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After our first practice, our class shared a bountiful lunch and even watched performances from the team members of the Lake of Eternity team.

The tense atmosphere during the practice completely dissipated.

Except for Kwon Lena, who was still quite nervous.


“Hey, Lena…”


Just before everyone parted ways, Saeum of April talked to Kwon Lena.


“Lena, do you know the Red—No, have you gotten help from that person before”


There was no hint of malice or suspicion from Saeum of April’s question.

He decided to ask Kwon Lena about her reaction when the Hongryong appeared to protect them.

After seeing Kwon Lena try to hide from Yong Jegun the fact that Hongryong appeared, Saeum of April was almost certain.

Kwon Lena looked distressed


‘…Should I say that I was there that day too’


She saw Saeum of April imprisoned in a golden cage at the Hwanmong Auction.

She saw someone saving the crying Saeum of April.

She was there that day, but it was hard for her to admit that she just watched everything without being able to do anything.

Kwon Lena only nodded.


“I see! Where did you meet him, Lena”


Saeum of April doesn’t seem to think that Kwon Lena was a participant in the Hwanmong Auction.


“Y-you see…”


In the end, Kwon Lena couldn’t say anything.

As the silence prolonged, Saeum of April apologized.


“Ah! Perhaps it is difficult for you to say I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer.

I actually received help from him during a difficult situation too.”


Saeum of April seemed excited to share his story about the Red Wall Thief.

Kwon Lena smiled vaguely and tried to hide her sinking heart.


“Hi, Saeum.

Can I talk to Lena for a second”


Kwon Jein popped up at the right time and saved her from the uncomfortable conversation.

She interrupted without any warning, but Saeum of April stepped back without any displeasure, perhaps because he knows that Kwon Jein usually acts like this.


“Ah, of course! See you later then, Lena.”


Saeum of April walked to the other dorm students.

The dorm students were waiting for an air taxi, except for Jo Euishin, who rode a limousine with Hwang Jiho.

Kwon Lena felt heavy at the thought of having to face Saeum of April again once she goes back to the dormitory.



You looked uncomfortable so I decided to step in.

Are you okay”

“Huh Ah, thank you…”


Kwon Jein didn’t say anything after that, but she probably knows the situation.

After the misdeeds of Kwon Lena’s adoptive parents were publicly revealed, the Lake of Eternity Intelligence Team reexamined Kwon Lena’s history from beginning to end.

Among the things they investigated was the Hwanmong Auction, and the details of her classmates in Eungwang High.

Kwon Jein knew where and how Kwon Lena and Saeum of April first met.

Kwon Jein looked at Kwon Lena with her blue eyes.


“Did you bring your violin”


“Then let’s go to our team building right away.”


“Tomorrow is your lesson day.

You got hurt today so you need to be examined by the team doctor, and then you should go get some rest.”


Kwon Lena seemed perplexed by the sudden suggestion.


“Uhm, I wasn’t really hurt that badly… So…”

“…Do you not like going to our team building”

“No! I feel like I owe you too much every time end…”

“You’re always welcome to receive our help.”


Kwon Lena looked between Kwon Jein and Saeum of April, who was already far away.

 After much consideration, Kwon Lena nodded.

She’s not confident to talk with Saeum of April yet.

* * *

One of my main missions for this first practice was to compare the developments in this world with the events inside the game to see how the current situation has changed.


‘The big difference is that the Lake of Eternity team showed up, and the truth about the frozen points hasn’t been revealed.

And Sidelentium appearing in the otherworld.’


Other than those, everything went as it did inside the game.

Joo Soohyuk and Ahn Dain gained popularity because of their activities during the vacation, and they were once again the talk of the town as they became the biggest contributors in their first practice.

Although, my name was mentioned first before the two’s because our class completed the otherworld first.

Still, the spotlight will be on the two rather than me, who has never been revealed to the public recently.

There were already articles featuring the two, but my alias was only mentioned in one line.


“Have you seen the articles”


Inside the air limousine.

Hwang Jiho immediately talked to me after I finished reading the articles.

Hwang Jiho was messaging someone while we were traveling, so I read some articles while he did.

Turns out, he had been staring at me the whole time after he finished texting someone.




Hwang Jho grabbed my hand.

It was my left arm that had the bloodied sleeve.

I thought his arm felt weak, but when I saw him deliberately lightly holding my wrist, I realized it.

Hwang Jiho’s eyes examined the area where I was injured.


“Looking at the state of the skin tissue, I think you almost got your arm cut off.”


Yong Jegun wasn’t with the other kids yet when I entered the boss room, so I had to maintain Hongryong’s presence for quite a while.

I immediately rushed my weapon to the boss enemy, but I failed to knock him out with a single shot.

After that, I had my left arm injured as I defended myself from the boss enemy’s blow.

After invoking my skill, I found the opportunity to attack the enemy’s vital point, and I was able to knock him down with the next blow.

It hurt when my left hand almost got cut off, but it was no match with the pain that I continuously endured as a cancer patient. 


‘So this guy can tell.’


Inside the game, as long as a character’s HP gauge isn’t empty, they can keep going.

They can use recovery items and still maintain their full power even though they are injured.

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“You used a regenerative skill during the Kimopolea incident.

Why did you use a recovery item this time”


That’s because of the limitations on my light skill.

Cheon Dongha’s Eye Embracing the Heaven and Earth.

