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Bai Lang nodded vigorously.

“Yes, Im here to tell you about this! So that youll be shocked!”

Gu Qiqis eyes were desolate.

“Im already shocked.

You dont have to say anymore.”

However, Bai Lang did not seem to have had enough.

“Ah You know But you still dont know how serious the consequences are, right Let me tell you, this is a world-renowned matter, and the impact is quite big…”

Gu Qiqis voice became even more uncomfortable.

“I know.

I saw it on television…”

Bai Lang said, “Huh So soon I wanted to tell you myself and then admire your lost look!”

Gu Qiqi frowned and berated, “Bai Lang! Arent you childish! At a time like this, youre actually still thinking of… mocking me”

Gong Jue was dead, but as her friend, he wasnt sad at all.

Instead, he even wanted to admire her dejectedness

That was enough!

Bai Lang was stunned.

The little demon actually called him childish!

It didnt make sense!

Wasnt it normal for him to tease her at this time If he were in her shoes, she would also tease him, right


Bai Lang wanted to say something else.

Gu Qiqi stood up and waved him away.

“Youre not welcome here!”

Bai Lang staggered back.

He did not expect Gu Qiqi to be so rude and strong.

Oh my, it hurt when he was hit!

Bai Lang was chased out by Gu Qiqi.

However, he had yet to finish speaking.

He was indignant.

He had no choice but to grab the door frame and refuse to let go.

“Gu Qiqi, let me finish! It wasnt easy for me to talk to you today…”

Gu Qiqi knocked on his arm impolitely.


Bai Lang wailed, “Someone was hit! Someone was hit!”

They were in a mess.

Behind Bai Lang, there was suddenly the sound of strong leather boots.

Immediately after, the mans cold voice sounded from behind.

“Who hit you”

Bai Lang was delighted.

He turned around and complained, “Master Jue, your little demon hit me! It hurts!”

Gong Jue stepped forward and pulled him away.

“Let me take a look.”

Bai Lang stretched out his arm.

“Look, look, she hit me so hard that I turned purple!”

How could she have expected this

Gong Jue slapped his arm away and held Gu Qiqis small hand.

“Doesnt your hand hurt Dont hit anyone in the future.

If you want to hit someone, let me hit him for you!”

Bai Lang was speechless.

Damn! It didnt hurt at all when he was beaten up, but the little demons hand made Master Jues heart ache!

At this moment.

Gu Qiqi, who was being held, was completely petrified.

She looked at Gong Jue in disbelief.

She was stunned for a few seconds.

Didnt he… die in the line of duty

Who… was this man in front of her

Who was this man whose heart ached for her hand Who was this domineering and protective man

Gu Qiqis eyes turned red.

In the next second, she flew over and placed her small hand on his shoulder.

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed Gong Jue fiercely!

She didnt care anymore.

She didnt want any more reservations.

To hell with four years ago.

To hell with the impurity and all her hesitations.

All she wanted to do was kiss him hard! Kiss him! Kiss him! Tell him how much she needed him!

She hugged him without a care.

That familiar smell finally confirmed that this was Gong Jue, the living Gong Jue.

He wasnt dead!

He was back!

A strong sense of happiness surrounded her.

She sobbed as she kissed him, her tears and smile blooming at the same time.

Gong Jue took a deep breath and quickly took the initiative to kiss her back.

This was the first time in his life that he had seen the stupid woman take the initiative.

And in front of Bai Lang.

He felt a sense of superiority and happiness.

At the side, Bai Lang was dumbfounded as he watched this scene.

He had run over early in the morning to anger Gu Qiqi, not to eat dog food, alright

Could these two people show some concern for the single dog that was a rare and protected animal!

Why did they have to kiss so… closely!


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