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Isabella looked up at him nervously and his face was close enough that she could feel his breath.


His lips were moving closer and closer to hers, passing her cheeks to approach her ears.

“I’m glad you’re such a strong-willed person.” He whispered softly in her ear and slowly raised his head.

“I don’t have to try to control myself since what I do will never shake you.

Don’t you think so”

The lazy smile on his lips felt wicked, somehow.

“You should do what you must do to protect your heart.

Don’t misunderstand me.

Everything I say and do is because of the strange medicine you made.”

“I will.

I promise you.”

She was a very rational human being.

She had never loved anyone in the world.

Let alone dating someone despite being over 30.

Well, when she sees a handsome person, her eyes would usually appreciate such a pleasant sight, but that’s all.

She was busy studying when she was still young.

When she finally entered college, earning to afford her living expenses became her top priority while also maintaining her grades to receive the scholarships she needed.

It was the same thing when she entered the workplace, dedicating all her youth to research and develop new drugs.

That was the reason why dying in vain upsets her so much.

That was why she wanted to live a life that was miraculously given to her, well.

She was just an extra in this novel anyway, but she was the main character in her life.

The novel she wanted to write with her, as the main character, was an economic growth novel.

Not about this pathetic believer.

If she drank the love potion and fell in love with this insane man, that was when she would turn into this literal believer.

She didn’t want to imagine herself crying and hanging on to him the instant he returned to his senses after drinking the antidote.

“I don’t know why I feel bad about your answer.

You didn’t even hesitate.” He muttered as his trembling hand lowered to his face.

“Yet, I’m relieved at the same time.

I don’t have to endure it by that point, and I’ll be able to do what I want.”

Did he throw that bait for no reason

Isabella felt like she would become more bothered with this in the future.

A carriage, engraved with the symbol of the Kyar Family, passed by in front of both of them.

“Kyle must be here.”

Isabella’s blue eyes widened at the Archduke’s murmur.

Kyle Kyar was Duke Kyar’s nephew and his only remaining relative.

Kyle Kyar lost his family since birth.

The carriage, which the child’s parents rode,  was attacked by a horseman.

Archduke Kyar’s brother died on the spot.

The wife, the Archduke’s sister-in-law, remained conscious.

She had given birth that day, but she died and followed after her husband.

Kyle Kyar, an unlucky child, born the day his parents passed away, will grow later into the black screen of the novel.

Unfortunately, Kyle was born without the power of ice in all the members of the Kyar Family should have possessed.

Kyle was raised in Duke Kyar’s hands, and he still did not know how to express his emotions well.

As a child, he was always thirsty for love and attention.

However, Duke Kyar’s attention was focused on Seria, the heroine, and Kyle had suffered great anxiety from the idea of their marriage and having children.

Duke Dwellin had approached Kyle, who had feared Duke Kyar’s abandonment, and Kyle, who eventually held Duke Dwellin’s hand, had started a revolt to take over the Kyar Family.

The rebellion will injure Seria,  and Kyle will lose his life to his uncle, the Duke of Kyar.

This story was according to the second half of the novel.

It was mentioned to happen about five years later.

While she was too distracted recalling the novel, the carriage stopped, and a boy with dark black hair got out of the carriage.

Was she shorter than this kid

The boy, who appeared younger than 14 years old, had white cheeks that looked as soft as a glutinous rice cake.

His chubby cheeks were so lovely that she fought the urge to bite it once.

She liked children so much.

Maybe it was because she grew up lonely as an only child, but she wanted to have several children if she could later on.

Kyle Kyar could be the death of her.

He looked so enchanting in her eyes.

While she gaped at Kyle, Duke Kyar gave her a disapproving look.

“Do you even have to look at my nephew like that”

Was this man jealous of his nephew now

He was also jealous of Ignis, so he might as well adjust.


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