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A dim dawn light seeped in through the narrow window.

Woo-hyun’s eyes opened.

Not getting a wink of sleep, his eyes were clear as he looked at the ceiling.

After last night’s sex, after cleaning herself up, Yoo-hwa couldn’t look at him for a while and circled around the narrow room.

The first thing she uttered was ‘I’m sorry.’ Hearing that, Woo-hyun, who was getting dressed, stopped moving.

When he made an expression asking why she had said that without any context, Yoo-hwa smiled faintly.

“It’s uncomfortable because the electric mat is only for one person, isn’t it”


He lost all strength in his body.

Was she sorry just for something like that Thinking about the sin he committed against her, the words of being unable to apologize for what he did rose up to his throat, but Woo-hyun didn’t say anything.

He just looked at her with indifference.

“… I’m going to turn on the boiler now, so it will be warm.



“Do you want to sleep”

Yoo-hwa said something that wasn’t a big deal very arduously.

In fact, she was taking the sex very calmly.

“It’s cold outside.”


“Although the room is small.”


“Still, it’s better than turning on two boilers.”

It was a poor excuse for her to hold on to him.


Woo-hyun willingly let himself be captured.

Without hiding her joy, Yoo-hwa laid a thick blanket in the room where the boiler was running.

After lying next to each other, they didn’t talk much.

After a long silence, as he heard a quiet breathing sound and looked back, he saw Yoo-hwa sleeping with her eyes closed.

Now that he had done what he had to do, he could just leave, but Woo-hyun couldn’t move.

Yoo-hwa was grabbing his arm like a child who was afraid of losing their mother.

Woo-hyun stared at the sleeping Yoo-hwa.

Although Yoo-hwa cut back on the conversation about Yi-woon, it was conceivable that she didn’t like him.

Nevertheless, she hid her phone call with Yi-woon.

Because of that, Yoo-hwa’s feelings about Yi-woon were ambiguous.

As soon as Yoo-hwa released her hands from his body, the first thing Woo-hyun did was pick up her phone.

That was the reason why he slept in her house.

The man’s phone number was written on the call history.

The call lasted about 1 minute and 30 seconds.

It was enough time to arrange a meeting.

Woo-hyun opened the back of Yoo-hwa’s phone and stuck a chip with a wiretapping function inside it.

Although he had installed a wiretapping device in the house early on, he couldn’t actually hear the call.

She took the call outside the house.

At the same time he put down the cell phone, thinking that this should do it, Yoo-hwa opened her eyes.

Yoo-hwa, who had a dazed look for a moment, turned her head around unintentionally and stopped when she saw Woo-hyun.


She glanced sideways as if everything that happened last night had come to her mind.

Raising her body, Yoo-hwa roughly tidied up her hair.

“When did you wake up”

Yoo-hwa asked in a hoarse voice.

“Just now.”

“What were you doing”

Yoo-hwa asked in a more comfortable voice than before.

Her gaze reached Woo-hyun’s leaning body.

Yoo-hwa’s eyes moved, asking if there was something in that direction.

Her cell phone was there.

“I was looking at the books.”

Woo-hyun instantly used the books he was seeing as an excuse.

The books were stuck on the bookshelf beyond the phone.

“I saw some old books.”


With an expression that showed she was now completely awakened from sleep, Yoo-hwa pulled out the books from the bookshelf one by one.


Although he wasn’t interested in the books, Woo-hyun gave her a gaze pretending to be interested because of what he said.

Yoo-hwa cautiously stroked the cover of the old book as if it was something precious.

Yoo-hwa’s expression softened for the first time in a while.

“It’s my favorite book.”


Woo-hyun’s indifferent gaze reached the cover of the book once again.

People, Love

The title was two succinct words.

They were words that were unrelated to both of them, so Woo-hyun turned his meaningless gaze to Yoo-hwa.

While thinking if Yoo-hwa also thought that they were unrelated to them.

However, Yoo-hwa was still looking at the cover of the book as if it was a treasure.

She said that she had abandoned her dream to become a writer, but she still seemed to like writing.

“It may sound ridiculous, but… this book is just like me.”

Woo-hyun’s gaze touched the old book again.

That’s impossible.

Woo-hyun tilted his head.

It was only a piece of paper, but what it said was enough to realize that Yoo-hwa’s life was far from people and love.

However, Yoo-hwa said it was similar to her.

Rather, it would be believable to say that the fact that it was abandoned with its color faded by the light resembled her.

“When I read it, I think I know why I thought something, why I felt something, and why I did something.”

He stared at it, thinking it was a psychology book or a mind consultation book, but the cover of the book was labeled ‘Essay book’.

Woo-hyun still couldn’t understand.

No, he suddenly tried not to understand.

The interest he gave to a person named Yoo-hwa stopped here.

Even his faint sense of guilt was gone now.


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