.”

Last time too, I thought they were talking about Red Tiger but turns out they were referring to me.

I turned my head and continued to feign ignorance.

Fortunately, Red Tiger spoke first before Jiho could nag even further.

“The things that we have to protect are safe, that’s why I said earlier that I deemed it to be like so.”

He was referring to Shinrok.

Judging by the absence of soot in his clothes, he seemed to be relatively safe from the aftermath of the self-destruction of the Bear people.

It seems like Red Tiger and Yong Jegun were that severely wounded because they were protecting Shinrok.

“…I see.

Was it your order, Yellow Tiger nim”

Shinrok, who had no injuries and was standing like a ghost this whole time, poured out his thoughts.

“Why did you give such an order Because of me, Red Tiger and Yong Jegun are…”


Yong Jegun interrupted Shinrok’s words.

“I don’t know much about Yellow Tiger’s situation, but do you think I’d follow orders from Yellow Tiger Chairman Lee I only followed Chairman Lee’s order to do business for the school.”

Beeep! Beep!

Amid the tense atmosphere.

The device started to erratically ring an alarm.

The device, which started receiving satellite alerts, was belatedly transmitting an alarm for transition, immediately followed by a notice of completion of attack.

It informed us that the two attacks on the side of Sangju Mountain were over, and the attacks on Gijang Island were being targeted.

“Red Tiger and Yong Jegun, take the Cheonja and erase the traces of the Bear people.

Keep an eye on the Shapeshifter and wait here.

Kim Shinrok… you move with me.”

“We tried to reunite on time, but we can’t help it that we’re late.

I’ll see you later, Shinrok.

You too Euishin.”

We couldn’t delay and spend more time here, so we had to disband immediately. 

Until the end, Red Tiger and Shinrok didn’t make eye contact with each other.

* * *

After the communication was restored, the situation soon began to settle.

The other teachers and students continued defending themselves from the enemies that were left.

When support from the Player’s Association arrived, it was already after the enemies were almost completely eliminated from the island.

“Euishin, Jiho! I’m glad you’re both safe!”

“Hey, why are you carrying Saeum of April on your back! He’s not hurt anywhere is he”

We reunited with the other students who were already aboard the Cheonja.

Except for Ham Geunhyung and the two honorary teachers, all students and faculty members immediately went home.

I spoke as I laid Saeum down on the bed in the cabin designated for Class Zero.

“He’s just sleeping.

What about the other kids”

“Yuri is resting at the medical center.

She doesn’t have external injuries, but she has to rest because of the effect of her energy wave… And Daesok is…”

Lena trailed her words.

Daesok was injured because of the poison energy, so he wasn’t in a good condition. 

Poison energy by itself would not lead to death, but because his body won’t be able to take the antidote, we would rely on Yoo Sanghee’s light skill for his fast recovery.

‘In the end, I wasn’t able to control all the variables.’

No one died, but a lot were injured. 

The students suffered minor injuries from the transition between the two worlds.

Yuri ran out of energy as she broke her order with the Butterfly.

Song Daesok, Noh Youngmi, and the class two students who were injured from the poison energy.

All their names came to my mind one by one.

‘The difficulty was much higher than in the game because of the world brought by the Black Screen.

I guess that’s why Soohyuk struggled a lot and Jiho turned up late because of the deviation of the youth instructors…’

Even if I made such excuses, I felt heavy thinking of all the people who were injured. 

Is there a best method to protect this world

Is there no way to protect this world completely

Having such thoughts made my fingertips cold as if I were playing chess.

‘Well, it’s a relief that we’re all returning together…! Things really could’ve gone either way.”

“That’s right.

If the Vice President didn’t step up, we would’ve been in big trouble.”

“Thanks for showing up to our dorm, Hyodon.”

I heard Lena and Hyodon having a conversation beside the bed where Saeum was sleeping.

“Is that so”

Jiho sat beside me and spoke.

“I’m not thinking of anything.

But this time, the events here would never be your responsibility.

If you look at the cause of the failures in this mission, it would be me.

If I had been on time, the number of injured students could’ve been reduced to one.”

I can’t believe that the arrogant old man is taking responsibility. 

Now isn’t that unexpected.

As I thought so, Saeum of April suddenly opened his eyes.

“Oh Where am I” Uh, h-hey! Where’s Euishin!”

“I’m right here.”

The half-asleep Saeum asked and I answered right away before he panics.

Saeum had a difficult time soothing himself from crying as he noticed my injuries by looking at the blood stains on my clothes.

If Kwon Lena didn’t console him, he would’ve not been able to stop crying until we arrived at Eungwang High.

Hyodon talked to him occasionally too, but Hyodon seemed to be more lost in his thoughts than usual.

“So, everyone’s going back to the dorms first”

“Ah, they said my uncle came here.”

We received permission to return home after receiving a full check-up at the Hwangmyeong Foundation Hospital.

In our class, everyone was permitted to go home except for Yuri and Daesok.

“… I can’t visit the hospital for a while, right”

“Wouldn’t it be too crowded with the reporters I think we should visit after a few days instead.”

“Geurin hasn’t contacted me yet, while Hani said she wanted to head straight here.

I wish we could all visit together.”

I guess my kind-hearted classmates were already thinking of visiting the others in the hospital.

Even if it’s exhausting, I gotta make Jiho make it possible for us to visit the hospital as soon as possible.

“I’ll figure out some way.

Let’s all come together when we can visit.”


“That’s right.”

Just like that, I tried to go back to the dorms with Lena and Hyodon.

Before we reached the gate of the school, Jiho grabbed me.

“Jo Euishin, you should come to our house.”

Right now

It’s true that we had a lot of things to settle, but I was exhausted from staying up for two consecutive nights and using my light skill.

I tried to tell him that I’ll go tomorrow but…

“Shinsoo has something to show you.”

“Ok, I’ll come.”

My mind changed immediately.


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