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Alias ‘Saint of Naejang Mountain’, real name ‘Yeo Raehun”.

My playable character Yeo Raehun was a supporting character who participated in some battles, but he wasn’t someone who fights.

His role was to give buffs, heal, and reduce damage to other characters.

Yeo Raehoon was alias ‘Saint’, but he didn’t fight like one.


‘That’s how he became a monk.’


Before becoming a monk, Yeo Raehun was an ordinary student who dreamed of becoming a rapper.

He has always been a Buddhist since that was the religion in his home and so he naturally became a Buddhist monk, but he wasn’t a devout right from the start.

Yoo Raehun decided to become a monk when he realized that his abilities were stronger than the others’.

Considering how people born with strong abilities are treated by the society if they don’t engage in player-related jobs, he realized that it was absurd for him to even dream of being a rapper.

He doesn’t want to hunt other worlds and defeat enemies as a player, and he couldn’t withstand the frustration of his dream collapsing and so he turned to religion.


‘Players who are reluctant to fight battles almost always resort to religion.

I guess that’s what happened with Yeo Raehun too.’


Having become a Sami, he had to uphold the Bodhisattva’s Ten Commandments.

Among those ten precepts, there’s a commandment prohibiting from taking the life of the living, and so Yeo Raehun turned to that instead of living a life as a player.

But then, the Naejangsan National Park Incident occurred.

The entire Naejang Mountain was invaded by enemies as the professional team that targeted an otherworld around that area was completely wiped out.

During that incident, it was Yeo Raehun who saved monks, hikers, and devouts from the enemies. 

Yeo Raehun evacuated them to the Naejang Temple and he covered the whole temple with a boundary to prevent enemies from entering.

He protected the temple and the people inside it until back-up came for the professional player team.

Since then, Yeo Raehun has received an unusual alias from the Player SAT-K even though has had no history of hunting down enemies before.

The Saint of Naejang Mountain, Yeo Raehun’s light skill ‘Helping Hand’s Rest’ is a support-type, and although it cannot be used for too long, it has the ability to protect things.

I’ve used my Player Identity light skill in this world to use that ability of Yeo Raehun, and the object that I used it on is inside Kwon Lena’s violin case.


‘…I’ve used the light skill on Kwon Lena’s ribbon during the first day of admissions.

Don’t tell me he can sense that’


Yeo Raehun stared at Kwon Lena’s violin case and looked lost in thought.

He seemed to be trying to remember something, but no matter how hard he tried, he just can’t recall the faces of all the people he’s used his skill on so far.

Yeo Raehun didn’t speak a single word, but everyone around us were making a fuss.


“It’s the rapper Raehun…!”

“What the, does he know those kids”

“He looks more handsome in person!”

“Oppa, you’re so handsome!”


I admit that.

Yeo Raehun was more presentable in person.

Compared to the character seen in PMH’s in-game experience, Yeo Raehun’s appearance in this world was much better.

Is it because his hair grew a lot

As I was internally praising my playable character, Yeo Raehun finally said a word.




Yeo Raehun smiled and greeted in a friendly manner.

Kwon Lena looked nervous, but she remained relatively calm compared to when she first met Kwon Jein.


“O-oh, hello.”

“There’s something I want to ask you…”

“Huh Oh, please go ahead.”


Yeo Raehun was silent for a while.


“Do you believe in Buddhism”

“…Excuse me”


A muffled laughter emerged from the crowd at Yeo Raehun’s words.

It was an out of the blue question, but he’s always been like that even in the program Playlist.

In that show, he was the character that people can’t tell if he’s being serious or not, but his four-dimensional questions often got a laugh from the audience.

Before Yeo Raehun could say another word to Kwon Lena, someone called his name.


“Raehun-ie oppa!”


Dokgo Miro appeared from the crowd.

Dokgo Miro still had her colorful two-tone pink hair, but her hairstyle today was different from what we saw before.

She’s famous for having different hairstyles and accessories every time.

Her long hair was usually tied high in pigtails, but today she was wearing a hairpin and a hair tie with baseball-shaped accessories on her ponytail tied to one side.

Dokgo Miro and Yeo Raehun talked in a friendly manner making it obvious that they were friends even outside the program.

After a short conversation between the two, their attention turned to us.

When my classmates and I waved to Dokgo Miro, Yeo Raehun asked her something.


“Oh, are you guys friends of Dokgo Miro She said they’d be coming today.”

“Yes, we’re her classmates!”

“Really Why don’t you introduce everyone”


Dokgo Miro introduced everyone in our class with a bright voice.

She especially had a soft expression when she introduced Hani.


“She’s my elementary school friend, Hani.”


“I see.

So you’re Miro’s best friend.” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”


Yeo Raehun also showed interest in Hani, who seemed to be aware of other things about Dokgo Miro.

On the other hand, Hani’s expression was quite unreadable.

