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Nervous and anxious, Executive Director Kim went too far to keep up with Woo-hyun.

An incident happened while everyone was inevitably trying to dissuade him.

The chairman’s eyes turned cold as he saw the news of the police being dispatched and leading to a big incident.

As he had made a mistake, he was on the verge of losing his position to Woo-hyun.

He thought about how to quietly deal with Woo-hyun, but there was no way.

Woo-hyun’s group was too solid to collapse, and above all, the chairman was in good health.

It wasn’t that Woo-hyun had a weakness either.

If he had any weakness, he would poke at it, but he didn’t have anything like that.

One of the most intelligent guys in the organization whispered to him like a snake.

“I heard that Director Sin has a younger sister.”

“Who doesn’t know that Did you forget what happens if you touch the family of a member of the organization”

The chairman himself broke each finger and each rib and applied cement in front of everyone and threw them into the sea.

The members who saw that with their own eyes were out of their minds and behaved carefully for a while.

Recalling that time, Executive Director Kim trembled.

Though it was sometimes he did occasionally, he had no intention of experiencing that.

“You’ll get put inside a cement container.”

“You don’t have to do it yourself, Sir.

Among the guys I know, there’s a host bastard who’s really good at seducing women.

If Sin Woo-hyun’s only sister gets drawn to a host and loses her body and money, he’ll become erratic.”

“But what if he gets caught”

“Then we just have to bury him.

There is no evidence anyway.”


“It’s a better opportunity then.

We don’t know what kind of trouble Director Sin will cause when he gets provoked.”

It was a compelling offer.

He knew that Woo-hyun’s only weakness was his family.

However, it was ruled out due to the high risk.

But what if a disgraceful incident happened In that case, while Woo-hyun was distracted by something else, he had enough chances of winning.

“In return, the Executive Director will pretend to be tracking down the host to create an alibi.”



Director Sin will surely search everywhere to find the host, so the Executive Director will pretend to investigate behind his back.

Then he will be fooled.

Even if he doesn’t get fooled, it will be over if the host dies.”


Executive Director Kim’s eyes suddenly changed.

It was an enticing suggestion.

Sin Woo-hyun’s weakness was his family, but the chairman’s warning that he would not tolerate it if someone touched the family of the members of the organization had kept him away from them.

Of course, he thought about tormenting his family through someone else, but gave up on it because there would be evidence left either way.

However, a host…

If his sister got caught by a host and got worked up, Director Sin would lose his reason and go crazy.

Then, he would surely go around here and there, searching; and if he made a complaint at that time, he would self-destruct.

It was scarier when bastards who were usually calm went crazy.

“Very well.

That host bastard, go ahead and contact him.

And this is a given, but if you tell anyone about this, everyone here will die.

Just give me the money, the money.”

“I understand.”

Not long after giving the order, reports began to pile up.

A detailed report came in saying that the host, who changed his identity, approached Sin Woo-hyun’s sister, Sin Eun-soo, and after several months of work, she had fallen in love with him, and they had slept together.

And even the news of her getting pregnant.

The host diligently destroyed Sin Eun-soo, as he was told.

And, like a natural sequence of action, Woo-hyun turned his attention away from most of the work in progress starting with the funeral of his sister.

The problem was that, contrary to his expectation that he would go crazy, Woo-hyun was strangely quiet.

He didn’t come to the office and spent most of his time at home.

Even when he sometimes came to the office, he didn’t stay long and left straight away.

Like someone who knew he was being followed, he used various methods to hide his tracks.

After a few months, Woo-hyun started coming to and leaving work on time.

He was unchanging, like someone who had forgotten everything that had happened before.

“He tumbled down when his sister died, but that bastard is fine…”

It was even more uncomfortable because he was like a tiger who went inside a cave to heal and then came out.

It would be normal to search around, be suspicious, and mess up.

And when he would make a mistake, he would show at least a crack, but it ended quietly.

At this point, he was suspecting that he didn’t have much affection for his sister.

While his head was hurting just with this, problems started arising near his businesses.

The sporadic poking here and there felt like an organized activity.

The problem was that there were ten or so people who would do something like this, so he couldn’t think exactly who it was.

“Sin Woo-hyun, you son of a bitch.

If it wasn’t that bastard.


Executive Director Kim shook his legs anxiously and calmly spat out insults.

The cigarette caught between his fingers shook quickly.

It was then, when Executive Director Kim opened his eyes in the cloudy smoke.


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