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A lazy grin spread across his lips.

His pupils were dilated, darkening as if to seduce.

The large hand that held her wrist gently caressed the skin, which carried the loud pulse of her heartbeat.

Her frantic heart pounded swiftly at his touch.

The faster the heartbeat, the rhythm of her pulse accelerated even more.

“I’m good at everything from the start.”

His hand gently caressed her wrist again.

“I think you are a fast learner, too.

Aren’t you curious about what you can do”

This man was bold enough to seduce her with his double entendres.

His eyes, his deep husky voice, his movements, and his gestures were too hot to handle.

She wasn’t curious about it at all, but strangely, her interest began to pique with every word he said.

Isabella closed her eyes shut, determined not to be swayed by this living temptation.

“I’m tired.

I’m going to bed first.

Good night, Your Highness.” Isabella said hurriedly as she withdrew her hand from his.

Duke Kyar chuckled darkly.

Even with his eyes closed, she could feel his gaze fluttering on her face as he examined her.

It wouldn’t be easy to sleep in this predicament.

Isabella swallowed a sigh.

Indeed, this would be a very long night.


Isabella saw a red-haired woman on fire, and her hands and feet were bound and shackled.


The red-haired woman called her name.

Strangely, the voice sounded familiar.

[We finally met again.]

She heard the sound of rusty iron doors opening, and her eyes naturally turned in that direction.

Isabella’s eyes widened when he saw a man entering the room.

It was Archduke Kyar.

Instead, it was a man who looked exactly like Duke Kyar.

His aura was quite different from Duke Kyar’s, but this one looked exactly like him.

Duke Kyar’s twin smirked, his dark eyes staring at her.

[Oh! A silver-haired, blue-eyed woman.

Ifrit, did you bring her]


Isabella’s pupils shook violently upon hearing the name mentioned.

She heard that Ifrit suddenly disappeared before she even possessed Isabella’s body.

What was Ifrit doing this here

Where is this place

He fell asleep in the cabin with Duke Kyar.

Isabella had no idea why she was in such a strange place.

[You look like you can be a pretty ornament in my Castle.

I think I’ll have you.]


This man was amazing.

Isabella clenched her fist at the unpleasant remark.

How can he treat a normal human being as a mere object

His appearance was similar to Duke Kyar’s, but his personality differed.

The man picked up the remaining shackles on the floor before he started approaching her.

[No! Go back, Isabella!] Ifrit screeched sharply.

In that instant, she saw a blinding flash of light before she opened them.

Was it a dream

Isabella breathed heavily at the memory.

She was sweating all over.

It was too vivid to be a dream.

When he turned her head to the side, she could see that Duke Kyar was asleep.

It was a bizarre dream.

Just thinking about the man who had the same face as Duke Kyar made her hands tremble.

His aura was horrifying, and he had a gaze that indicated insanity.

Recalling the madman, Isabella slowly got up from bed.

The dream felt too confirmed that it scared her so much.

Isabella doubted she would dare fall asleep again after this.

She was afraid that this dream of hers would continue.

Isabella’s feet landed on the floorboards when she got down.

She turned to look at Duke Kyar, who was still sleeping.

He hadn’t moved.

Perhaps, he was in a deep sleep.

She approached the window and saw that the sky had brightened up bit by bit.

The sun was about to rise.

She thought it would be alright to enjoy the hot spring before the duke wakes up to wash.

Isabella picked up the large towel and the bag she brought yesterday, opened the door, and stepped out of the cabin.

The hot spring was next to the cabin, and Isabella started taking her nightgown.

After grabbing her hairband out of her bag and fixing her long hair into a bun, Isabella dipped on the steaming blue hot spring with her slip-on.

As she soaked in the hot spring water,  she felt all the fatigue she had accumulated so far had melted.

Lifting her head, Isabella could see that the beautiful sky had turned red.


This is nice.”

Now, all those horrible dreams messing with her head had washed away.

Isabella relaxed as she put her arms on the rock and enjoyed the scenery around the hot spring.

“It appeared like I didn’t sleep as much as I thought.”

The familiar voice sounded like Duke Kyar.

Surprised, Isabella looked over her shoulder and saw the Archduke standing there.


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