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The woman pulled the red medicine from her basket, and she explained the potion’s potency with such passion.

He recognized that she was the woman who had fainted in front of the castle.

“Hey, isn’t this a scam Where in the world  could you find a  medicine like this”

Someone from the crowd asked suspiciously.

“Are you suspecting me” She asked innocently, and the man waved his hand in dismissal.

“Oh, never mind.”

“If you don’t trust me,  then it can’t be helped.” She lowered her head, her smile turning grim.

The audience scowled at the man who had just asked.

“I trust you, I trust you.

But first, I will have to buy it and drink it.”

The man couldn’t stand the accusations of the people gathered around him, so he gave the woman some money.

“Fifty silver, right”

“Yes, that’s right.

I’m only selling it at a low price, considering that I used almost all ingredients.

You’ll regret it if you miss this opportunity.”


The man accepted the red medicine and drank it nervously.

All of the crowd’s eyes were focused on him.

“Wow, this is cool.

As soon as I took medicine, the cold disappeared.”

When they noticed that the cold puffs of breath no longer escaped from the man’s mouth, people immediately flocked to her and gave her more money.

Marc glanced around and saw Isabella looking pleased from a distance.

“My Lady.” Marc approached with a greeting, and Isabella looked at the woman with eyes full of affection.

She pointed at the woman standing in front of the fountain.

 “Isn’t Ria amazing Where did this lucky charm of mine roll in Ria is a god.

The god of business.”

Isabella spoke excitedly with clenched fists.

” Who is Ria”

“Oh, yes.

It’s the name I gave her.

You can call her Lia from now on, Mr.


Please take good care of her.”

Marc couldn’t believe she had given the name ‘Ria’ to the woman who had lost her memory.

The relationship between the two seemed to be very close.

Marc felt anxious, somehow.

He would become exhausted if Duke Kyar knew about this.


The red medicine in the basket was quickly sold out.

Ria ran toward Isabella brightly, and Isabella hugged her with open arms.

“Did I do well”

“You’re the best, Ria.

Why don’t you stay with me”

Isabella asked while holding Lia’s hand tightly.

At that moment, she felt a cool chill behind her back.

Isabella didn’t even have to look over her shoulder to know who had blown that cold air.

She could tell at once.

“Oh, you’re here.


Mark was the first to greet him when he noticed Duke Kyar’s presence.

Surprised by the Archduke’s cold, stern expression, he quickly shut his mouth.

Duke Kyar’s gaze was too focused on Isabella holding Ria’s hand.

When Isabella noticed from Duke Kyar’s eyes that he could freeze Ria’s hand at any given moment, she immediately released her to get her out of trouble.

“I forgot to ask you to do something.

Shall we go inside the castle”

Marc told Ria as he took the first step towards the castle.

He expected her to follow him, and she did with a sullen face.

Now, only Isabella and Duke Kyar remained, and she felt awkward to be left alone with him.

“Isabella.” Archduke Kyar murmured, and she slowly glanced up at him.

“I’m more jealous than you think.”

It seemed that his obsession with her had intensified before he even drank the antidote.

Isabella suppressed a sigh.

She had a feeling that she would get more tired of him in the future.

“Your Highness.”

Isabella called him calmly, and he stared at her without saying anything.

“I don’t think jealous men are good.”

His dark eyes trembled, and Isabella bowed her head in a hurry to bid him goodbye.

“Then I’ll get going now.”

She left him standing there in shock, and she proceeded to return toward the castle.

It was something she couldn’t bring herself to say when he had drunk the love potion.

She just couldn’t do it because she was afraid that he would return to his habit if he heard it from her lips.

Isabella felt relieved after she confessed what was pressing in her heart.

Of course, she felt a little sorry.

At this time, she thought it would be nice if Duke Kyar reduced his jealousy a little.

Then, he would be perfect.

She thought about it, but she quickly shook her head.

She must focus on her work now because it was far more critical.

She promised Duke Kyar that she would make a lot of money.

She was very determined to keep her oath.


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