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Hwang Jiho was looking at me.

To be more specific, he was looking at my folded sleeves.


‘I thought I wouldn’t get caught since the recovery item that I used is a potion type.’


There really wasn’t much blood on my clothes anymore compared to the amount that I was bleeding earlier, so I don’t know how this man knew.

He didn’t really say it out loud, but our classmates didn’t miss it.



“Oh Did someone get hurt Anyone need a recovery item”


Yong Jegun looked at me immediately.

Before the otherworld was cleared, the nine others were already reunited.

Since Hwang Jiho muttered such a useless thing after I reunited with them, everyone must’ve guessed that the smell was coming from me.

After Yong Jegun, everyone else started to stare at me.


“Oh, I kind of smell it now.

It also smells a little bit like an enemy.”


Maeng Hyodon, who also has a good sense of smell, also said that he smelled the blood.

He has experienced bloodshed several times while fighting enemies at the fight club, so it wouldn’t have been difficult for him to detect it.


“…Are you hurt anywhere, Euishin”


Saeum of April was also slightly injured, but he was worried more about me than himself.

His face gradually turned blue, but I guess that’s just because I sent the Hongryong to them.

He must think that I got hurt because I strained myself while sending Hongryong to him and Lena.


“I got a slight cut, but I already used a recovery item.

I’m okay.”



This damned old man is nitpicking me.

Hwang Jiho had already been in a bad mood since we entered the labyrinth, but his mood is still getting sourer.


“So you’ve used a recovery item.

I don’t think it’s given by the school.

You were hurt enough to use a recovery item with a higher degree of rarity.

Did you think that you could hide the smell of blood from me”


Hwang Jiho whispered to me.


“The smell of blood is already bothering me, but just what type of energy wave control are you using for that to—“ 

“Great job, guys!”


Hwang Jiho was interrupted by a bright voice.

Kim Yuri, who was turning her light saber back into an item card, ran towards us.

Behind her were Ham Geunhyung, Kwon Jein, and Jared Lee.

The other kids were very happy to see her.


“You too, Yuri! …Professor Kwon Jein, hello!”

“Well, the difficulty level of this one has increased.

How was the defense over here”


The other kids tried to lift the atmosphere, so Hwang Jiho shut his mouth for a second.

In the meantime, Ham Geunhyung gave some recovery items to Kwon Lena and Saeum of April.

Kwon Jein, on the other hand, seemed to be crying as she made plans on how to recuperate Kwon Lena for the rest of the weekend.


“Wooram, it’s been a long time since I saw you.

How are you”

“Hi! I am fine, thank you.”


Mok Wooram and Jared Lee had a conversation that I think could be published in a Korean conversation textbook for foreigners.


‘Jared Lee was a former member of the Oath of the Three Knights.

He must’ve guessed that the team attempted to assassinate Mok Wooram.’


Mok Wooram traveled penniless while searching for his muse and almost got assassinated.

Mok Wooram still has zero money to his name, but he says that this was the golden age of his life.

My playable character is lucky that he belongs to the same class as his muse.

Jared Lee looked at Mok Wooram with a half-doubting face.


“Good job on your first practice.

We will have a separate time for evaluation of your contributions.”


Ham Geunhyung opened the statistics released by the Player SAT-K.

The otherworld that our class attacked was SR rank at best.

It was just below the SR rank targeted by the Dragon Clan and the Red Lion at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium on Children’s Day.

Kwon Lena and Saeum looked fed up.


“No wonder it was so difficult!”

“I thought it was definitely R-rank in difficulty, but this one’s too high…”


The otherworld was a labyrinth, a complex projection structure type, and an evolving type.

These words made the kids look over to Yong Jegun.


“The more powerful players enter, the more difficult the otherworld becomes.”

“Ah, I think I’ve heard of this during class.”

“Ehh, so it’s the assistant homeroom teacher’s fault.”


It’s also because of this old man.

Well, it could also be because of me.

But Yong Jegun didn’t make any excuses.

In contrast to Hwang Jiho, Yong Jegun looked very happy.


“Well, the difficulty surely increased when I entered.

You could say that it was because of me.”


Yong Jegun said some seemingly normal words that were full of meaning.

Professor Ham Geunhyung’s face stiffened as he looked at the difficulty level.


“I expected the difficulty to rise, but I thought it would be SR-rank at best.

I didn’t expect Professor Yong Jegun could raise the difficulty by that much.”

“It’s not your fault, Professor Ham Geunhyung.

I also thought the same.

There are many variables at play.”

“Variables Is there anything unusual that you found inside, Professor Yong Jegun”

“I haven’t particularly seen anything myself.

But well, for example… Uhh, yeah.

It could be something else that made the difficulty higher.”


Yong Jegun looked at me and Hwang Jiho.

Before Yong Jegun could speak again, Song Daesok interrupted.


“It doesn’t seem like the right time to do this in September.

Let’s check our contributions.

Let’s get this over with and have our meals.”


“This jerk is one to talk.

He roughly packed some food for today.”


Min Geurin and Maeng Hyodon called him out, but Song Daesok looked done.

I felt compelled to change the subject.

At first glance, it seemed to be that Daesok is just being his usual tactless self, but looking closer, something must’ve happened while we were inside.

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Song Daesok looked at me and Jiho while apologizing to Min Geurin.


“…Let’s check the contribution stats.

I’ll start from the highest contributor.”


As soon as the kids turned quiet, Professor Ham Geunhyung floated a hologram.

On the screen, the ranking according to the contribution points of those who participated in the attack was arranged in descending order.