Yeom Junyeol’s Summoning the Hongryong.

In addition to those two, I have to perform a ritual again tonight.

I also saved up some in case there’s a sudden emergency.

Kwang Gyungu’s 100-Second Grace takes too much time, so I opted to use recovery items.


“You know that you shouldn’t use recovery items recklessly.”

“I know.”

“You know the risk but you still chose to do it”

“I might have to use my light skill for a different situation.

I’m only using it as needed.”


Hwang Jiho’s face stiffened noticeably.

Just in time, the air limousine arrived in front of the Hwangmyeong Mansion and the conversation was cut off.


“We’re going to the annex.

I called in Hyangrok.”



So it was the head of the Deer Clan he had been texting!

* * *

Inside the Hwangmyeong Mansion, at the hanok-type annex.

We haven’t gone in yet, but I can already taste hell.

It seemed that Hyangrok came in advance to do something terrible.




The small and cute sound transformed the hell-like landscape.

A little angel is here, so there’s no way that this could be hell.

I looked around and saw Olmu coming this way with White Tiger.

Woof woof!


Once Olmu saw me, he ran as fast as he could to my arms.

He looked at my left hand.

My smart and good-natured Olmu immediately noticed my injury.




Perhaps Olmu is angry because of the medicine that Hyangrok was cooking up.


“I didn’t do it.”


Bark! Grrr…!


“That’s right.

I caught him.

I just brought him here to get his hands checked.”


Hwang Jiho was saying some things to Olmu.

I don’t know why this bastard is talking to Olmu.

When we entered the annex, the hell-like smell started to become stronger.


“Yellow Tiger, White Tiger! Hello there! Hello to you too, human!”


Hyangrok appeared with a bright face as he waved at us loudly, yet the only thing we could feel was the dampness in the air from the hell medicine he was cooking up.


“Did you prepare what I requested”

“Almost! You’re talking about the medicine that can immediately stabilize blood flow and energy wave, right It’ll be complete with some adjustments based on Jo Euishin’s vital stats! By the way, are you serious that you’re going to give me someone of royal lineage as a payment”


He’s offering a royal lineage for the medicine

What the hell does that mean



Just in time, one of the bear people that we were torturing couldn’t stand the nightmare and his mind completely collapsed.

The only thing left of him is his body, so experiment on it as much as you please.”

“Nightmare… Is this someone of royal lineage infected by the dust left behind by Insomnium”


In a moment, Hyangrok’s face looked filled with fear.

Everyone of royal lineage seemed to be wary of the nightmare-causing being, Insomnium.



His mind collapsed because of that.

Don’t you like having traces of Insomnium left in his body”

“Yep, don’t like it at all! But… I want to see how Insomnium destroyed his body.

Make sure you give him to me!”


It seems that curiosity completely overrides Hyangrok’s fear.

After they settled their deal, Hyangrok came to me.

He checked my pulse and said something.


“Your hand almost got cut off.

Your pain receptors are all working, so you must’ve felt the full impact of the pain.

And yet your mind seems stable… Do you have a high pain tolerance”


Whenever words left Hyangrok’s mouth, Hwang Jiho’s eyes became sharper and sharper.

If things are normal, then they’re normal.

I don’t know why Hwangrok has to say all those additional things.


“Have you had any difficulty breathing recently”


When I shook my head, Hyangrok rechecked my pulse before heading to the kitchen.

After a brief steam of energy wave from the kitchen, Hyangrok appeared again.

He brought out a medicine pot with a deer’s mark on it.


“Yellow Tiger told me to make it especially bad-tasting, so I did my best!”


…He made it even more repulsive!

I glanced at Hwang Jiho, who had been silent for a while.

Not only he, but White Tiger and Olmu were all staring at me.


“You know very well the skills of Hyangrok.

Don’t think it’ll be as delicious as the desserts that my hands personally craft.”


Is he talking about the ice cream that he makes

I thought it was just ordinary fruit-flavored ice cream, but turns out it was a delicacy that was made of all kinds of medicinal herbs.

I was surprised to learn that because the only thing I tasted from the desserts was sweetness.

However, there’s no mercy from this customized medicine.




Woof! Woof woof!


White Tiger and Olmu were staring at me.

With their encouragement, I eventually reached for the earthenware pot.

After downing all the medicine, my consciousness flew away.

Every fiber in my body focused on the gross taste on my tongue.

I wish I had completely lost my mind, but that mercy wasn’t given to me.

I felt a sense of stability with my energy wave as a surge of blood circulating in my body.

I think Hyangrok tried to ask me if I had any trouble breathing, or if there are other side effects from the medicine, but I was too out of it to respond.

Hwang Jiho looked very satisfied and relieved after seeing me lose myself in the hell-like taste of the medicine.


“You must’ve planned to lead Yong Jegun to a location.

It must’ve been because you predicted that the difficulty of the otherworld would increase beyond the levels that we prepared for.

What exactly happened”


I didn’t intend to hide the facts this time, so I answered right away.

I hid the details about the deal and the Weight of Life and Wealth card, but I explained that Sidelentium gave me his help.


“I don’t think I’ll ever get along with the Demon Race.

Even more so for those who dare to call themselves a king.”


While we were talking…

My device suddenly received a call.


[Caller: Jang Namwook]


Jang Namwook contacted me quite earlier than scheduled. 


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