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Young Master is a Mortal Too

Li Jingyun scowled and cocked his head as he felt a little discomfort in his throat and even his lungs.


"Open the door for this Young Master."


When Xun Momo unintentionally came into contact with his piercing eyes, she quickly lowered them and took two steps away.


"Master." She knelt down and bowed.

"What are the rules of our Daliang, you know in your heart there is no reason to hand over the keys since the door is closed."


"Can't give me the key"


"Absolutely not."


"Okay." Li Jingyun nodded, "You eat rice from the royal family, there is also no reason for this Young Master to embarrass you."


Xun Momo exhaled a sigh of relief and bowed to him, saying, "Thanks Young Master's..."




Before she could finish, there was a loud bang in front of her.

The heavy wooden door was kicked off its hinges, and the twice-wound chain and functional iron lock fell to the ground with a loud crash.

The darkroom floor was covered in dust and grass clippings as a result of the wind that rushed inside from outside.


In response to Xun Momo's shock, a coolness rose from the tail's back to the vest.


She reached out to grab Li Jingyun, but her fingers were only half an inch away, the cyan robe's sleeves flapped in the wind, and the man walked right into the door.


Along with him, the light entered, illuminating half the space and shining even more brilliantly on the person's clothes covered in blood on the haystack.


Such a large movement received no response from the subject.

Even though Li Jingyun was mentally prepared, when he actually approached, he noticed the numerous, bloody wounds hidden beneath the ragged robe and continued to walk stiffly.


People sometimes find Yin Huayue's mouth so irritating that they can't wait to roll her up and throw her out of the Eastern Courtyard.

Her mouth is as hard as a duck that can't be boiled rotten.


However, even if she was thrown away, he didn't want her to die.


After some time of silent observation, Li Jingyun reached out to feel her breath.

He stopped in front of her and didn't move for a while—possibly because it was too cold in this dark room—with his fingertips trembling a little.


The person on the haystack moved.


When Li Jingyun saw the movement, his pupils shrank, his face turned away, and he quickly withdrew his hand.

It was only a very slight lift of the fingertips that made a weak sound against the dry grass.


"This Young Master just knew, people like you wouldn't die so easily."


He paused and chuckled lightly, "Even the sword played by Qingfang is not as tough as your bones."


When Hua Yue opened her eyes, there was a buzzing, inaudible sound coming from her ears, and her vision was clouded with blood scabs.

After some time, she finally caught a glimpse of the person squatting in front of her.


This man turned against the light, just like what he saw on the training ground that day.

The sun was blazing, his body was full of vigor, and the robe of blue carp snow brocade was well-dressed, matching the spring outside.


Inexplicably, Huayue hooked the corner of her mouth: "Outside..."


The voice was so hoarse it was completely incomprehensible.


Li Jingyun couldn't hear clearly, and frowned closer to her, "What did you say"


"The flowers outside...

are they blooming nicely" Her smile returned, her brows were slightly arched, and there was a gleam in her eyes as she struggled to complete the sentence.

Her throat also rolled up and down.


Like the evil ghost that crept out of Hell, half of this person's body was covered in dirt, dust, weeds, and dried blood pools.

Her first sentence, however, turned out to be asking about flowers.


Naturally, the flowers outside are in good bloom.

The courtyard's Winter Jasmine, Magnolia, and Peonies are well-kept and bloom very early.


Li Jingyun glanced at her and was a little annoyed for no reason, "Why do you ask this"


Hua Yue laughed as her gaze shifted downward.

After pausing briefly, she stretch out her blood-stained fingers and pinched the corner of his clothing.


"This servant...want to go out and look at the flowers." She pinched the corner of his clothing as she licked her dry lips with her tongue and half-eyed glanced up at him, "Is it alright"




After lowering his eyes and cursing in a low, irritated tone, Li Jingyun stood up and ruthlessly tore the corner of his clothing from her hands.


As the surrounding surged once again, and Huayue hurriedly closed her eyes.


She was aware that this individual wanted to skin her and remove her sinews, so asking him for assistance was the worst move she could have made.


Huayue held her knees firmly and prepared to drill into the haystack, but as soon as she looked up, her calf was caught.


"Why are you moving blindly." Li Jingyun leaned over, put his hands through the crooks of her legs and the nape of her neck, hesitated, and hugged her whole body, "Isn't only a few broken flowers This Young Master will show you, see till you've had enough."


The weeds fell from her body rustling, and she then turned.

Her field of vision suddenly became dazzling, with both the light and the shadow having a mottled appearance.

She turned to face Li Jingyun after spotting his halo-adorned features in the distance.


Huayue was startled, her hand slowly rose to cover her eyes, and her eyelashes quivered slightly.


The voice of Xun Momo quickly rang out in front of her, "Young Master, a command from above has arrived.

The servant will not be able to explain it if they lose sight of her."


"It's difficult to explain Let whoever caught her in come and talk to this Young Master.

To beat the dog, you must first determine its master.

Anyone who assaults those who work for this Young Master is required to notify this Young Master as well."




"The jade pendant on this Young Master's waist, I'll hand it to you to report, and roll away for this Young Master."


He strode out the door, his breath was a little unsteady, she was close enough to hear his heartbeat clearly.


Messy, quick and urgent.


"Let Wen Guzhi come to the Eastern Courtyard, don't make a sound."




Seemingly to hear the sound of Badou, and seeing how the air was getting fresher, the wind was rubbing against the trees, and the courtyard's magnolia perfume was still present.


Huayue wanted to look up to see Li Jingyun's expression, however, her eyelids were as heavy as two squares of stone grinding and she was unable to look up .

She only saw a glimpse of his chin before seeing darkness in front of her.




Wen Guzhi was relaxing while listening to music at the Qifeng Building when she and the chair were abruptly taken to the General's Mansion.


