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Kyle, who already imbibed the medicine she made, was surprised by the sudden ice in his veins.

However, Kyle grabbed the sword calmly and began to move.

However, it wasn’t enough to overcome the power of ice from spreading inside the body.

Her heart burned with concern the moment she saw Kyle’s face turning blue.

“Young master Kyle, I think you’d better stop.

First, this medicine—-”

Kyle shook his head at her in refusal when she offered the red medicine.

“Ha, I can do it.

There is.

Just a little bit…  I’ll have to try harder.”

Kyle shivered and shuddered, but he never released the sword in his hand.

He continued to move while he glanced at Isabella anxiously from time to time.

It finally happened, but it was cut short.

The tip of Kyle’s sword was able to let out a blue chill.

“Young master Kyle!”

“Did you see that!”

Kyle, who succeeded in evoking the cold air from inside to the outside world, shouted at her.

Perhaps because he could release the icy air, Kyle’s pale complexion has returned to normal.

“I saw it.

I saw it.”

It must have been painful and difficult for him, but Kyle did not give up and kept his body moving according to what he learned for the examination.

She was very proud of him.

“I succeeded, right”

He asked again, and she nodded eagerly at Kyle.

With arms outstretched, Kyle hugged her, and her palms patted his back gently.

After experiencing that first step to possess the power of ice, he continued to train slowly but surely by increasing the amount of Gloria flowers he took.

It would be possible that the fateful day would arrive when Kyle could use the power of ice on his own.

In her mind, she already expected that Kyle could do it.

Kyle did not settle for that past success and focused on his training the next day and afterward.

The amount of ice he could emit from his sword increased little by little.

Isabella also watched Kyle’s training without missing a single of them.

During his training, a strong bond was formed between them.


Time flew by quickly.

Five days had passed since Duke Kyar went to subdue His Majesty.

Her daily life was genuinely peaceful because of Duke Kyar’s absence, but the tranquility didn’t last very long.


Marc, the butler, ran toward her when she returned from Kyle’s training.

“Duke Kyar is looking for you.”

“What You’re back already”

There should be two days left before Kyar would return.

But suddenly, he was looking for her, and she didn’t know what this entailed.

“That isn’t important.

He ordered me to deliver the lady directly to where he was.


Duke Kyar is very sick.”

“Uncle is sick”

Kyle, who was listening quietly to their discussion, interrupted in a surprise.

Mark nodded at Kyle.

“I didn’t know the rest of the details because I was contacted out of the blue.

The footmen who will escort you there knew the way, so you can go with them.”

I can’t believe he was ill.

Did he get hurt somewhere

Isabella couldn’t believe that someone as powerful as him could get sick.

Still, she couldn’t ignore a sick person who was looking for her.

“Give me a moment.

I will go to my room and pack the things I will need.”

Leaving them behind, she hurried back to the room and took a variety of potions just in case.

She brought the red medicine that raises body temperature, antipyretics, and additional medicine applied to wounds.

She called Ignis, who bathed himself in the sun by the window.

“Duke Kyar is in a lot of pain, and I need to be there.

Do you want to go with me”

“I don’t want to.

I’ll be here!”

Ignis, who hated Duke Kyar so much, replied while flapping his tiny wings.

“Then take my energy in advance if you don’t want to come with me.”

She knew Ignis could survive without consuming her energy for two days.

After sharing her energy with him, Isabella left the room.

The footmen waited for her to come out of the castle, and she immediately rode the carriage which led them to the boundary.

After passing through the mountain where she lived, the carriage went farther to the North.

Two hours had passed, and the carriage stopped.

After descending from the carriage, she saw a colossal ice barrier, which she believed to be established by Duke Kyar.

She was stunned, speechless by how proud and robust it stood.

She couldn’t believe that a being was capable of such power that she started to doubt if Duke Kyar was human, but that person was sick.

She had no idea what the hell happened to him.

“You can enter the barracks, my lady.” As he pointed to the most expanse of the barracks, the Knight who welcomed her there said.

Isabella nodded and slowly entered the barracks.

As she walked through the dressing room and went inside, she saw Archduke Kyar changing his clothes.


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