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A trail connecting the freshmen and sophomore areas.

There are several paths that go to and fro the two areas, but the one where Geum Chansol and Wang Chansol were leading me to was dark, and it isn’t even indicated on the school map.


‘Where in the world are they taking me’


The GeumChanWangChan duo stopped in front of a closed guard post.

Before the school’s security system was fully automated, it’s said that these posts were set up as a base for security guards.


‘…That would’ve been a cover-up reason.

I’m sure it’s a spot for Hwangmyeong Foundation’s Tiger Clan members.’


The PMH game only vaguely mentioned the details of Eungwang High’s facilities.

I don’t know how these Class Zero senior jerks knew this place.

Geum Chansol and Wang Chansol looked back at me.


“You go in first.”

“Go in!”


They’re bringing a hoobae to a deserted place, knowing that it could be dangerous.

If I hadn’t seen the hint of playfulness in those two’s faces, I would’ve run away immediately.


‘Good things happened today, so should I play along with them I’m sure they won’t hurt me anyway since I helped them last time with the thing with Jegal.’


I decided to show a kind heart to the Class Zero senior jerks and play along with their joke.

The guardhouse building was old, but the handle of the door seemed to have been prepped.

I twisted the handle and opened the door.


‘…What is this!’


When I opened the door, I saw several Jegal Jegals.

I look to the left and there’s Jegal, I look to the right and there’s still Jegal!

A guard post the size of a full classroom was filled with Jegals.

These crazy seniors made this inside the school campus

My playable character Jegal seems to be excessively loved by his students.


‘It’s no surprise since he’s my playable character, but he looks good in all kinds of clothes.

But where did they get all these’


There were 2D printed standees of him, and 3D projections of him through holograms.

Each one was dressed in different outfits.

The frugal real Jegal wouldn’t have this many clothes, but they seem to have captured his essence well.


“What do you think It’s much better than the photo magazine made by the newspaper department isn’t it”

“Anything that we make is much better! Look!”

“It’s a three-dimensional photo book!”


So they wanted to one-up the magazine created by the newspaper department during Teacher’s Day.

Teacher’s Day is in May though, so why are they making this in October


“We’re planning to hold a special exhibition at the school festival to showcase Jegal ssaem’s coolness.

The title of the exhibit is Professor Jegal’s 3D Photo Book, and this is the prototype!”

“That’s right! There’s no better way to express Jegal ssaem’s greatness!”

“It’s going to be bigger and cooler and more beautiful at the festival.

We’re going to make the location and scale even more amazing!”


Isn’t the festival in December right after the final exams

They’re saying this is a prototype so I guess this isn’t the final version.

They started this long-term project to be revealed at the festival.

I was speechless for a long whale, and that’s when the duo spoke with a straight face.


“Ah, but we’re going to have to be strict with the guests who will visit the exhibit since it’s going to be a problem if Jegal ssaem gains more fans.”

“Yeah, he has so many fans already.”

“And that first student or whatnot whines about being busy but he keeps contacting him!”


They’re worried about Jegal having more fans

Wasn’t this exhibit meant to showcase how cool Jegal is

I could never guess what this GeumChanWangChan duo wants.


‘I guess Hong Gyubin is still very busy.’


We haven’t really assigned extra work to him recently, but he seems to be busy with a lot of things, including the case involving Namgung Group.

But he still has time to contact Jegal every day.

I should keep this in mind.


‘Why did these two bring me here though’


The question was immediately answered by the seniors.


“Alright, now that we’ve shown you something good, you have to pay for it!”

“Yeah, you’re the only one outside our class who’s seen this.”

“Do us one favor.”


So they called me all the way over here to rip me off.

I felt like I was scammed, but I was still willing to pay since I actually enjoyed the photobook of my playable character.


“Okay, please tell me what you want.”

“Kyaa, as expected, our Class Zero hoobae understands us!”

“As expected of the suspicious vice president!”


Geum Chansol and Wang Chansol seemed confident that I wouldn’t refuse.

They’re so shameless, but I have to admit that I found their little project quite amusing.


“We made a fuss to get live audience tickets for Playlist’s final round, but we couldn’t get one.”

“Tsk, we couldn’t even use our connections since it’s a program sponsored by a competitor!”

“We heard that your class was invited by Dokgo Miro to attend the final round.”


How did they know that

They couldn’t obtain the tickets on their own, but they managed to juice out the information that our class will attend.


“We heard that Miro will invite her classmates and homeroom teachers.”

“But your class attendance is in ruins, isn’t it Won’t there be some slots remaining”


It wasn’t pleasant to hear, but it’s true that our class attendance isn’t the best.


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Our class has a total of 16 students.

There are still 6 kids who don’t attend school.

Among those six, five are still refusing to attend, except for Dokgo Miro, who is scheduled to attend school after the final filming for Playlist.

In other words, if Dokgo Miro prepared tickets in consideration of our class, there would be around five seats left empty.


‘Kim Yuri prepares snacks even for the kids who don’t go to school.

