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Seria must have had amnesia, right

Once again, Isabella recalled the original plot.


With her one and only knight as her loyal escort, Seria had escaped to the northern part of the Acnis Empire.

The soldiers of Lilith Kingdom pursued her persistently, and she got almost caught.

Her knight lost his life protecting her from the hands of the soldiers, and Seria, who had approached a dead-end during her escape, jumped into the cliff and plunged into the water.

Fortunately,  a passing woodcutter helped her and saved her life, but Seria had lost her memory due to the shock she had experienced at that time.

After separating with the woodcutter, Seria traveled and crossed the mountain to the northern part of Duke Kyar’s castle without even knowing who she was.

The story begins when a knight discovers Seria in front of the gates.

She seemed to have passed out from hunger and cold before being brought into Rubella Castle.

It was similar to what had happened right now.

“I see that you are determined to lie.”

Duke Kyar said coldly, not believing that Seria couldn’t remember.

Seria lowered her head and glanced down.

“I am not lying.

 I don’t have memories.

The person who saved me from drowning thought I had fallen from the cliff.

I also have this scar on my forehead.”

With furrowed brows, Seria showed them the scar hidden behind her bangs.

Isabella looked at him warmly.

“I believe you.

It must have been hard and shameful for  you to have that scar.”

Isabella couldn’t help but feel sorry despite already knowing the heroine’s narrative from her point of view.

Despite the young age of eighteen,  Seria had gone through such hardships and adversity.

She had sympathized with Seria while reading the novel, but Isabella became even more heartbroken after witnessing the events unfold with her own eyes.

In that instant, a growling sound came to her ear.

Her gaze landed on Seria’s stomach, and she concluded it was the source.

It made sense that Seria was hungry due to her amnesia and lack of nourishment.

She almost starved to death as soon as she possessed Isabella’s body in the past, but nobody cared about her because she was nobody’s business.

“You’d better eat first.”

Of course, she didn’t have the authority to decide this.

Eyes sparkling, Isabella glanced up at Duke Kyar.

“OurArchduke might look cold on the surface, but he is not a person who ignores sick and hungry individuals.

He’s a very nice duke who possessed a warm heart as much as his handsome appearance.”

When Isabella emphasized the word ‘our’, ‘handsome,’ and ‘nice’ in particular, the corners of Duke Kyars lips twitched.

“I’ll make sure that your meal is prepared and ready.”

Maybe, he was a simpler man than she thought, and if he drinks the antidote, this might not work anymore.

Isabella decided to give Seria some medicine once she had eaten.


Isabella took Seria to her bedroom while her food was being prepared.

“Isabella! Who is this” Ignis cawed loudly as he flew next to her, but she ignored him.

Isabella handed Seria some clothes and undergarments for her to wear.

“The bathroom is over there.

You must wash up first and come out when you are done.”


As Seria made herself presentable in the bathroom, she calmly explained the situation to Ignis.

After washing up, Isabella stared at her in a daze.

Earlier, Seria’s face was covered by dirt and grime, but now, her beauty was simply dazzling.

“Thank you for your help,” Seria said with sparkling eyes.

“What do you mean I’m just a temporary resident in this castle, too.

Instead, you must thank His Highness later.”


If it weren’t for you, I would be kicked out of the castle right immediately.”

In the beginning, she wasn’t paying that much attention to Seria’s words, but her eyes grew wider when she realized something.

How did she know her name when she had never told her about it

“How did you know my name”

“That bird called you Isabella, didn’t he”

Seria asked as she gestured at Ignis, seated by the window.

“You can you hear Ignis’ voice” Isabella’s pitch rose, and Seria nodded slowly.

It was the first time she had met someone who could understand Ignis’s words.

She couldn’t believe that Seria could hear a spirit’s voice.

Can Seria be similar to Isabella


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