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Isabella stared at Kyle warmly.

“You are the luckiest person who was born in this world who had such a strong desire to leave that your mother did not give up until the last minute.

Your precious little life represents your mother’s last hope and love, Young Master.

I think your mom tried her very best to live and give birth to you until the very last minute to keep her promises to you.

So don’t ever think that you only brought bad luck in this world.”

Tears clouded Kyle’s vision as he listened to her explanation.

Just looking at him made her almost cry, too.

“Do you think so”

Kyle asked in a trembling voice, and she nodded.

“Of course.

If anyone tells you that you are a cursed child, bring them all to me.

I’ll scold all of them.

You can count on me that I will always be by your side.”

From her words, Kyle plastered a bright smile on his face, and she realized that the pure and innocent smile of a child was oh-so-lovely.

Kyle ran into her arms and embraced her.

Suppressing the strong desire to pat his back, she settled by gently stroking his dark hair.

“Thank you, sister.”

Kyle kept calling her ‘sister,’ and she felt awkward hearing it at first but got used to it later.

Well, it wouldn’t be that bad to have such a cute younger brother.

She just wanted Kyle to grow up as pure and adorable as now and not evil from what she had read in the novel.

It would be nice to express his lineage’s power, even if it’s just a little bit so that it wouldn’t happen in the future.

Kyle kept training every day, but he still didn’t have the power of ice no matter how hard he tried!

At that moment, the Gloria flowers came to her mind.

Would it help Kyle in his training if she made medicine out of it

The Gloria Flowers might help Kyle cultivate his freezing abilities every day enough to gather the ice energy independently.

Using the medicine might lead her to a tremendous breakthrough.

She had the red medicine that raised her body temperature in her possession, so she thought she could use the other one during dangerous situations.

“Young master Kyle.”


“It would be challenging for me, but I think I can make medicine to help your training, Young Master.

Of course, I could not guarantee its success.

But if I managed to pull it off, you might gain the power of ice.”

Upon hearing her brilliant plans, Kyle’s dark eyes sparkled with delight.

“If you don’t mind, would you like to try it”

She asked, and Kyle nodded without hesitation.

“As long as I have the power of ice, I can do anything.”

“Once again, the chances are very slim.”

Kyle seemed to want the power of ice so desperately that she was worried that his intense thoughts might hurt him for no reason.

“It’s okay.

It is useless for me to practice the law of the family every single day if I don’t have it.

It’s the only possibility I can hang on to, but just in case, I won’t dare expect too much, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

Kyle’s words broke Isabella’s heart since the child sounded so mature about it, but it made her proud.

She hopes Kyle’s efforts will be rewarded this time.

She just wanted to let him know that if there is a god in this world, this time, effort will never betray him.


She quickly returned to the room and began to take medicine from the dried Gloria flowers she picked.

She only had to use the ‘Gloria’ flowers instead of the ‘Floria’ to create the red medicine, so making it wouldn’t be so difficult.

“Isabella! What are we making this time That is a medicine that might hurt you!”

Ignis cawed loudly as he glowered at light blue potions on the potted jar.

The medicine must be very effective when she saw how Ignis hated the energy emanating from this drug.

As she poured the sky blue concoction into several bottles, she brought her hands together and prayed that this medicine would help Kyle.

The next day, Isabella broke her fast at the Dining Hall with Kyle as soon as she opened her eyes.

After that, they went into the forest to experiment with the medicine she had created yesterday.

When they arrived at the tree where the Gloria flowers bloomed, she looked down at Kyle nervously.

“If you can’t stand it, you have to tell me right away, alright”

She emphasized as he handed Kyle the medicine.

“I will.”

As she watched Kyle drinking the sky blue potion anxiously, she held the red medicine tightly in her hand just in case things would go wrong.


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