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The edge of the full moon was incomparably sharp and emitted a cold intent as it slashed towards the Thunder Emperors neck!

The Thunder Emperors expression was unchanged as he retracted his Startling Evil Spear and blocked!


The full moon shattered and the Thunder Emperor shuddered, retreating half a step.

When he saw that, Su Zimo sighed internally.

It seemed like Perfected Immortal Jing Yue and the others were right.

The Thunder Emperor was severely injured and his current combat strength was inferior even to when he first escaped a year ago.

Su Zimo was fortunate enough to witness the battle of Absolute Thunder City personally.

The Thunder Emperor was invincible and had a peerless bearing.

With a single spear strike, he cracked Perfected Immortal Jing Yues ancient mirror!

But now, not only did the Thunder Emperor fail to repel Perfected Immortal Jing Yue with the same spear strike, the latter even had the strength to retaliate.

A year ago, the Thunder Emperors Thunder Eyes could even kill Perfected Immortal experts.

But now, although his eyes were still filled with the blazing light of thunder, his body was way too weak.

After the short exchange between the Thunder Emperor and Perfected Immortal Jing Yue, the other four Perfected Immortals attacked as well.

When the gray-robed Perfected Immortal was dozens of feet away from the Thunder Emperor, he waved the horsetail whip in his hands and wiped it gently towards the latter!

At the same time, the gray-robed Perfected Immortal chanted a Dharmic art and channeled his spirit consciousness.

Suddenly, he opened his mouth and spat out a ball of colorful light that landed on the horsetail whip.

“Universe Suspension!”

The gray-robed Perfected Immortal hollered and the threads at the end of his horsetail whip expanded by dozens of feet.

They shone brightly and suddenly spread, covering the skies densely as they enveloped the Thunder Emperor!

This was a supreme divine power created by the gray-robed Perfected Immortal using a sentient Dharmic treasure!

Every single thread contained the divine power of Spatial Lock.

Spatial Lock was a supreme divine power to begin with.

The thousands of threads gathered and released the power of Spatial Lock at the same time.

A gentle wipe was enough to freeze the universe and all living beings!

The moment this Perfected Immortal attacked, he revealed extremely brilliant methods!

In order to deal with the Thunder Emperor, the Perfected Immortal experts invited by Prince Yuan Zuo were different from the old Perfected Immortals in Absolute Thunder City.

All of them were experts among Perfected Immortals!

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

The threads floated down one after another.

Although they looked weak, every single one of them possessed the power of a supreme divine power!

When the Thunder Emperor waved the Startling Evil Spear, he could sever dozens of threads initially.

However, the threads were dense and covered the skies; they could not be cut through completely.

In the blink of an eye, his body was bound by endless threads!

The divine powers surged on the threads and burst forth at the same time, locking the Thunder Emperor on the spot!


The gray-robed Perfected Immortal burst into laughter and stroked the three long whiskers on his chin, saying smugly, “Thats all there is to the Supreme Perfected Immortal!”

Su Zimo and Feng Ziyi were far from being Perfected Immortals.

However, no matter the cultivation realms, there was a common understanding of combat.

Both of them could tell that if the Thunder Emperor was rooted to the spot by the horsetail whip of the gray-robed Perfected Immortal and could not move at all, he would be like fish on a chopping block!

The remaining three Perfected Immortals, the redheaded beauty, the naked burly man and Perfected Immortal Fei Yun, were initially about to attack.

However, when they saw that, they could not help but chuckle and retract their stance.

The naked burly man pouted.

“I thought that he should have some tricks up his sleeves since he could break free from the Ten Absolute Hell.

To think that hes so weak that youre able to capture him singlehandedly.”

“Daoist, your Universe Suspension sure is amazing,”

The redheaded beauty said, “Feng Cantian is known as the Supreme Perfected Immortal.

To think that he cant even break free from your threads.”


The gray-robed Perfected Immortal burst into laughter.

“He wants to break free, but his blood qi and True Essence are frozen by my threads.

He wont be able to use them even if hes strong.”

Universe Suspension did not only freeze the Thunder Emperors body.

Even his bloodline, True Essence, spirit consciousness and everything else about him were restricted by the threads!


Suddenly, the Thunder Emperor harrumphed coldly and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Every single drop of blood contained a terrifying power of thunder that splattered on the surrounding threads.


The Thunder Emperor hollered and his blood qi surged with the sound of a tsunami.

The Startling Evil Spear was the first to break free and sever all the threads in front of it!

Thereafter, the Thunder Emperor struggled!

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Like a snapped bowstring, the threads on his body were shattered into countless pieces and scattered from midair.

Wielding his bare horsetail whip, the gray-robed Perfected Immortal swayed.

His face was slightly pale and his gaze was filled with resentment.

“Feng Cantian, lets see how much Essence Blood you have left!”

The gray-robed Perfected Immortal waved the three whiskers in front of him.

The three whiskers expanded and arrived around the Thunder Emperor instantly, wanting to restrain him in the same manner!

“Three Heads Six Arms!”

The Thunder Emperors gaze was like lightning as he growled and released his supreme divine power.

Another two heads and four arms grew and his strength increased exponentially!

The beard of the gray-robed Perfected Immortal had just coiled over when it was snapped by the Thunder Emperor with Three Heads Six Arms!


The naked burly man gave a strange laugh.

“Daoist, your methods are no longer effective.

Its up to us!”

Before his sentence was finished, the naked burly man took a step forward and arrived before the Thunder Emperor instantly.

His blood qi surged and a phantom in heavy armor appeared behind him, resembling a god that had descended to the mortal world!

Bloodline phenomenon!

The moment the naked burly man attacked, he released his full strength!

He raised the bronze truncheons in his hands and smashed them towards the Thunder Emperor!

Eight Dao burn marks shone on the truncheons.

This was an Eight Tribulations Spirit Treasure that was second only to the Nine Tribulations Pure Yang Startling Evil Spear in the hands of the Thunder Emperor!

At the same time, the redheaded beauty took light steps and waved her sleeves, causing a red ribbon to fly out.

At the top of the ribbon was a string of bronze bells that shot towards the Thunder Emperor.

Before the bronze bells descended, a shuddering sound echoed in an extremely strange manner.

Wielding the Startling Evil Spear, the Thunder Emperor was about to fight the naked burly man head-on when he heard the bell sound.

Instantly, the blood qi in his body turned chaotic and his heart began to beat erratically, alternating between rapid and slow!


Right then, the bronze truncheons and Startling Evil Spear collided with a deafening bang and sparks flew!

The Thunder Emperor shuddered and spat out blood as he was sent flying.

The redheaded beautys bronze bells chased relentlessly and the red ribbon extended continuously.

Like a shadow, the bronze bells chased after the Thunder Emperor and struck his glabella.

Although the Thunder Emperor was injured and vomiting blood, his eyes were still extremely calm as he retreated.

The Startling Evil Spear in his hands drew a semicircle in midair and knocked the redheaded beautys bronze bells to the side gently.

Most of the Thunder Emperors spear techniques were ferocious and masculine.

They were direct and wide.

However, this move was extremely mysterious and pushed the power of gentleness to its limits.

The redheaded beauty felt as though her bronze bells had struck the air and could not exert any strength at all—she had no way of channeling her power even if she wanted to!

“Let me end it,”

Perfected Immortal Fei Yun smiled gently and suddenly attacked.

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