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When Isabella looked at him, his gaze and the tone of his voice seemed conflicted, “I know, but I can’t do this.

I feel like a crazy person every hour of every day.

I wanted to down the antidote to get rid of this emotion.

I also think it doesn’t matter if I go or live like this for the rest of my life.”

She felt more sorry for Duke Kyar after learning about his harrowing experience.

Unfortunately, she already saw this coming.

It was all because of the love potion she made.

“You can do it, Your Highness.

If you take the antidote, all these divergent emotions will disappear.”

“How can I be confident that I could What if I am still like this even after taking antidote”

‘Archduke Kyar’s feelings were not real anyway,’ she had to remind herself constantly.

As soon as he saw her, he already loved her.

She remembered their conversation, and it was impossible that the emotion could be real.

Of course, just as she became attached to Duke Kyar after a while of spending time with each other, she might have attached herself to him, but love and affection were completely different colors of emotions.

Archduke Kyar also had ‘fate’ as his opponent.

If he managed to drink the antidote and meet Seria, she would forget his feelings for her as if it wasn’t even there in the first place.

“That will never happen.”


I should do that before I go mad because of these stupid feelings for you.”

Her heart hurt as she looked at Duke Kyar, who was experiencing such a hard time.

“When I go back to the North, I will study harder than ever so that you can make an antidote as soon as possible.”

That was all she could do for him.

These false emotions will no longer plague archduke Kyar.


Marc put down the teacup in satisfaction and spoke, “This tea that you bought this time is delicious.”

“I thought the butler, who is familiar with cars, would like it.

By the way, there’s only one day left.”

Marc’s expression quickly darkened at Luches’ words.

“I know.

Why does time fly so fast”

The two were enjoying a vacation from Duke Kyar’s sudden trip with Kyle and Isabella.

Their time felt sweeter, maybe because it all happened so suddenly.

He couldn’t believe this free time would end tomorrow, and he couldn’t help but feel sorry about it.

“Come to think of it, it’s my first time that His Highness had traveled with Master Kyle,” Marc said, and Luches’ eyes widened.

“It’s already been more than ten years since the owner of the house served your Highness, hasn’t it But you still saw it the first time”

“Yes, but don’t be that indifferent at my plight.

It’s just that Master Kyle had never asked His Highness to do that.”

“This is amazing.

How did she manage to make those two get closer”

Luches, who got used to not saying Isabella’s name, naturally said.

He never forgot to omit her name from his lips.

“I think it was amazing, too.

Since she arrived at the Rubella castle, Kyle has become very cheerful.”

Mark replied with a smile.

“Well, what’s more, surprising is the change in the atmosphere.

It felt more electrically charged.

But, if he takes the antidote, he will be back to normal.”

Luches’ said, and Marc made a subtle expression.

“I don’t know.

Somehow, I feel that his feelings toward her might turn out to be real.”

“No way.

If it weren’t for the strange medicine… even the butler would have known better about not doing it.”

As he recalled Duke Kyar’s cold and ruthless character, Luches’ shook his head.

“Do you believe Your Highness will turn back to normal if he takes antidote” Marc asked, and Luches’ nodded without hesitation.

“Of course, but I’m still worried about him.

Should I save him after he comes back to his senses”

Luches frowned as if it was terrible to imagine while Marc’s brown eyes glistened as he watched Luches.

“Will you make a bet with me”

“What kind of bet”

“I’ll bet that even if Duke Kyar drinks the antidote, His Highness will not change his mind.”

Marc said with a confident smile.

“What are you going to bet”

“Well, what do you think about my chessboard that you wanted”

Mentioning Marc’s chessboard made Luches’ pumpkin eyes tremble with excitement.

The chessboard wasn’t just a simple chessboard.

As he thought of the luxurious chess board made with the touch of a craftsman, and it even had a long history of 500 years, Luches nodded as if possessed.

“You’re going to bet on that”


What would you bet on”

“Then I’ll bet my watch on it.

You know about the clock master from the Natalie Kingdom who made it, right He had paid attention to each timepiece.”

“Of course, I know very well.

That’s great.”

“Don’t cry after losing your chessboard.”

“You can’t talk about anything else later.”

The two stared at each other, wearing smug looks.


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