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After the occurrence of the worldly conflicts, the nation’s economy was greatly shaken by the unstable situation as it faced a serious crisis while having to protect the Korean Peninsula.

Joo-Oh Group survived the crisis and is now considered one of the four largest groups in Korea along with Hwangmyeong, TC, and Namgung.

Do Sihoo is the child of the TC Group.

On top of that, his father was an entrepreneur and a famous player known as the “King of Ships.”

The King of Ships bought Joseon technology to build ships by processing Otherworld Ores from the Hwangmyeong Group.

That’s how he started a shrinking maritime transportation business.

He worked with the Ministry of Science Technology and Fisheries to reorganize the sea route in a direction where the occurrence of otherworldly attacks were low.

The King of Ships found a way to redefine transport logistics that had been stagnant due to otherworldly attacks. 


“Did you do all this, dad”


Hey… It’s okay when it’s just us two, but when we’re in public, you have to speak formally with me.

Use honorifics.

Especially at family gatherings.”

“Yep! Will do! Let’s talk a bit more.”


Young Do Sihoo enjoyed talking with his busy father.

He liked that his father was known to be a “king”, and he liked his father’s king-like behavior even more.

There was a case where the King of Ships had to personally negotiate with the royal lineage while he was fixing the sea routes.

He also saved a ship that was on the verge of being sunk by enemies.

There was no exaggeration or falsehood in his father’s stories, and Do Sihoo greatly admired his father for all of his achievements.

Do Sihoo was proud of his father for taking a step back from the politics in TC Group and restarting the business from the beginning.

Unfortunately, Do Sihoo didn’t inherit his father’s love of the sea.

Right from his very first time riding a boat, Do Sihoo got severe seasickness.

His family managed to soothe the sulking Do Sihoo.


“It’s okay if you can’t ride boats.”

“What about getting used to water first, Sihoo-ya Do you want to enroll in swimming classes”


However, Do Sihoo didn’t achieve either.

He still can’t ride boats, and he still isn’t used to water.

Do SIhoo was born naturally athletic, but he can’t swim or float in the water at all.

The only thing he got from his one year swimming class was trauma.

It’s even more disappointing for Sihoo because his Yukchok hyung Do Wonwoo, who was two years older than him, attended the same swimming class.


“Pathetic bastard.”


A few months after attending the swimming class, Do Wonwoo, who initially ignored Do Sihoo, began to talk to him.

Do Wonwoo was not the approachable type, but after they attended the energy center,  it became easier to talk to him.

As a result, Do Sihoo became relatively close to Do Wonwoo.


“Wonwoo hyung, it must be nice that you’re such a great swimmer.”

“Of course.


Just don’t go near water anymore.

Do you want to die”


Although he speaks roughly, Do Wonwoo was the one who ran toward Do Sihoo and saved him from drowning during one of their swimming lessons. 

Do Sihoo attended the swimming class with hopes of learning to float in water someday.

But he didn’t last long.

The thing that triggered that was the incident of Do Sihoo’s kidnapping. 

Do Sihoo was kidnapped by ship at the request of a relative of the TC Group.

The King of Ships tried to rescue him personally, but he became seriously injured and had to resign from his post after the incident.


“Are you still thinking about that incident’

“If you get good grades, you can get into Eungwang High.

Wonwoo is studying there too.

Why don’t you go study there”

When he was in middle school, Do Sihoo’s parents became worried after seeing his career survey results.

They seemed to be sorry for having Do Sihoo born in their family.


“My seasickness might get better, and I might be able to swim someday.

I want to prepare for that.”


All of his desired high schools were those that offer programs related to the sea.


“One day, I will fight in the seas just like my father did.”


His parents tried their best to stop him, but they respected Do Sihoo’s will in the end.

However, for all those marine high schools, they required swimming tests as part of the entrance examination.

He was rejected by every school.

The maritime high schools were afraid that the son of a large company would die in their school.

In the end, the only place that accepted him was the Player Military Academy.


“Your grades aren’t good enough to get into Eungwang High but I don’t think you want to be a soldier either…”

“Eungwang High School has a late admission schedule, so why don’t you try that one out”


Even after he joined the Military Academy, the people around him urged him to join Eungwang High.

But Do Sihoo was stubborn.


‘I can get a Navy Curriculum once I get into the Military Academy.

I’ll be okay!”


Although he wasn’t really satisfied, he decided to make do with it because he thought that he still has a chance.


Do Sihoo passed the Player Military Academy, and before entering the school, he was interviewed by the chairman and vice-chairman.


“Ah, hello! I’m Jang Namwook!”


And in that same room, he met the nervous Jang Namwook. 


“Okay, Mr.

Jang Namwook.

Take a seat.”


Ah, am I supposed to sit here”


The moment that Do Sihoo heard it, he almost burst into laughter.

It was because the interviewer’s words were somewhat fast, so Jang Namwook’s name sounded a little different to his ears.


‘Jang Woodman!’


(T/N: Jang Namwook’s name was misheard as “Jangnamwoogun” which means woodman.)


Although he thought that Jang Namwook was an odd character, Do Sihoo decided to make friends with him.



Jang Namwook, you were caught up in the entrance exam incident in Eungwang High.

Does it have anything to do with your motivation to apply for the military academy”

“…Yes, that is correct.”

“And the people around you didn’t try to stop you”

“They did.

The incident at Eungwang High was a factor, but there are already many things that I want to learn at the academy.”


Jang Namwook was nervous, but he expressed his intentions without hesitation.

