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Woo-hyun frowned at Yoo-hwa’s sudden apology.

He tilted his head.

“About what”, Woo-hyun asked with his eyes.

“I was going to tell you the next time I got a call from Kim Yi-woon.”

Woo-hyun’s expression, which was unlikely to be shaken by any words, broke.

“You moved to the house next door where I live because of Kim Yi-woon.”

Woo-hyun’s face hardened terribly coldly at Yoo-hwa’s calm words.

But in the end, he didn’t deny it.

He didn’t ask who Kim Yi-woon was, and he didn’t ask her what she was talking about.

All of that was telling her that what she knew was true.

“… You knew”

And his question once again confirmed that what she expected was true.


Yoo-hwa smiled faintly and nodded powerlessly.

Then, she silently looked at Woo-hyun, who had become a different person.

As if she was trying to find a small part of the Woo-hyun she knew.

However, there was no trace of the Woo-hyun she knew.

Not even the kind mask he always showed her and the slow, relaxed voice.

“Most people who come to me is because of Kim Yi-woon.

People who want me to pay Kim Yi-woon’s debts, or people who don’t like him… They either find out where I am and threaten me, or they cry, or they say they’re going to get revenge.

I thought maybe that was the case for you too.

Though of course, the reason was something I didn’t think of.”

From some point on, Woo-hyun’s life felt like a play.

His house looked like a set, and everything Woo-hyun was doing felt like a theatrical prop.

And the proof of that was that Woo-hyun’s household items did not increase in number.

Yi-woon only confirmed the vague idea she already had.

“I thought that if you were doing this much, then Kim Yi-woon must have committed a big sin.

I wanted Kim Yi-woon to take care of it himself this time, so I was going to tell you where he was.

 But… he ended up like this.

I wish I could have told you a little sooner… I hesitated.”

She hoped that while she hesitated, time would go by slowly.

She wanted this moment to come a little later.

So, she only delayed the parting time by adding all kinds of excuses.

Like an oxygen respirator attached to someone already dead.

“So you accepted me while knowing it”

Woo-hyun’s voice as he asked once more was low.

Yoo-hwa nodded slowly.


There’s no reason for you to be interested as soon as you see me.

The petty memories of our childhood I don’t think that’s great enough to fill a gap of years.”

It was such a cold-hearted evaluation that she felt indifferent.

There was a faint smile on Yoo-hwa’s face as she spoke calmly and clearly.

Woo-hyun knew that it was a mask that Yoo-hwa was barely keeping.

Even her casual way of speaking.

He felt like he was struck in the back of his head.

Kim Yoo-hwa, who he thought was predictable, always showed her variables at important moments like this.

Woo-hyun’s face hardened visibly.

“Why did you accept me knowing that Were you bored”

He spat out twisted words with a serene voice.

It was difficult to stop, even if he knew it would tear Yoo-hwa apart.

From the beginning, the one who had decided to destroy the other was Yoo-hwa and not him.

No one before had ever seen through his ways, but Kim Yoo-hwa already knew it from the beginning.

Although she knew it, she pretended to fall for his acting.

It was the first time he felt like he was hitting the ground.

When did the acting start All the things that he thought were sincere… Were all the little things that shook him an act

Unable to hold back, Woo-hyun urged Yoo-hwa.

“Why did you do that while even giving me your body Or were you curious about how far I would go”

“… No.”


“I was lonely.”

The voice reciting loneliness was tearful.

“I liked the attention you gave me even though I knew it was fake.

Humane treatment.

It had been a long time.

You were kind and friendly.”

From her experience so far, Yoo-hwa knew by roughly looking at their behavior whether the person approaching her wanted to use her or not.

She noticed that Woo-hyun also had an intention to approach her.

She knew it… but she accepted him.

“You wanted to be a writer, right”

He was the one who evoked the memories of her childhood.

“The weather is good today.”

He was the one with whom she exchanged personal stories while looking at the same sky.

“You said you didn’t do it.

You said you didn’t, so you must not have done it.”

He was the one who turned her wounds into nothing.


She was happy to see him… The one who could look into her eyes.

She couldn’t push him away.

As a result, she came to like him.

The one who filled her daily life with ordinary and trivial things.

The warmth of his hands and the gaze that faced her and all that.

To the point of wanting to hold on to it with all her might.

Even though she knew he wasn’t hers, she desperately…

Even if he didn’t mean it, it was alright.

Even if it was fake, it was alright.

Fake flowers are like real flowers, and fake feelings too… in the end, they all come from interest.


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