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Yoo-hwa asked while pointing at the bedroom door.

Yi-woon said he was sick today and didn’t go to school, so he was left alone in his room.

“Is that child a problem”

Her mother screamed with reddened eyes.

Yoo-hwa understood her hysterical mother’s reaction.

She herself rejected him sometimes because he shared the man’s blood, and, at the same time, she felt guilty about it.

Yi-woon didn’t do anything wrong to her.

Maybe it was because of what Yi-woon had confided in her one day.

“… I’m scared of dad too.

I also… want to run away.”

Yi-woon was just like a little puppy being stoned for no reason, and she couldn’t leave him alone.

While she was arguing with her mother, the door opened and Yi-woon came out, and Yoo-hwa reached out her hand.


‘Let’s just leave together, with you too.

Even if we part ways after we leave, let’s just get out of here.’

The moment she was going to say that,

“Where are you going, you bitch”

She turned her head reflexively as she heard the terrifying voice, and her mother was no longer there.

Her mother was curled up in the living room, wrapping her arms around her stomach.


Surprisingly, her mother, who would normally lay still and pretend to be dead so as not to annoy him, got up.

“Crazy, crazy bastard! You crazy bastard!”

Yoo-hwa was so surprised she couldn’t even open her mouth.

It was the first time she realized that such a thing could come out of her mother’s mouth.

The mother’s body trembled as she screamed like a crazy person.

“What kind of person are you! You monster! Crazy bastard!”

Her mother threw everything she could get her hands on.

“You **ing bitch.”

The man, whose eyes glistened with madness, strode into the living room.

Her mother quickly grabbed the man’s leg.

“Yoo-hwa! Go! Go! Go, quickly!”

At the sound of her mother’s screams, the man’s gaze turned to Yoo-hwa, who was standing by the front door.

In an instant, Yoo-hwa realized what was going on.

Her mother purposely lured the man towards her.

Although she knew that, her feet did not move.

She thought that if she ran away now, her mother would die.

Her whole body trembled with fear.

What does she do What does she do What should she do

The world in front of her was spinning.

“Will you come here Kim Yoo-hwa Just go.

If you want to see your mother kicking the bucket.

You **ing bitch! Let go!”

The man grabbed her mother’s hair ruthlessly and waved his arm to make her release him.


It sounded like hair being ripped off.

Her heart was beating fast, and her eyes were spinning.

Amid that, she could only see the face of her mother crying towards her.

‘Please, Yoo-hwa… Please go.

At least you… please.’

She saw her mother crying and begging.

Her crumpled face was filled with undeniable desperation.

If she doesn’t run away, they will both die here.

As soon as he realized that, Yoo-hwa turned around and ran away.

Behind her, the man poured out swear words.

It seemed that at any moment, the man would run up to her, grab her hair, and drag her into that hellish house.

‘Mom, Mom, don’t die.

Mom, wait just a bit longer.


“Help me! Please help me!”

She ran to the police station and shouted that her mother was going to die.

She could get down on her knees if it meant that they would save her.

No, she could do even more than that.

The policeman got up slowly.

“Ahh, really.

I’m tired of it, tired.

Aren’t you guys going to move”

Speaking coldly, the policeman got up and walked around.

As she urged him to go quickly, the policeman spat on the floor.

After she cried and begged him, Yoo-hwa went back home with the policeman.

From the moment they entered the alleyway, Yoo-hwa thought that there was a strange smell of blood.

Her whole body trembled like an aspen from the anxiety.

She wished she had guessed it wrong, but, as soon as she opened the front door of the house, she found out that she hadn’t.

The interior of the house was covered with blood.

In the middle of that was her mother.

Her body was covered with wounds, and blood was oozing from her side.

On the doorstep of his room, beyond the river of blood, Yi-woon stood like a stone.

The blood that had flowed towards Yi-woon stopped right in front of his feet.

“W-what is this!”

The policeman, who only then understood the situation, moved faster than before.

He could actually move like that…

Yoo-hwa, who was staring at the unbelievable situation with empty eyes, muttered to herself and looked ahead.

Everything seemed to be moving fast, but strangely slow.

It was like a scene from a tragedy in a drama.

A policeman who urgently called for backup, another policeman who called 119, and neighbors who screamed after looking inside the window.

The only things that didn’t move were Yoo-hwa, Yi-woon, and her unconscious mother.

The man had disappeared, nowhere to be seen.


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