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It was a sleepless night.

Gu Qiqi wished she could fly to the Hanbei Ridge immediately to find Gong Jue.

Of course, the cell phone communication was cut off.

She couldnt get through to him on the phone.

She couldnt reply to his texts.

All of this confirmed Gu Qiqis guess.

She got up with a pair of panda eyes, and her entire face had lost its usual luster.

However, she still walked mechanically to the kitchen and silently finished the sweet and thin pancakes that she had not finished last night.

She also cooked some coriander meatballs for breakfast.

The little boy rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked at the breakfast on the table.

For the first time, he didnt have the urge to fly forward.

Instead, he walked up to Gu Qiqi worriedly.

“Big Sister…”

Seeing the little boy open his arms and call out softly, Gu Qiqis heart softened again.

She picked up the little packrat and sat on the dining table.

“Are you hungry Shall I feed you”

The boy pushed the bowl closer to her hand.

“You eat.”

Gu Qiqi pursed her lips, her eyes sparkling.

“Alright, Ill eat.”

Mechanically, she ate bite after bite.

The little packrat swallowed his saliva.

Finally, he had an appetite.

He also picked up a piece of thin candy and bit into it.

However, she had only taken a bite when a strange expression appeared on her face.

He suddenly snatched the porridge and thin bowl from Gu Qiqis hand.

“Big Sister, let me eat it.

Ill eat!”

As Gu Qiqi watched the little packrat wolf down the food, she gradually realized that something was amiss.

She came back to her senses and took another bite…


She had actually made the thin pancake have a strange taste of sweetness and salt.

What was worse was that she had added pepper.

That taste was indescribable!

It was obvious that she had been distracted while cooking.

Gu Qiqi quickly snatched the breakfast from the little boys hands and hugged him in frustration.

“Im sorry, Im sorry.

Baby, its all my fault.

Ill make it for you again…”

She hurriedly got up to go to the kitchen.

However, the little boy held onto her collar tightly.

“Big Sister, are you leaving after cooking this meal”

Gu Qiqis heart skipped a beat!

Why were childrens instincts so accurate

She planned to let the little boy have a full meal before leaving to look for Gong Jue in the Hanbei Ridge.

She wanted to see him dead or alive.

She wanted to go to the explosion site herself to take a look.

However, she did not expect the little boy to see through her.

The little boy tightened her grip, afraid that she would leave.

“Big Sister, dont leave me alone, okay Dont leave me alone!”

Gu Qiqis heart broke.

If possible, she also wanted to pull Gong Jues military uniform and say to him, “Dont leave, okay Dont leave us behind!”

She sniffed.

“Little boy, be good.

Ill go out to do something very important later…”

As she spoke, the door was suddenly opened.

Gu Qiqis eyes lit up, but then dimmed again.

It was Bai Lang.

Bai Lang often came to look for Xiaobei to study robots, so Gong Jue gave him a set of spare keys.

As soon as Bai Lang entered, he curled his lips and said, “Gu Qiqi, did you say that you were going out to do something important I heard it from outside! You were going out… right Let me tell you, you were a step too late!

Gu Qiqis heart tightened.

When she heard that she was a step too late, she couldnt help but feel uncomfortable again.

Bai Lang was also one of Gong Jues closest friends.

Even Bai Lang was a step too late…

She bit her lip.

“Is it really too late Have you… confirmed his… affairs”

She couldnt say it too directly in front of the little boy, afraid that she would scare her and he would not be able to accept the fact that Gong Jue had been bombed.


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