The first on the list was me, the biggest contributor.

Below me were Yong Jegun, Hwang Jiho, Hani, Maeng Hyodon, Min Geurin, Kwon Lena, and Saeum of April.

Song Daesok and Mok Wooram had zero contributions, and I’m sure it’s the fault of this old man.


“It’s you first, Jo Euishin.”


I omitted all the information about my light skill, the Sangbosimgeumpa, and my confrontation with Sidelentium.

I briefly explained how many enemies I encountered and the route that I took inside the labyrinth.

After hearing my report, Ham Geunhyung had a ragged expression.


“Jo Euishin, have you forgotten the basics of attacking a labyrinth-type I’m sure I explained it during the briefing.”


The first thing that players should do inside a labyrinth-type otherworld is to reunite with each other.

However, I headed to the boss room on my own.

That was a very reckless thing to do, and if someone else in my class, except Hwang Jiho or Yong Jegun, did this kind of thing, they wouldn’t have made it out alive.

Professor Ham Geunhyung scolded me in a stern voice.


“You are the biggest contributor, but I’m afraid I cannot compliment you.

I need you to submit a comprehensive report on how you did it.”


I agreed to do it without complaining.

After me, it was Yong Jegun’s turn to be scolded.

Professor Ham Geunhyung massaged his temples as he tried to understand why Yong Jegun broke the walls of the labyrinth to get to the other kids.


“W-well, you see… If Professor Yong Jegun hadn’t come, it would’ve been very dangerous.

We would’ve been extremely injured.”

“That’s right! Though I don’t know how exactly he knew where we were…”

“Yeah! How did he know how to navigate through the labyrinth”


Kwon Lena and Saeum of April passionately defended Yong Jegun as they awkwardly tried to hide Hongryong’s existence.

With that, Ham Geunhyung could no longer say anything.

Meanwhile, Hwang Jiho explained that he followed the noise of the explosions, and that’s how they all reunited.


“…Next time, take into account that a team practice should always involve team play.”


Ham Geunhyung knew that Song Daesok and Mok Wooram had zero contribution because Hwang Jiho defeated all the enemies himself.

After that, he complimented Hani and Maeng Hyodon.

Maeng Hyodon seemed to be having a hard time though since he still hasn’t mastered the teachings of Tak Geosan.


‘It’s like he’s trained how to run with the right posture all over again.’


Even if his feet are yet to be comfortable and used to the posture, the training would help Maeng Hyodon a lot in the long run.

Kwon Lena and Saeum of April were praised for their good performance, but it was pointed out that they used their emergency escape items too late.

Professor finished the evaluation with an emphasis on using such items.

The others who had zero contributions looked demoralized because they didn’t get much feedback.


“It looks like we’re the first one to finish! The notification for the others is just coming in now.”

“Wow, it seems like it.”


We settled down at a table installed in the park to have our lunch.

It was only after we set the food on the table did we receive the notification that the other attacks with the other classes were over.

Classes One and Two had more people than our class, so each was divided into Group A and B.

Each class had two teams doing an attack.

Group A of Class One was led by Ahn Dain, while Group A of Class Two was led by Joo Soohyuk.

Both Group A’s finished quite quickly, but the other groups fell a little late.

The biggest contributor for Group B Class One is a name that I don’t recognize, while Group B Class Two is someone I know very well.


“Wow! Hey, Euishi, the biggest contributor is your Bbang Shuttle.”


Bang Yoonseob was the biggest contributor instead of Moon Saeron.

It was highly likely that Moon Saeron focused instead on writing an article about the first practice of the freshmen students.

Still, I never imagined that it would be Bang Yoonseob.


“What is a Bbang Shuttle”

“Back during our first class, there was a kid who picked a fight with Euishin and…”


Mok Wooram was blinded by the word “bread”.


“Bbang Shuttle… This sounds like a good sideline.

I also want to participate in the anti-smoking campaign inside the campus.”


Does he see it as a sideline opportunity

Anyway, it was a good thing for more people to help Bang Yoonseob quit smoking, so I readily agreed.

The menu for lunch was mostly flour-based food, except for the seaweed and rice that Song Daesok brought.

Kim Yuri brought sandwiches, Min Geurin had pizza, while Hwang Jiho brought some bread.


“I thought you’d bring frozen raw fish to our lunch!”

“Where did you get that from”


Inside the icebox that Hwang Jiho brought, there were frozen Danish pastries, ice cream, and fruit toppings.

He also had a mini oven that was prepared separately.

I doubted why he was doing such a cumbersome thing, but when he cut the freshly baked croissant in half that was filled with ice cream, I turned speechless.

I guess he grew a liking for sweets during the time he spent in the form of an elementary school student.

By the time we finished eating lunch, the members of the Lake of Eternity team performed for about ten minutes to congratulate us on our first practice.

The other kids were mesmerized by their performance and requested an encore.

We decided to part ways after the almost one-hour impromptu mini-concert.

Everyone looked tired, so we decided to have an after-party on a different day.



There was someone else, wasn’t there Someone that the Player SAT-K couldn’t detect.

That’s why you went too far.

Am I right”


Before we parted ways, Yong Jegun spoke to me in a confident manner.


“Show me your dragon next time.”


Yong Jegun said that quietly before disappearing with a very excited face.

Shortly after that, Hwang Jiho came to me.

He wasn’t smiling, but he managed his expression to the extent that he didn’t ruin the good mood of the class.


“Well then.

Let’s go.”


Jang Namwook is set to come to the Hwangmyeong Mansion today, so I have no choice but to go with him.


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