Just like Do Sihoo, Jang Namwook also had to go through oppositions from his family about entering the Military Academy.

Because of this, Do Sihoo found a particular liking for Namwook.

Jang Namwook was a good friend even though he was a nagger.


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Do Sihoo felt uncomfortable when he realized that he was immersed in thinking about the past.

Various memories and emotions quickly passed by like a light.

And then, he suddenly heard someone call him.


“…Sihoo! Hey! Do Sihoo!”


He felt a slap on his cheek.

Do Sihoo returned to his senses.

Right when he opened his eyes, he looked at his surroundings.

They were on the rooftop.

Right in front of him was Jang Namwook, who held his arm firmly in one hand and slapped him with the other.


“What am I doing here”

“Don’t you remember You suddenly ran to the rooftop!”


Do Sihoo looked shocked when he realized that he was standing barefoot on the railing.

He heard his colleagues screaming from the nearby gym.


“Hey! Just get down from there!”

“Aigoo, that crazy jerk has some bad sleeping habits.”


Several air mats were laid down below.

Nevertheless, the other cadets were laying down more and more mats, showing that they were greatly anxious about what was happening.


“Did I sleepwalk…”

“Do sleepwalkers usually behave like this”


Behind Jang Namwook, a sharp voice was heard.

Namgung Gyuyeon was leaning against the wall, holding a field shovel.


“Do you remember locking the door as soon as you entered the rooftop It would’ve been a big problem if I didn’t manage to break it.”


Jang Namwook didn’t say anything as if to test if Namgung Gyuyeon’s words were true.

Do Sihoo could only look at the air mats below and the smashed rooftop door with a puzzled face.

* * *

Jang Namwook is a proper man who follows every social etiquette there is.

Him calling me at this hour would mean that it’s a big emergency.

I picked up the phone immediately.


[Hey, Euishin.

Can you talk right now]


What is it”


Jang Namwook explained the situation in a somber voice.


[I fell asleep on time tonight to prepare for the activities tomorrow, but I was awakened because I felt something going on…]


Jang Namwook briefly explained the mysterious incident at the Military Academy’s dormitory.

Late at night, Do Sihoo suddenly woke up, muttered something, and went outside.

The atmosphere was unusual, so Jang Namwook took off his glasses and observed Do Sihoo with the Eye of the Star Maiden.


[I couldn’t see it at first, but I saw Do Sihoo’s body connected to hundreds of threads…]


After that, he said that Do Sihoo ran to the rooftop at a terrifying speed, making unnatural movements as if he were being controlled by something.

Do Sihoo even locked the rooftop door as if he was blocking anyone from following him.


[I don’t think it was Sihoo’s hand that locked the door.

I think something else did.

I couldn’t check because I was so out of it…]


The other cadets gathered because Jang Namwook asked everyone for help.

The rooftop door was smashed with a field shovel.


[I tried to pull Sihoo down from the railing, but he didn’t budge.]


The other cadets installed air mats, and they informed the assistant who was on duty just in case.

Thankfully, Do Sihoo regained consciousness at some point.

Namwook said that Do Sihoo underwent a thorough physical and psychological examination, but no problem was found.


[Energy wave is unstable during adolescence, right I think it’s possible that that would cause sleepwalking.

But… I think…]


Jang Namwook seemed to be worried about the Seed of Curse.


‘It’s not Do Sihoo’s time to die yet, and this method is too sloppy.’


Even without Jang Namwook, this incident would’ve been prevented.

The Player Military Academy’s dormitory is on the third floor.

Do Sihoo would’ve survived the fall even if he jumped.


‘Still, it must be a sign of something odd happening.’


I answered Namwook after much thought.


“Let’s have another ritual.”

[…Thank you! When can I see you]


After making an appointment with Jang Namwook, my mind was flooded with thoughts about Do Sihoo and the Namgung Group.

I can’t find any exact answer, but considering the current situation and the developments in the game, I had one suspicion.


‘Don’t tell me it’s that event.’


There’s no guarantee that I am correct, but I better be prepared.

I fell asleep late as I took a long time thinking about what I should do.

* * *

“Hi Euishin.”



I barely had any sleep when I left the dormitory building.

Sung Siwan and Gye Idam talked to me.

The two seemed busy with Jiikhoe’s responsibilities from early in the morning.



“Yeah, ah… I had something to say.”


Sung Siwan looked around and spoke in a quieter voice than usual.


“Idam and Gukeon hyung decided to help.”


Is he talking about Sung Gukeon and the request for help in Hongcheon

I don’t know about Gye Idam, but I guess I had to accept it.


“Gye Idam sunbaenim, I’m looking forward to working with you.”



Gye Idam nodded, but she didn’t say anything.

Wouldn’t it be difficult if the next Jiikhoe president is this silent

It wasn’t any of my business since I’m not part of the Jiikhoe, so I lowered my head and continued on my way.

* * *

In the Class Zero classroom.

Ten people were currently attending school, so everyone was talking about different topics.


“The defense is the teachers’ role, and attack is the students’ role, right”


But I think either the homeroom teacher or the assistant homeroom teacher will follow you.”

“I hope Professor Ham Geunhyung comes.”

“I want Yong Ssaem! I’d like to see how he uses his flight skill in real situations.”


(T/N: Ssaem is slang for “sunsaengnim” which means teacher.)


“I don’t mind either of them.”


This weekend, the first attack squad practice is scheduled.


‘If things go as scheduled, Joo Soohyuk and Ahn Dain would find a frozen point on that day.’


It’s necessary now for me to keep a close eye on how things would turn out


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