There still seemed to be a subtle emotional baggage between Dokgo Miro and Hani.


“Oh, right.

Reahun oppa, we’re supposed to practice one more time.

Let’s go.

See you guys later!”


Looking at a camera from afar, it seems like the shoot was about to start.

Next week is the last episode so the scene of them singing the National Anthem wouldn’t be long, but I guess they still want to film this anyway.

Yeo Raehun still seemed interested in Kwon Lena’s violin case, but he gave up and stepped back because they still had to rehearse.



See you next time.”

“Huh O-oh, yes goodbye.

Miro, see you later!”


Until the end, Yeo Raehun glanced at Kwon Lena’s violin case.

It didn’t sink in until much later for the other kids that we were just talking to the famous Yeo Raehun.


“I thought he was a rapper monk, but he didn’t look like a monk at all.

He just looked like a celebrity.”

“But why did he mention something about Buddhism to Lena”

“I was a little surprised at that… But his voice sounded really nice!”


Everyone was excitedly talking about Yeo Raehun, except for one person.

And that’s none other than Mok Wooram.


“…Lena, is there something inside that violin case”

“Huh Oh, just a violin and some other things…”


I thought Mok Wooram knew since he saw us on the rooftop that night.

He must’ve not seen the contents of the violin case since he was busy hanging from the wall of the dorm building.


“He’s a musically-inclined person, so I guess he’s interested in the violin.”

“Oh, I think it’s our turn soon.

Have you decided what churros you want to eat”


Kwon Lena swiftly shifted the subject.

Just in time, the line to the churros stand shortened a lot.

Mok Wooram made a rambling remark in response to the quick change in topic.


“…I wanted to buy one of each type.

Maybe Lena-ni – Lena and the others would like some.”

“Hmm, there’s going to be a lot of options since there’s a lot of toppings though.

Let’s just stick with one.”


Mok Wooram’s stubborn nature ended up winning and he bought four types of churros in the end.

We bought some more snacks and drinks before heading to our seats.

We were a total of six people.

The tables here are only for four people, so we ended up using two.


“We’ll have to share one table with others.

“Shall we decide our seats with a ladder game”

“No! I’m going to sit beside Geurin.

… I don’t want to sit beside strangers either.”

“Just sit anywhere, Daesok!”


Song Daesok wants to sit with Min Geurin, but also at the table with our other classmates.

He was like a middle-schooler complaining about seating arrangements, but I agree with him since perhaps it’s too early to have Min Geurin sit beside strangers.

As a result, Hani and I sat at a different table that two people were already sitting at.

But the two were surprisingly familiar faces.


“Oh Euishin.

It looks like you’re with your classmates.

Come on in.”

“Oh Hey.”


It was Jang Namwook and Do Sihoo.


‘It doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

Maybe Joo SOohyuk gave tickets to them too’


Jang Namwook, the certified Joo-Oh Dragons fan, was equipped with a baseball cap and a towel around his neck.

Even his clothes were Joo-Oh Dragon-themed.

Jang Namwook nagged at me for wearing the clothes I usually wear.


“It’s already the end of October so the weather is a bit cooler now, but you should’ve brought a hat since the sun is quite intense.

A baseball cap is better since we’re at a baseball stadium.

Even if you’re wearing sunscreen, you should protect your eyes from UV rays and…”

“Oh, I haven’t met those kids before.

Introduce us!”


As Hani looked more and more perplexed while reading Jang Namwook’s talkative lips, Do Sihoo took notice and decided to intervene.

Jang Namwook seemed extra talkative today as if he’s nervous about the game.

Information portal sites had divided opinions about today’s game. 


“Oh, Hyodon isn’t here.

He didn’t come”

“I guess he’s at training.”

“I see.

Hyodon is so diligent! Let’s go train after the game too, Sihoo.”

“Alright, alright.”


Jang Namwook must’ve been nervous enough to even notice Maeng Hyodon’s absence.

After introducing the two to my classmates, we talked about the past incident at Jamsil Stadium.


“Oh, come to think of it, Euishin went to the stadium last semester too.

An otherworld appeared during the Children’s Day match right”

“I know about that incident.

I researched about the investigation before coming here and found out about it.

There was an explanation saying that students of Eungwang High and the military academy were active.

Is there anyone here who was in that incident before”


Do Sihoo answered Mok Wooram’s question.


“Wonwoo hyung and Soohyuk aren’t here.

I bet they can’t make it.”


Do Sihoo’s face looked a bit disappointed.

Perhaps those two have the same reason why they can’t come


‘Do Wonwoo and Joo Soohyuk are both sons of chaebol families…’


As I tried to think about other things they had in common, I remembered the old man who couldn’t come here because he was busy today.


‘Don’t tell me those three are together right now’


I had no concrete basis, but the plausibility gave an ominous feeling.


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