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Chapter 26


it was contained When viewed from a bright place, it looked only hazy, but in a gloomy place, it was as clear as a nocturnal beast.

The low voice tickled, as if crawling on the skin, perhaps because of the close enough distance to look up.


“I didn’t know that the person who asked for a child would doubt her husband’s abilities.”


“I don’t doubt it , why are you asking this so suddenly.”


“What’s going on You didn’t say you needed a child “


“… now”


Julia looked up at him blankly.

And Theo looked at her in an absurd way again.


“Would you like me to put a lot of effort into it”


“Uh, no.

So… I thought you wanted me to ” “I don’t want the gossip between a couple and then share the same bed.”


“I do.”


I didn’t know it would start from the very first day of that absurd encounter… … … … ! Julia was sweating and trying to make her expression as calm as possible.


Well, the first time she entered this mansion without knowing her husband’s name and face, she made up her own mind.

But the opponent is Theo Astolf.

A man who has noticed her identity, or may already know her.

At least, that determination was only strengthened when the other person was a man whom he did not know at all.


And I thought he needed some time to get used to it too,


what is this


Julia, who was experiencing the feelings of a wife looking at her husband who came after taking a bath in hot water that made her body hot, had no choice but to panic.


Theo, who was looking down at her with slender eyes, added in a languid tone.


“And I know at what time the child will born .

I’ll have to give as many seeds as possible , so that the odds don’t increase.”


“What… … … .”


For Julia, it was a sweet sound.

Her hometown was patriarchal and where the male preference ideology prevailed.

Women, especially sons


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