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The day when members of the art circles invaded the freshman district in search of Min Green.

Song Dae-seok was grasping the situation through the general bulletin board of the Eungwang High community.

Contradictory emotions ran through his veins.


‘Its good for Green to go to school, but I also hope she doesnt.

People who suffer from malicious comments in the school community suffer from fans that continuously scare them.

Why do you keep going to school talking about Eungwang High with such a happy expression You cant even stop yourself!


Before going to school, Min Greens only topic of discussion was about painting.

A new art form made with a psychic ability, a reprint of Hong Kyung-boks art book, the remodeled National Museum of Contemporary Korean Art, a western painting painted by Min Green as a trial, etc.



‘Recently, all she talks about is Eungwang High, especially Year 1 Class 0.


Vice president Jo Eushin had said that he gave AR glasses as a gift.


There were children wearing AR glass markers without fail, even though they looked like cotton dolls, stones, and chickens.

There were also snacks bought or made by the students.


During the keyboard battle incident, the classmates as well as teacher Ham Geun Hyeong went to school early for Min Green.

A photo had been taken as a commemoration of cooking together at the class presidents house, and almond cookies were made with Song Dae-seoks share.


Min Green had worked hard to brag and praise Song Dae-seok, even though he knew that he would show subtle emotions when the topic of Year 1 Class 0 came up.


‘I know that Greens classmates are good kids just by looking at their faces.

Besides that, I even saw them in person.


At the time, he hadnt known it because he only had worries for Min Green in his head, but now Song Dae-seok had realized it.

Sure, they were from the same class, but he had been undeniably rude to them.


Even so, the classmates laughed and did not take the matter into account, nor did they hold Min Green accountable.


‘The Year 1 Class 0 students are so good that they dont have to be jealous of Green or I.

They also take care of Green…


There was a picture on the general bulletin board.

It was a figure standing in front of Min Green, a figure holding a rod that emitted black light, and was dealing with a large number of people.


‘I think its the vice-team leader Jo Eushin, who is reputed to looksuspicious whenever he uses his magic.


Song Dae-seoks thoughts were then interrupted by the sound of player shoes coming his way.




“Its not late today! Lets go and have dinner!” Min Green had a bright expression on her face as if nothing had happened in the morning.


Seeing her like that, Song Dae-seok replied impulsively, “Lets go to school together tomorrow.”


“Huh Really” When Song Dae-seok said that he would go to school, Min Green put on a surprised expression.


“There might be some strange people that might run into you like this morning.

If anything happens, I will buy you some time to run away.”


“I have a teacher and I have classmates, so you dont have to worry!”




Min Green shook her head with a smile.


“Really! Everythings good! Come with me!”


Happy to see Song Dae-seok coming to school together, Min Green continued to laugh until the moment they parted.

* * *

Min Green then greeted us with an awkward expression.

There was also Song Dae-seok, standing behind her and watching us.


However, the fact that he was behind Green, who was short of height, made him look like a big long-haired man.


“He was that guy back then.”


“What should I do, arent they really dating”


“Lena, your voice is too loud! …But I think they might be.”


“Uh-oh, Im sorry!”


While the children in the class felt agitated when they saw the sudden appearance of Song Dae-seok, the talented class leader Kim Yuri stepped forward and started to organize the situation.


“Green, Dae-seok! Are you going to school like today” Kim Yuri had a smirk on her face at the thought that attendance might rise.


‘I dont think thats the case, because Song Dae-seok is wearing plain clothes now.


However, I should also note that Min Green also wore her short-sleeved jumper over her summer clothes, albeit obscurely.


“Oh, Dae-seok is just…”


“There, Year 1 Class 0! I saw a man in a suit and thought Class 0 was being too meek! Is there a plainclothes-wearing schoolgirl”


In the distance, I saw Ma Jin-seung, a sophomore from the leadership team, running towards this side.


“Uh, I heard a scream when I ran up earlier.”


“It hurts.