Maybe she prepared tickets for them too.”


Our kind and capable class president is always well-prepared.

She’s always considerate and makes it as easy as possible for everyone to fit in.

I’m sure she’s consistent with it this time too.


‘But maybe those other kids would… No, it’s unlikely.’


There won’t be much difference if those seats are empty, so I guess it’s okay to give them to the Class Zero seniors.

I decided to put up some defenses before offering them the extra seats.


“Yes, there will probably be five seats left.

However, the kids who aren’t yet attending might suddenly come–”

“If they do, then we’ll return the seats to them!”

“Please let us have those five seats!”


The duo is practically begging now.

They made me sit down and offered me a massage, but I politely refused.

Instead, I gave them the answer they want to hear.


“Okay, I’ll ask about it.”

“Alright! Let’s go, live audience ticket!”

“Aja! Miro, we’re coming!”

“One seat will be for Jegal ssaem, and the others will fight for the remaining ones!”

“We need to use a ranking system for this.

Our hoobaes might suddenly come to school!”


Sooner or later, a bloodbath within the Year Two Class Zero would occur.

The two are busy cheering now though.


“Alright, let’s wrap this up!”

“Wait a minute, hoobae-nim! We’ll accompany you on the way and bring you some snacks!”

“That’s right! We prepared a set of autumn special Mont Blanc and sweet pumpkin pistachio dacquoise from the air hotel for our Class Zero juniors!”


The air hotel associated with those two would be the Icarus.

Icarus’ limited autumn sets are popular, so I’m sure my classmates would be happy.

I waited calmly as the seniors turned off the holograms and put covers on the standees.

When Wang Shansol went out to get an additional blackout cover…


“Ah, suspicious vice president, about Miro…”


Geum Chansol whispered to me about something.




That’s when a siren sounded sharply inside the guard post.


“Ahk, an outsider is approaching!”

“Quick, hide everything!”


Geum Chansol and Wang Chansol scurried around.

Those seniors even prepared an alarm system for when outsiders approach this place.

Shortly after the two turned off all the holograms and covered all the standees, we heard a loud voice outside.


“We received a tip that Year Two Class Zero’s class president and vice president kidnapped Year One Class Zero’s vice president! Surrender right now!”

“I thought it was supposed to be a raid.

Why are you screaming at them”

“…Oh, right.”


The loud voice seems to belong to Ma Jinseung.

The voice of quiet criticism seems to be Cheon Dongha.

Senior members of the Student Council coming all the way here tells me they were worried about their junior.


“We got caught by the student council.

Do we need to change our headquarters”

“This is fine.

I wanted to try something different for the next prototype anyway.

There’s another basement that we know of.

Should we move there”

“Oh, but isn’t that place inaccessible now”


It appears that the duo knows about other secret places on the school campus.

They mentioned a lot of places that weren’t on the school’s map.


‘The school is so big that there are areas not indicated on the map.’


Soon, Cheon Dongha and Ma Jinseung entered the guard post.

Ma Jinseung immediately ran to Geum Chansol and Wang Chansol.


“You! What were you doing to this hoobae!”

“Ah, you’re too loud!”

“What’s so wrong with talking with a hoobae”


Ma Jinseung quarreled with the duo.

It was a 2-against-1 situation, and the duo was winning.

While Ma Jinseung was being cornered, Cheon Dongha approached and talked to me.


“Are you okay, Euishin”


They were just talking to me.”

“In a place like this”

“They said they wanted to talk here.”

“…I see.”


Even though the situation seems too ridiculous, Cheon Dongha was convinced.

I felt like I’m witnessing a foreshadowing of what was going to happen when next school year.


“I’ll walk you to the freshmen area.”

“I’m okay.”

“No, you might get disturbed again.”


Cheon Dongha seems worried that his junior might get into trouble again.

We left the three others and headed outside.


“Have you thought about joining the student council next year”


When we were almost at the freshmen area, Cheon Dongha suddenly opened a suggestion.

I was somewhat expecting it from the message he sent me after the third quarter students’ representatives meeting, but I can’t believe he’s really asking me.

After much consideration, I decided to refuse the offer.


“I think the student council’s activities are difficult.”

“I see…”


Cheon Dongha looked quite disappointed, but he didn’t try to push it.

Compared to GeumChanWangChan’s method of dragging someone to a remote place to ask a favor, Cheon Dongha was very gentlemanly.


“What about our research lab We’re recruiting interns.”

“You mean the Hwangmyeong Research Institute”



Cheon Dongha is currently a student researcher at the Hwangmyeong Research Institute.

It’s not really odd for a student researcher to recommend a junior to join as an intern, but something felt off.

It’s not like Cheon Dongha to do such a thing.

I decided to ask him.


“Is there a reason why you’re offering it to me”

“I told you last time.

My dongsaeng is your fan.

I want my dongsaeng to see the one he idolizes.”



Cheon Dongha spoke with a depressed expression.


“I don’t think my dongsaeng thinks of me as a hyung.”


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