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The moment he realized that he had been pushed away rather than touching her heart with all his might, Yi-woon had the expression of a man standing at the end of a cliff.

“Go back.”

Yi-woon’s shoulders drooped at the decisive call.

“If it’s money, I can give it to you whenever… No, that’s impossible, but… Anyway, I’ll send it to your account as soon as I can.

So don’t come here anymore.

Go and live happily.”

Yi-woon’s shoulders drooped as he wiped the tears with his hands.

He, who had a shameful expression as if the glass floor where he was barely tiptoeing on had broken, soon gave a silent smile like a madman.

She opened her mouth as she looked at Yi-woon, who was smiling for a long time.

“That woman, don’t make her a single mom.”

Like her own mother.

“When the child is born, please love them, and please love her too.”

Don’t let her fall while wandering around in search of love, like her own mother.

Although she doesn’t even know her face… That woman, don’t make her become like that.

And her child, too.

At Yoo-hwa’s words, Yi-woon sat down and looked up at her.

His persistent gaze scanned her face.

Like a person who wanted to find a faltering expression in her, hoping Yoo-hwa’s words were a lie.

In the end, however, Yi-woon, who could not find any hope in Yoo-hwa’s expression, crumpled his face and shook his head powerlessly.

“… You’re really harsh, noona.”


“If I’m the only one who can hold you… You should hold me too.

Living like this, being cold to the end, and telling me to live happily with someone else… It’s awful.


Yi-woon sighed deeply.

It was impossible, but he seemed to change with his breathing sound.


Give me money.

How much can you give me How much can you give me for your life today”

Yi-woon looked up.

His face was messed up from the tears, and his eyes were red like those of a rabbit.

He changed his expression as if he were a different person and reached out his hand.

He didn’t seem to be aware that this disparity reminded her of Beom-sik.

Since she had no intention of telling him, Yoo-hwa gave strength to her slightly trembling hands and picked up the wallet that was on top of the cabinet.

Before she could get the money out, Yi-woon snatched her wallet.

“I’ll use it well.

The price of your life for this month.”

“Give me the wallet and leave.”

“The wallet is included.”

After saying something ridiculous, Yi-woon took his bag and went out.

As he stepped out the door, he turned around halfway.

After shaking off all his emotions, Yi-woon opened his mouth with a blank face.

“… I wanted to go with you, but in the end, I’m going alone.”


“Have a good life, Kim Yoo-hwa.

Maybe you’ll think about me until you die.

I’m going to make it so you do.”

For the first time, he called her by her name and not noona.

He was determined as if he had come to see her face for the last time.

A terrifying sense of anxiety rushed in, and her body trembled.

After Yi-woon turned around, Yoo-hwa, who had belatedly come to her senses, ran after him, but it had already been a long time since he had disappeared.

Yi-woon left, but she lost her wallet.

A cold breeze blew over the alley and covered her face.

Yoo-hwa stared quietly at the empty alley.

She didn’t know that the last goodbye he threw like a warning at that time would bring such a result.

Was this why he took her wallet Or did he do this because her ID card was inside the wallet he took In one way or another, Yi-woon ended up throwing another hell upon her.

It seemed like this was what he meant by thinking of him until she died.

“The debt is 20 million won.

Will you pay it back Or will you find Kim Yi-woon”

The man giggled.

It was useless to say that it had been a long time since she last saw him or that she would tell him.

When she said that she would call the police because he shouldn’t be able to get a loan with only her ID card, the men picked up all the items in the house and threw them outside.

While telling her to shut up if she didn’t want to end up like that too.

Yoo-hwa stared blankly at the situation where the floor she was stepping on was breaking to pieces.

Even fear and anxiety felt like something far away.

It was the beginning of hell, where even loneliness was a luxury.

She indifferently realized that her life was going down and down.

And like that, they smashed her household items like a warning and left, saying that they would come back next time.

Yoo-hwa, who had been dazed since that happened, could not leave the yard messed up like that, so she crouched down to pick up her things.

All she thought was that she should clean it up before Woo-hyun came.

About one in three objects were ruined and could not be used.

Yoo-hwa, who had been pulling the spoon out from the sewer drain, drooped her hands.


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