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“Find him.

Even if you have to cut off all the remaining fingers.”

Woo-hyun, who put away the phone, said dryly.

“What if he really doesn’t know”

“Send him back.

Tell him to bring Kim Yi-woon if he wants to save his hands and feet.

Tell him to be prepared to even lose his knees if he does anything wrong.”

Leaving those words, Woo-hyun stretched out his long legs and moved away in big strides.

The cold wind blew as the door closed.

“Shall we do that”

Kicking the man who had fallen to the ground, Do-wan asked Jun-kyung, who was bowing his head towards the direction in which Woo-hyun had left.

Jun-kyung moved his eyes and looked at the man lying on the floor with a contemptuous gaze.

He was a human being with nothing but a criminal record of molestation, sexual harassment, and theft.

“Do what you just heard.”

Jun-kyung said dryly, looking at the man.

His gaze turned back to the direction in which Woo-hyun had disappeared.

Woo-hyun had left without giving him the important order of finding out who the owner of the phone number was.

Was it because Woo-hyun had lost his rationality and made a mistake for the first time in a while, or was it intentional…

Jun-kyung was not sure.


The streetlamp light flickered.

The darkness covered the world, and then the dim lamplight outlined it, in repetition.

The streetlamp had been broken for a few days already.

However, it wasn’t fixed because it is a neighborhood that no one cares about.

The shortcut narrowed as he climbed it.

His house was just around the corner, but Woo-hyun stopped there.

The number on the man’s phone was a number that Woo-hyun also knew.

After finding out the name of Kim Yoo-hwa, the second thing he found out was her phone number.

The number was easy, so he memorized it as soon as he saw it.

That number… was written on the man’s phone.

If he is going to find out about Yi-woon, he should look into Yoo-hwa, with whom he talked.

Jun-kyung also gave him a look, asking if he should do that.

Even though he knew, he left without giving him an answer.

The heavy steps that had stopped continued again.

The steps that went around the corner stopped again.

Yoo-hwa stood there, where the streetlights could not reach her.

Yoo-hwa, who tensed up and froze at the sound of the footsteps, calmed down when she saw Woo-hyun.

She smiled like a child who had received a gift they had been waiting for.

Yoo-hwa, who came one step closer, looked up and down at Woo-hyun’s clothing.

Only then did Woo-hyun realize that he had not changed his clothes.

He came here in a hurry.

Thoughtlessly, without knowing what he wanted to ask, what he wanted to see, what he wanted to know.

“… Where did you go”

Yoo-hwa asked cautiously, looking at Woo-hyun’s unusual appearance.

“A funeral hall.”

“Ah… I see.”

Yoo-hwa obediently accepted his words.

Woo-hyun looked down at Yoo-hwa, in silence.

“… What did you do today”

“I was just at home.

I’m going to a work interview tomorrow.”

“Did you get a call”


After leaving a resume, she had no choice but to keep her phone turned on.

And he got an answer sooner than he thought.

“Come to think of it, I’ve never seen you talking to anyone on the phone.”

Woo-hyun tilted his head.

While Yoo-hwa was asleep, he was able to search her phone.

At least, he was able to check the contents of the call with the wiretapping device he had installed in his house.

Although he had a way to find out, Woo-hyun stared at Yoo-hwa and asked.

Yoo-hwa hesitated, unable to answer.

“You said you have a brother.”


“I was wondering if you hadn’t heard from him since he got the loan.”

Woo-hyun asked a bit more openly.

“… I haven’t.”


“He doesn’t call me often.”


“Our relationship is not good.”

Yoo-hwa’s gaze fell downwards.

The anxiously shaking eyes scrambled around on the dark floor.

Kim Yoo-hwa was lying.

Woo-hyun’s shoulders sagged down.

His lips crooked.

“… Is that so”

The voice asking back was strangely sharp.

What did he want to hear Did he want her to tell him about Yi-woon first What would have changed then Could he wave at her and part ways, saying he had met a classmate for a while Could she… not see who he was, how wicked he was, and how much harm he could do to her


That couldn’t be.

If Kim Yoo-hwa was someone special to Kim Yi-woon, if he still wanted to tear apart everything he had, Kim Yoo-hwa was just a tool to him.

All the questions he had in his mind shattered meaninglessly.


Woo-hyun called her, in a voice lower than usual.

The weak Yoo-hwa reacted visibly to her name being called.

Woo-hyun smiled powerlessly at her reaction, which looked clear as a piece of glass.

The Yoo-hwa from their first meeting, full of wariness, was nowhere to be found.

Yoo-hwa, whose boundaries and distance had disappeared, was as fragile as a flower that would drop its petals when touched.

Just like her name.

“… Yoo-hwa.”

In the dark, Woo-hyun’s hand reached towards Yoo-hwa.

At that moment, Woo-hyun thought.

What would be less tragic for Yoo-hwa Would it be what she thought was love but was actually loveless sex, or would it be something like torture where her fingers would get broken For some reason, he thought that if it was Yoo-hwa, she would say that the latter would hurt less.

So, Woo-hyun clasped his hands around Yoo-hwa’s cheeks


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