When the chair fell to the floor, the tea in his palm was still hot.


Wen Guzhi merely kept drinking tea while maintaining a rigid gaze toward the man in front of him, saying, "Your face is not very good, reach out and I will give you a pulse."


Li Jingyun furrowed his brow.

"It's not me,"


"Huh" Wen Guzhi tilted his head.


The inner room had a bed with a person lying on it, and even from a distance, you could smell the pungent odor of blood.


He stood up and marched over to check her pulse with a tense gaze.


"Third Young Master, this is too much." He scowled, "How can you hurt a girl like this"


Li Jingyun slumped against the partition and growled, "It's not me."


He glanced aside after a little pause, "It also counts as being connected to me.

I'll reply to what you previously mentioned as long as you help save lives."


Wen Guzhi gave him an unexpected gaze, but he was unable to probe more.

He instructed someone to go get water as he shoved the life-saving medication he had with him inside her.


"Third Young Master, kindly evade; I need to treat this girl's wounds."


After turning around and wanting to leave, Li Jingyun nodded but felt uneasy and took two steps back.

"I evade; how about you"


"I'm a doctor, Third Young Master has never heard of disease don't avoid doctor," Wen Guzhi said inexplicably.


He strolled back and said nonchalantly, "The dog I raised, doesn't avoid me either."


Wen Guzhi raised his eyebrows and asked, "This is—that maid" as he took a serious glance at the bed.


"Stop talking rubbish," From the pear wood cabinet next to her, Li Jingyun pulled out a clean piece of clothing and said, "I'll clean her wounds, you wait and write the prescription for me."


After being brothers for so long, he finally understands who this person is concerned about.

All of the older brothers agreed that although the Third Young Master typically smiles when he sees people, he has the coldest heart.

No matter how much Jinghua's heart is held in front of him, he can step on it without looking at it.

That is what is meant by a romantic who sees the world from a distance and a ruthless who sees the world up close.


But at this moment...


Wen Guzhi tweaked the remedy for him while sighing and gloating at his misfortune, and then he went outside to continue drinking tea.


When the curtain at the wall parted, Li Jingyun sat down next to the bed and muttered angrily, "There aren't any other maids in the yard, so if you want to live, you'll have to deal with the wound.

You have no reason to blame me, just as I didn't last time."


With that, he reached out and undid her belt.


She had given the light blue fabric a deep crimson color, and when he picked it up, it was wet and heavy.

Disgusted, Li Jingyun threw it away before hugging her and removing her clothing from behind.


He was wearing a thin silk brocade robe.

Because of their near proximity, he could clearly feel her warmth and softness.


Li Jingyun took the handkerchief that had been dipped in the medicinal fluid while puckering his lips uncomfortably and turned to face her.


This person has quite a few injuries, but you wouldn't know it if you couldn't see it.

The clothing is thrown on the ground, the fresh wounds are piled on top of the old ones, and there is no decent skin.

The bruises from her previous beating were still visible, but this time, as she was hit once more, the previous wounds were ripped open, which was horrific.


Li Jingyun became increasingly irritated as she continued to stare at it, saying, "A girl with a body littered with scars like this, this life don't even try to find a spouse."


When the words were spoken, he caught a sight of the teeth marks on her shoulder.


There are two small blood scabs, the black green is not dispersed, and this mark is still very new.

According to the shape, it was bitten by someone from behind her, and the posture must be quite intimate.


Li Jingyun's face drooped, and he prepared to reprimand her for being shameless as he opened his mouth, but a few memories raced across his thoughts before he could finish what he was about to say.


The gentle maid stitching the gash on the arm between them as the candlelight burned through the icy needle tip, but the man bit someone's shoulder unintentionally because he was in pain.




Li Jingyun, who was guiltily caressing his arm, coughed twice, feigned not to see, wiped the mud off her wound, twirled the handkerchief in the bowl of healing fluid with one hand, and cleaned it.


Wen Guzhi had drank three cups of tea before the curtain at the partition was lifted.


"Yo." He grinned as he observed the Young Master, "Why, it's hot inside."


"Stop talking rubbish." With a frown, Li Jingyun muttered, "Look at why she hasn't woken up yet."


After standing up, Wen Guzhi replied slowly, "The beating is severe, and the girl's body is already frail.

She lost a lot of blood, and it is unlikely that she will be able to wake up very soon.

She had just had her pulse taken, and it was feeble.

It must be due to working too hard and getting too little sleep; if she has this chance to sleep more, there is no need to wake her up."


After a sigh of relief, Li Jingyun asked, "Will she be alright when she wakes up"


"Third Master thinks too easily." With a shake of the head "If her fate is tenacious enough, she might be able to awaken on her own.

If her fate is not defiant, she won't have to bother waking up because she will have a high fever tonight."


Turning back after giving him the written prescription, Wen Guzhi stated, "For this reason, the imperial doctor can't do much; you just need to take the medication as prescribed."


Someone grabbed the back collar as he moved to exit the room.

Wen Guzhi's eyebrows shot up as he had a terrifying premonition.


As a royal physician, he frequently overheard the proverb: "If you can't cure so-and-so, you'll be buried with her."


He despised this inhumane sentence.


However, seeing the meaning behind Third Young Master, he most likely intended to say the same thing.


Wen Guzhi looked at him resolutely, demonstrating to him the attitude of a royal physician who would prefer death.


However, Li Jingyun did not say so.


After a while, he just responded, "I thought about what you said earlier, but I still don't have time," while casting him an arrogant glance.




"Young Master." Wen Guzhi lost his face and took back the foot he stepped out.

"Fear not; this little one will keep you on your watch.

This small one will bring the soul of the person within back for you, even if it is sent back to the underworld."


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