Why is that old mans voice so loud”


It seemed as if Ma Jin-seung was in charge of the school gate where Min Green and Song Dae-seok had gone to school today.

The two unintentionally ignored Ma Jin-seung and began to run away.


‘You two did not neglect training.

Youre running away from Ma Jin-seungs pursuit!


Like my playable character, Song Dae-seok wasnt nearly as good as Min Green, but he had fairly fast legs.


“Shirt or pants, either way is fine, so you should wear at least one school uniform! Or, like everyone else, come with a name tag! Youre going to get demerits for this.

State your name!” Ma Jin-seung looked at Song Dae-seok as she said this, but Song Dae-seok accepted it bluntly.


“I have no reason to be penalized.”




“The school gate guidance is for students going to school.”


“Right! So, a penalty point…”


“Im not going to school today.”




Song Dae-seok spoke very confidently and harshly.

“I was just visiting the school for a while, not going to school.

Im not a high school student, so theres no reason for me to receive a penalty point.”


Ma Jin-seung was at a loss for words at this reply.

On the other hand, Song Dae-seok started pouring his words like a storm.

“Are you following me all the way here just for the uniform Dont worry about school uniforms, and focus on student safety.

Do you know what happened yesterday in front of the Year 1 building If something happened to Green, would the leadership team take responsibility for it If something had happened to Green, I would have written on the school bulletin board to abolish the school gate map, which did not help in the slightest to improve the welfare of students, and at that time, the Student Autonomous Organization would patrol the school.”


Song Dae-seoks words were an appropriate mix of forced yet correct words.

No matter how hard the leadership team worked, it was difficult to prevent the art club guys from sneaking up on them.


‘When it comes to Min Green, Song Dae-seok has become an eloquent speaker.

Its pretty great.


Ma Jin-seung, who genuinely was concerned for the students welfare, looked as if he had gotten hit.

At first, Ma Jin-seung had spoken up loudly, but now his voice was weak.


“Oh, but now that I think about it, isnt that all true”



Its pretty convincing.”


“This little logic king.”


“Wow… … The real Dae-seok and Green, so… what should we do!”


“Ha ha ha ha ha!”


Even though the seniors were fighting in front of them, my classmates looked peaceful.


Kim Yuri seemed to be thinking,Well, if I get a bit harsh here, Ill have to stop!


“I think the Year 1 student said the right thing.

He wasnt planning on going to school.

Lets go, Jin-seung-ah.”


At this time, another person with a neat impression appeared with the badge of the leader.


It was Cheon Dong-ha, a Eungwang High sophomore.

He was the champion of last years chess tournament, as well as a genius player who had a head fight with Yeom Jun-yeoul among the current sophomores.


“Ugh…Im so angry!”


“What is this If you keep saying those lines over and over, itd sound like Jun-yeoul flirting with his fans.”




“Shut up.”


Before Ma Jin-seung could spit out the line, “Thats it,” Cheon Dong-ha quickly struck his throat with his blade.


Ma Jin-seung had no choice but to shut his mouth.


“Then, the next time you go to school, come in your school uniform.”



After saying that, Cheon Dong glanced at me before he dragged Ma Jin-seung away.


Yeom Jun-yeoul had said that Cheon Dong-ha was going to ask me to play chess.

He would likely seek me out again soon.

“Ill come to get you after school.”


“Im going to attend class… Yes Are you coming to see me after”


“Just listen to the class.”


Song Dae-seok lightly stroked Min Greens head before he turned his back to disappear.

As he had said, it really seemed that he just stopped by the school to see Min Green off.


‘Anyway, Song Dae-seok came to school.

Also, even though the same thing happened yesterday, is he really still willing to leave Green to her classmates Looking at the behavior, it seems that weve almost passed his test.


Still, Song Dae-seok may need a chance to properly go to school.


After the disappearance of Song Dae-seok and the two seniors, the Year 1 Class 0 students who saw this scene began to speak in excited voices.


“Didnt we just look like something out of a movie”


“Yeah, thats right.”


“I thought so too!”


