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“What’s going on”

Yoo-hwa asked as if telling him to just say it and leave.

“Do you have ramyeon If you do, give me one.

I don’t have anything to eat for dinner, and it’s raining so hard that it’s difficult to go buy something.”

“… Wait.”

Yoo-hwa pondered and turned around.

In the meantime, Woo-hyun’s sharp gaze quickly scanned the interior of Yoo-hwa’s house.

A pair of old sneakers lying on the floor, a neatly organized narrow kitchen, two stairs leading to a room, and a seemingly empty room.

He didn’t see any objects belonging to someone else.

Looking around for a moment, there was no sign of her living with another person.

As it turned out, Kim Yi-woon did not live in this house after all.

It means that, as expected, Kim Yi-woon goes back and forth to see Yoo-hwa.

He had a feeling that one day he could reappear.

The problem was timing.


Yoo-hwa held out two packets of ramyeon.


Woo-hyun, who quickly stopped looking around before Yoo-hwa appeared, smiled kindly as if he didn’t do anything.

“Go on and eat.”

“Have you had dinner”


Yoo-hwa did not answer Woo-hyun’s question.

“If you haven’t, shall we eat together”

It was a question as light as the wind.

“… No.”

The answer was more resolute compared to the question.

Woo-hyun felt like he was pushed away too far by Yoo-hwa’s attitude of drawing a clear line while keeping her gaze down.


Then, thanks for the food.”

Woo-hyun held up the ramyeon and turned around.

She was more meticulous and difficult than he expected.

Considering the situation Yoo-hwa was in, it was a natural reaction.

Thinking that you can never expect too much at the beginning, Woo-hyun didn’t mind it and went back to his house.


Swoosh, Yoo-hwa jumped up as if she were on fire at the sound of rain that suddenly resonated in the house.

She, who had fallen asleep at the entrance while lying all curled up, let out a scream.

The sneakers!

She put her sneakers outside after checking that the rain had stopped, but she forgot to bring them in.

The washed sneakers were not dry and had a damp smell, so she put them under the eaves to air them for a bit, but then fell asleep while waiting to bring them inside the house.

Those are the only shoes she can wear!

Although she put them under the eaves, it was of no use when the rain and wind were blowing hard.

Yoo-hwa hurriedly got up and stood in front of the door, hesitated, and then cautiously pushed the door and stepped forward.

No matter how quietly she tried to open it, the old door squeaked, letting out a noise that showed its old age.

Late at night, as Yoo-hwa headed towards the sneakers placed by the door, relying on the light of a streetlamp in the distance, her steps came to a halt.

The sneakers placed under the eaves were wrapped in plastic to prevent the rain from hitting them.

Whenever the wind blew, there was a flapping sound from the plastic bag wrapped around them.

Instead of reaching out, Yoo-hwa sat with her knees bent and stared at her sneakers.

The raindrops were splashing all over the plastic bag.

As the plastic bag inflated in the cold winter wind, the raindrops fell down.

The already wet ground became wet again.

She had received kindness from someone else after a long time.

It’s been a long time since anyone but herself has cared for her.

And even sneakers like these.

It’s a relief that they didn’t get thrown away.

… She knew who it was.

Why did he do this

Wondering, Yoo-hwa reached out for the plastic bag.

The raindrops wet her fingertips, along with a rustling sound.

Her fingers naturally retracted at the terribly cold raindrops and reached the palm of her hand, but it didn’t get any better.

Her palms were too cold to warm her fingers.

She managed to stretch out her hand, which could not get warm, and pick up the plastic bag.

After entering the house, Yoo-hwa immediately took the shoes out of the plastic bag and put them on the side of the stairs at an angle; and since the plastic was wet and she was uncertain about how to throw it away, she hung it over the sink with clothespins.

After washing her hands, she wiped them with a towel.

Her hands were dry.

However, her fingertips were strangely heavy, as if the raindrops had gathered there.


Woo-hyun opened his eyes at the slightest indication of someone’s presence.

Woo-hyun was an exceptionally light sleeper compared to others.

He was like that ever since he almost got killed, a few years after joining the syndicate.

He pretended to be asleep and closed his eyes, but when he woke up with an anxious, eerie, strange feeling, he saw a knife that was aimed at him.

He quickly rolled over and managed to avoid it, but he injured his shoulder.

The man ran to Woo-hyun again, and a fight broke out.

The people who jumped in at the sound of things breaking and crashing, left only after he was stopped.

The person who wielded the knife was his hyung, who he could ironically say was close to him.

It wasn’t that they opened up to each other or got close; he was a person whom he did not push away because he approached him with a smile.

“Strangely enough, I like you.

Is it because you’re handsome Ah, of course, I’m not a homo bastard.

Maybe it’s because I get envious when I see a guy with a face that I can’t have.

I want to live well.”

Rejoicing as he said that, the man was wielding the knife like a madman, saying he was going to kill him.


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