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Moving beside the motionless man carefully, she slowly reached out at the man’s nose.

In that instant, a sigh of relief came out of her mouth.

Fortunately, she was still hidden.

She didn’t like to meddle in other people’s business in the first place, but she couldn’t let Archduke Kyar, the main character of the novel and his future VIP customer, die like this.

She took the red medicine out of the bag and let it flow little by little into the man’s slightly open lips.

However, it was more complicated than she thought, giving medicine to a man sitting upright.

Putting down the medicine bottle, she leaned his head back as much as possible with both of her hands, thinking it would be a waste to spill its contents.

The moment she lifted the medicine bottle and poured it into the man’s lips, his eyes opened wide.

He looked more handsome when he opened his eyes.


That wasn’t important right now!

“Are you okay What are you doing here” She asked Archduke Kyar urgently, but she tensed in surprise when he stared hard at her.

All of a sudden, he began to shed tears.

“Are you crazy”

“Who are you”

His voice was so good for such a crazy person that she found it annoying.

“I’m just a passerby.”

What’s wrong with his eyes

She found the dark eyes staring at her quite burdensome.

“Why does it hurt so much when I see you” Archduke Kyar asked in a low voice as he caressed a particular spot that was dangerously close to her left chest.

“I don’t know.

Talk to the doctor.”

“I love you.”

His strange words made her laugh.

What the hell is he talking about

“I think I love you like crazy.”

She guessed he was crazy!

Suddenly, professing his love towards her…

An image of a love potion that had rolled to the floor came to mind.

No way! This medicine……

With trembling eyes, she glanced down at the red medicine bottle she had fed to the man.

She thought that the red medicine, which maintains the body temperature, had vanished from the bag, but did the love potion also fall on the bag that she had placed next to the table

Holding the medicine bottle tightly, she couldn’t take her troubled eyes off his face.


As she explained all the details to Duke Kyar, she carefully checked if he was losing his mind.

“Is the reason why my heart beats like crazy in front of you is because of the love potion”

Why did he have such a crazy reaction

The effectiveness of the love potion she made without much thought was too good.

The problem was that she had no intention of using the drug she created right away, so of course, she had not produced an antidote.

What was even more unfortunate was that Isabella’s notebook had no antidote.

There was no method of creating it, and she realized that Isabella had only studied it for fun.

She was supposed to make a love potion and study it slowly.

She had no idea that she would use this medicine in this absurd situation!

“Give me the antidote right away.

This feeling is very unpleasant.”

Even if he found it offensive, Archduke Kyar couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her face.

It appeared like his symptoms were more severe than she expected, giving her a headache.

If she told him that she didn’t have an antidote, would he kill her

“I’m sorry, but I haven’t made an antidote yet.”

As expected, he quickly drew his sword, and she felt the cold air from its sharp blade before it settled at the back of her slender neck.

Was this the end of her short life

She bid her dreams of wealth and good fortune goodbye!

Fortunately, he put his sword down.

He had a face whose eyes could shed tears at any given moment.

“I can’t kill you.

I thought I’d die if I didn’t see you.” He said desperately, and it made her momentarily speechless.

First of all, she was glad that she had saved his life, but this situation was an unwelcome surprise.

‘This is why people shouldn’t be nosy,’ She thought as she caressed the back of her neck where the blade had touched her skin.

She never thought that he was training in that position.

Come to think of it.

Archduke Kyar was a man who never froze to death.

Allen de Kyar, the male protagonist in the novel, was born with the power of ice.

The people of the Kyar family were born with the power of ice, and as the male protagonist, he was the strongest man of all time.

Why did she forget about that She was so surprised to see him sitting there, motionless, that he made a big mistake in judging the situation correctly.

The good thing was, she had tried to save him because she thought he was freezing to death, but the good deed came back to him like poison.

Of course, this was her fault! It was obvious.

As expected, people seemed to live however they liked.


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