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There have been a total of four times when my level of understanding of this dimension has increased so far.

The first was when I just arrived in this world and had a conversation with the transcendent universe.

The second was during the 12-point alliance talks.

Third, around teacher’s day, when I heard from Geum Chansol and Wang Chansol about the principle of otherworld domination by energy wave link.

And fourth, when I learned that the Son of God and Blue Tiger became humans and are living under the names Gong Cheonghwon and Hani.

In all those four cases, only the level of my exclusive menu increased.


‘Now, the Replay function also increased.

Is it because I figured out a clue related to Replay’


Every time the level of the exclusive menu rises, a new function is usually made available.

Maybe there’s something new with the Replay function

I decided to check it immediately.



Be able to view the future and records engraved in the game dimension as reproduced into dreams.

(Stage 2)


Aside from the increase in stage, the explanation remained the same.

I opened the list of names and that’s where I found something different.


‘There are characters with numbers attached to their names.

I think it’s for playable characters or NPCs who I used the function on’


Among the list of characters arranged in alternating hues just like a chessboard, there were characters marked with numbers.

The numbers were mostly three digits.

But there’s something that stood out.


‘Jegal has one digit, but most of the other playable characters like Yong Jegun have three digits.

What’s the difference’


When I thought deeper about the word ‘Replay’ and those two characters, an answer came to mind.


‘Don’t tell me… It’s the number of times I replayed an event involving them!’


For Jegal, there was practically nothing I could do to save him and so I didn’t replay and retry the scenario too hard.

The event took place in the underground library of the Central Library.

Students in the editorial branch of the newspaper department couldn’t overcome the temptation of Choi Pyeondeuk’s followers, and they committed bad things during the midterm exams.

They planted a ‘stain of conscience’ during that time.

Choi Pyeondeuk’s followers held the newspaper department students as hostages and threatened them to bear a curse.

That’s when Jegal intervened.


‘There was nothing I could do.’


The only option given to the PMH users at that time was to help Jegal move.

We’re not given any choice except make Jegal move forward to receive a curse on behalf of his student.

There’s no response even if I try to move him in a different direction, and neither his skills nor light skill can be used.

Most of Jegal’s fans said they couldn’t stand to see the teacher die, and most of them abandoned the game after that.

They didn’t want to watch the scene with false hope, only to witness Jegal being cursed.

Shortly after that though, a message window appears asking users if they want to replay.


‘I tried to think of other methods, but no other commands worked even if I tried several times, so I decided it was a forced event.

That’s why I only replayed it a few times…’


On the other hand, Yong Jegun’s event had room for other choices.

At the time of the collapse of PMH’s concrete layer, Yong Jegun was able to move somewhat freely except for the restriction on him related to the ‘teacher’s contract’.

After dozens of attempts, I managed to make it possible for him to go out, but then he refused to escape, saying “I don’t want to go outside now”


‘So I thought I had to find something inside instead of helping him escape.

Unlike Jegal’s case, I can actually move Yong Jegun and there were few restrictions.

I could use his skills and light skill, and so I tried and tried again all year long, believing I could save him.’


The number of times I replayed their events was different, but in the end, neither one of them was saved.

As I blindly stared at the numbers written beside Jegal and Yong Jegun’s names, a teacup containing red tea suddenly appeared in front of me.

Hwang Jiho handed newly heated tea to Kim Shinrok and me.


“You look pale, Jo Euishin.

Is it the side-effect of Replay You looked fine until Kim Shinrok woke up and finished speaking though.”


With Hwang Jiho’s words, the tigers’ attention turned from Kim Shinrok to me.


“What’s going on Tell me”


I haven’t figured out everything about the function yet, but all I know is that the stage has risen from one to two.

There’s still the notice saying I can’t choose specific characters at that stage yet.

That means I need to level it up more if I want to choose those characters.


“Replay’s stage gone up.

I’m sure there are more people I can use it on now.”

“…I see.”


I don’t know yet if I can use it on Hwang Jiho now, but I’m sure it can be used on someone else.

I was about to suggest that we try it right away, but Hwang Jiho threatened me.


“Don’t even think about using it right away.

Use is prohibited for at least a few days.

Mental harm is not immediately recognizable.”


I think only the target I use it on is affected though.

Still, it doesn’t matter if it’s on a bastard like Son Minki, but I need to ask the person I want to use it on for consent first.

If possible, I want to keep receiving help from the tigers just as how we’re doing with Kim Shinrok.

I didn’t really like being told what to do, but I decided to just nod at Hwang Jiho’s words.


“You don’t want to, but you’re going to obey.



Woof woof!


I didn’t like the way this old man talked to me at all.

It’s as if he can see right through me.

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I felt better after the kind Olmu comforted me though.

