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The third quarter student representatives meeting proceeded slower than usual.

Basically, the meeting is preceded by reports of each individual organizations’ and class’ activities, and since this is actually the last meeting for the Year Three students, they seem to have prepared meticulous reports for a smooth transition.

It took an especially long time to report on the manpower, budget, and execution process newly used in the second semester.


“Next, we’re going to announce the results of the survey we did through everyone’s devices.”


The student association surveyed teachers, students, and even visitors in the last exchange exhibition with the intention to use that feedback to improve future events.

It must’ve been hectic since it was the first exchange exhibition in history, but as expected, my playable characters in the association have great organizational skills.

Yoo Sanghee, who was in charge of the association’s report, explained the graph of the survey results very smoothly and presented the recommendations.


“As a recommendation, we received the most requests to conduct more events.

The request was to cover basic sports including track and field, swimming, gymnastics, and…”


The previous exchange exhibition already had a lot of sports games and the schedule was barely fit in, but they want more in the next one

I can clearly see the hard work of my playable characters in the students’ association.

All of a sudden, Yoo Sanghee lowered her eyes a little and glanced toward me.


“We are positively considering the idea to include mind sports such as chess, go, and even e-sports in the next sports exchange exhibition.

This will be discussed further later on with the Military Academy High School.”


When the word chess was mentioned, other people aside from Yoo Sanghee also had their eyes on me.

Geum Chansol and Wang Chansol looked at me with a very dissatisfied gaze as if they’re still bitter about Yeon Garam losing to me.

Most of the students seemed to think I should compete because I won this year’s chess competition.


‘Cheon Dongha will compete too, I guess’


It’s an exchange match with another school, so we’ll be a team for sure.

It would be fun to team up with Cheon Dongha and plan a team strategy.

The idea didn’t last long though.

The things mentioned other than chess bothered me a little.


‘If it’s E-sports… then that’s going to be a video game or something.

A game that’s popular among high school students.’


Although there are still famous international e-sports competitions, in the PMH game, there’s going to be an online game released next year which will turn the world’s game market upside down.

It was a game that became sensational even in Eungwang High, so that game is likely to be considered in the sports exchange exhibition.


‘…PMH was a Nation’s Failed Game, but they produced a God Game inside.’


That video game had all the elements of being a God Game.

I remember thinking why the game developers of PMH made decisions that led to it being the Nation’s Failed Game when they knew all the elements that would make a game good.


“The Korea-China-Japan exchange events will be held after next year at the strong recommendation of China.

Although Japan continues to demand that the schedule be moved forward, Eungwang High believes that it’s impossible to hold one within this year…”


Yoo Sanghee didn’t dive into the details, but the newspaper department which recently went to China knew the reason why.

The newspaper department witnessed the incident at the Chinese player training center.

The public security, which found out that the cause of the explosion, quickly closed the training center and conducted a thorough investigation.

The progress of which is still currently unknown.

Holding an exchange exhibition between the three countries is impossible in this situation.


‘I can guess why Japan wants to move forward with the schedule though.’


It’s probably because of the new most promising player in Japan.

Her performance at an exclusive all girls’ school this year was sometimes featured in news articles in Korea.


‘They would want to reveal this genius as early as they could.

While she’s still even one year younger.’


Anyone could guess so since her spokesperson always emphasizes her age in all the interviews.

The younger a person is when they achieve great results, the bigger the attention on them would be.

I know it from experience.

My age has always been in the headlines for my chess games.


‘Even so, it would be impossible to be this world’s best genius when they live in the same era as Joo Soohyuk and Ahn Dain.’


I felt very proud to think that the title hero and heroine Joo SOohyuk and Ahn Dain have been performing more splendidly after they received their aliases.

Seeing their achievements made me proud.


“The next agenda is the preparations for this year’s school festival.”


In the meantime, the topic that everyone anticipated the most finally came up.


“For the festival, there’s going to be no changes in the schedule.

It will be held the week after the final exam.

Please note that the student representative meeting in the fourth quarter will be held after the festival.”


Kim Yuri looked excited at the mention of the festival.

I couldn’t stay excited knowing what would happen after the festival, but seeing the other kids’ excitement raised my expectations for the festival.


“…And lastly, let me introduce the next student representative.”


Before the meeting was wrapped up, Do Wonwoo began to introduce the next student leaders elected in the last election.

Next student representative, Yeom Junyeol.

Next student council president, Cheon Dongha.

Next Jiikhoe Chairman, Gye Idam.

Next general club president, Heo Chaea.

Except for Gye Idam, all of them were my playable characters.

After introducing them one after another, Do Wonwoo bowed to everyone.

Next time, it will be Yeom Junyeol standing on that podium, so this is the last time that Do Wonwoo would lead a student representatives meeting.


“I hope the upcoming student leaders lead the school well.

This concludes the third quarter student representatives meeting.

Thank you.” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”


Do Wonwoo neatly finished his final remarks and had a faint smile on his mouth, which seemed to be bittersweet.

Standing upright and looking at everyone in the conference hall made him look like a perfect representative for Korea’s most prestigious school.