Like Class 0, there was only one member of the army, Song Dae-seok.

It seemed that Song Dae-seok was already recognized by the class as one of them, as seen in the wordwe.


“Even if I receive a penalty point, it wont really have a big impact on my body.

Shall we go to school in plain clothes”


“I want to go to school with teacher Ham Geun Hyeong in a group uniform!”


“We are dorm students, so we have to go out and come back in.

How are we going to do that”


“How about sleeping outside from the beginning”


Just like the last time, sophomore Class 0 was envious of going to school in plain clothes with Zhuge Jagul.

Listening to the conversations of the classmates, it seemed as if sooner or later, there would be another chance to catch the attention of the leadership team.


I had no choice but to say that my classmates as well as playable characters wanted to do it.


* * *


Late night after classes, side activities, and even study meetings.


The three siblings of Eunhos descendants sent me a message.


[Eun Seo-ho] I saw To-yeon noona after a long time today!


Did Ok To-yeon visit Hwang Myeong-hos mansion It seemed that the contract to ban access to the Eungwang High area had already ended.


‘The leader of the To tribe is To-yeons sister, seemed friendly.


The three descendants called Hwang Ji-hoHwang-ho sama.


It was a pleasant feeling to imagine Hwang Jiho, who was quietly pissed off even though he couldnt see him getting close to Ok To-yeon.


[Eun Jae-ho] (Photo)


The youngest, Eun Jae-ho, began to post several photos today without saying a word.

It was a photograph of souvenirs from a famous theme park in Yongin, where competitors disappeared due to the tragedy of Seokchon Lake, and climbed to the top of the amusement park in the metropolitan area.


‘I couldnt buy an amusement park, so I bought a souvenir instead.


It was a toy block with the motif of the amusement parks representative attractions.

Mascot dolls purchased by size and costume.

A snowball with a mascot character printed air freshener and powers.

The photos were full of large and small souvenirs.


[Eun Seo-ho] There are also limited-edition dolls that you have to visit in person to buy.

The local people went and bought it!

The three descendants seemed to be rejoicing, so I scrolled down the scroll with a happy heart, and it hardened as it was.


‘Who came up with this idea … ! Are you a genius Oh, its because Olma herself is a genius.


Olma in the picture was wearing a hat with fox ears.

She herself looked cute, but her brown ears felt a new cuteness.

Why did she look good in anything


[Eun Yiho] At first, Shinsu hated wearing this hat.

But I said I was going to show it to his brother, so he allowed it! what!


In short, our Olma put up with something that he didnt like, especially for me!


Turning off the device hologram, my heart was overflowing with emotion.


‘You have to work hard.

Cheoniksan is where Olma lived, so lets investigate thoroughly.

All for her!


Cheoniksan in the dark.


I climbed the mountain at this time to investigate the ghost story of Mt.


I moved to the side road that Woo Ki-hwan, the class leader of Year 3 Class 0, gave me, and I was able to get to the center of Mt.

Cheonik faster than usual.


“There was very little information about the Gui Gate in the player network.”


The Gui Gate, also known as the gate or passage that connected the underworld and the real world, was the direction in which ghosts came and went.

After the clash of different worlds, the other world was now overflowing with new research materials and events.


The ghosts appearing in ghost stories and old tales had hardly been studied.


‘At the very least, there are few research materials because the ghost is treated as one of the subjects of ghost stories.

It would be quicker to check it out yourself.


The place where I currently was in, was the observatory at Baegunbong Peak where one could see Mt.

Cheonik at a glance.

It was difficult to look around Cheoniksan with the human eye now because the sun had set, but I had an appropriate item for this.






When I used the item I had gotten at the previous Hwanmong auction, I could see lights coming from all over Cheoniksan through the lens.


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‘Is that the Gui First, lets check the location and observe it up close.


While comparing the location of the eardrum with the holographic map, I realized an important fact.

The places where the gates were located were the places I knew.


‘Its the main point of the Mt.

Cheonik leyline that the Don people tried to cut off!


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