After that, we continued having tea time for a while.

I patted Olmu and relaxed my mind, while Red Tiger nagged Kim Shinrok and Hwang Jiho continued to help him by adding some words here and there.

When there was little tea and snacks left, Hwang Jiho spoke again.


“Then I’ll tell you about a clue I got about the long tail.”


Hwang Jiho launched two holograms in front of us.

It was information collected from the Cow Clan and the Snake Clan.


‘…They’re both strange.’


The Cow Clan contacted high-ranking officials from the Players’ Association Korea.

On the other hand, the Snake Clan was attempting to contact the TC Group and the Namgung Group.

The report stated that these kinds of actions from the two clans were “unprecedented in the last twenty years”


‘But this alone isn’t decisive information on who’s the traitor.’


“Both clans are doing things they have never done before, so it’s kind of annoying.

We can’t conclude anything yet, but I decided it was best for everyone to know.”


According to what I remember for future scenarios, the case in which the Black Screen would intervene with the four major groups and the association would come up.

I think we need to keep a close eye on both clans.

* * *

In my dormitory room.

I stayed until quite late in the mansion as I had dinner there, but I returned to my dorm room.

I was going to go right after eating, but something stopped me.

Eun Jaeho seemed lonely as his older siblings are busy preparing for the exams, so I stayed for a while to play.


— Is there a reason why you have to return to your dorm when it’s already late


After the descendants went to their room, Hwang Jiho asked me.

My heart wavered as the cute Olmu began to whimper beside me.

But I needed to go back.


‘I need to think on my own.’


During my days as a chess player, I was always mentally sensitive when I thought of my games and I showed a bad attitude toward my family.

And, well, when you get used to having someone beside you, it becomes harder to be alone.

That’s why I wanted to reduce my stay in the tigers’ mansion as much as possible.


— I’m leaving.


Get back safe for now.


He put some stress on the words “for now”, but anyway I returned to the dorms without any problem.


‘Oh, come to think of it, maybe Kim Shinrok had something to say to me.’


I didn’t hear what he wanted to say because Red Tiger kept interfering.

It must’ve been about asking me to use the function on him again.




Before I went to bed, I saw a message on my device.


[Do Sihoo] Whatchu up to Hehe 


I wonder what this guy wants at this time of the night.

Jang Namwook was nagging with his usual long messages today, so I don’t think there’s any problem with Namwook.


‘It doesn’t seem urgent.’


Before responding to Do Sihoo’s message, I decided to check the other ones first.

There were a lot of unread messages.


‘They’re mostly from the people at the meeting earlier.’


Although he didn’t officially assume his position yet, I could already see Yeom Junyeol’s ambition to do well as the student representative.

Sung Siwan messaged me, asking me to take care of Gye Idam in the future.

Indirect recommendations from Oh Hyeji and Cheon Dongha.

When I answered all the messages from the seniors, a new message notification arrived.


[Lee Lena] Euishin-ah, can you talk right now


I answered right away.


[Me] Yeah.

[Lee Lena] Well, you see… I want to talk to Saeum tomorrow.

Can you be there

[Lee Lena] I also asked Kwon Jein sunbaenim, but Saeum might be uncomfortable with that so…


It seems like Kwon Lena wants to talk with Saeum tomorrow about the auction.

Of course, I need to help my playable character.

I’m going to help her, even if I have to skip class.


[Me] What time and where

[Lee Lena] I’m planning to skip class and go to school later in the afternoon.


Kwon Lena sounded calm, but I know how much courage it takes for her to do this.

I double-checked her message several times and closed the window.


‘But the name [Lee Lena]… I wonder when I can change it to Kwon Lena.’


I hope the day will come when the name registered in my device’s contacts will be changed to ‘Kwon Lena’.

Regarding this, it’s a pity that Kwon Jein and Kwon Lena’s family history is too deeply intertwined, so the help I can give is only limited.

Instead, I decided to focus on the things that I could do.


‘…Should I try to simulate what’s going to happen tomorrow’


I don’t intend to force a reconciliation between Saeum and Lena.

However, I should at least help the two so that there won’t be any misunderstanding.

While pondering what to say and do, another message arrived.

It was from one of my playable characters.


[Sung Gukeon] Hoobae.


It was a private message.

Sung Gukeon used to talk to me and Sung Siwan from time to time despite his busy schedule, but he always used our group message room.


‘There must be a reason why he sent a personal message… Don’t tell me he found it!’


The last time he messaged me privately was…

About the ‘Imoogi’s Exorcism’


[Sung Gukeon] I know where ‘Imoogi’s Exorcism’ is.


It was just as I expected.

Imoogi’s Exorcism.

A piece sold by Hong Gyungbok’s disciples and brokers.

The location of the painting seemed to have finally come to light.


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