He suits the position of Eungwang High’s student representative well, but I felt something odd.


‘…He’s not unbearable today either.’


Maybe something’s wrong

I had my suspicions, but I couldn’t pinpoint just why he doesn’t seem ugly lately, so I decided to observe further first.

Everyone usually leaves quietly after the meetings, but today, everyone applauded.

It’s still mid-October and so there are still a lot of days left before the third graders graduate, but it would be difficult to see their faces now since they’d be busy preparing for their exams and their careers.

At that thought, I also felt a bit emotional when I saw the faces of the third graders in the conference room.

Although the Year Three Class Zero seniors weren’t present.




I was walking back to the dorms when the meeting ended when a message arrived.


[Hwang Jiho] Is the student representatives meeting over


The timing is too impeccable.

Although this old man sent me a question, it sounds like he actually already knows the answer.

Why does he care anyway

I roughly replied and continued walking back to the dorms when another message came.

It was a message difficult to ignore.


[Hwang Jiho] We’re about to go through with our second attempt.


The phrase ‘second attempt’ brought me back to the rooftop where Kwon Lena and I talked.

Why did this bastard use that phrase out of all things

I know he’s talking about the Replay function which we haven’t used again in a while, but it’s still unpleasant.

But the message that came next was even harder to ignore 


[Hwang Jiho] We have something to discuss about the long tail, so don’t ignore my messages.

* * *

She couldn’t concentrate on my work or my performance all day.

She was shocked by the news of her nephew’s failure, but she trusts that she will review well for her retest exam.

Still, that didn’t ease Kwon Jein’s heart.

Meanwhile, at a late hour, Jo Euishin suddenly contacted her and asked her to meet with Kwon Lena.

Jo Euishin didn’t explain anything, but Kwon Jein ran to Eungwang High without any questions.

She felt overwhelmed at the sight of her nephew.


–… Did something happen to Lena


Jared Lee freaked out as he put Kwon Lena in the air limo, and she immediately fell asleep when she closed her eyes.

Kwon Lena’s physical and mental health seemed to be depleted.


— I don’t think it should come from me.


Jo Euishin said nothing about what happened to them that night.

She had all kinds of thoughts in her head, but she couldn’t continue pressing on Jo Euishin so they just headed to the team building.

The next day, Kwon Lena woke up to confess a certain fact to Kwon Jein.


“…Do you know about the Hwanmong Gate auctions”


She couldn’t have guessed what was bothering her nephew.

If she had known earlier, Kwon Jein would’ve been the one to destroy that auction.

When Kwon Jein nodded, Kwon Lena began to confess things one by one.


“Honestly, I… Uhm… I’ve been to the auction as a participant.

I should have told you before I became your student.

I’m sorry for hiding it.”


Kwon Lena repeatedly apologized, which made Kwon Jein reveal something herself.


“…I knew.”


“Before we invited you to the team building, I ordered an investigation on all the kids in the freshmen Class Zero.”


It is true that she ordered an investigation.

To be more precise, there was a time when the Prankster was asked to accompany Jared Lee to the association and that’s where they conducted a background check on Kwon Lena and Jo Euishin.

They were suspicious of Jo Euishin, who moved with the Tiger Clan during the Seokcheon Lake attack.

Also, Kwon Jein was worried when she discovered that Kwon Lena’s adoptive parents had something to do with the auction.

Kwon Jein wasn’t lying, but she cowardly didn’t reveal the full truth.


“…So do you know about Saeum too”


Kwon Jein nodded, reaching for Kwon Lena’s hand.

Kwon Jein squeezed Kwon Lena’s trembling hands tightly.



I couldn’t tell you even if I knew that you were blaming yourself for that kid.

I’m sorry.”

“No! It’s purely my fault.

Kwon Jein sunbaenim, please don’t apologize.”


Kwon Lena was speechless for a while.

Looking at her silent nephew, Kwon Jein was lost in thought too.


‘…But why was Euishin with Lena It’s odd.

If she wanted advice, wouldn’t she have asked it from Yuri, her close friend Or Hani who’s on the same dormitory floor’


For a moment, Kwon Jein remembered that Jo Euishin told her that the truth shouldn’t come from him.

And she remembered the incident on the first day of admissions.


‘Don’t tell me… A second attempt…’


Kwon Jein felt her eyesight darken.

They sat there silently, holding each other’s hands.

It was Kwon Lena who broke the silence.


“I want to tell Saeum and apologize, but it’s too difficult to say… What should I do”


Kwon Jein admired Kwon Lena’s strong heart.

She felt pathetic that she couldn’t even think of revealing to her that they are family.


‘…It’s not Kwon Lena’s fault in the first place.’


Kwon Jein didn’t know what she should say to her nephew.

That’s when…




Kwon Lena, who had been absent-minded for a while, suggested something carefully, as if she has stumbled on a great realization.


“Would it be okay if I should do that…”


Kwon Jein nodded without hesitation.

The idea itself was wonderful, but what she liked the most was that she could offer some help in the process.


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