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“Mingming!” Mu Yixi only saw Feng Weiming in his eyes, he stepped in front of him in a few strides, and looked at him carefully to see if he had suffered.

Mu Jiuqing also took a look at Feng Weiming, after seeing that he was safe and sound, he turned his attention to Chen Fu, pinning him in place, while he did not even dare to move.

“Boss…” Chen Fu’s people were embarrassed and helpless.

They had worked under Chen Fu for many years, and they knew that Mu Jiuqing was Chen Fu’s life, so when Mu Jiuqing led people to rush in, they tied their hands and feet, and did not dare to stop them vigorously, but Mu Jiuqing and others came here with anger, and it was terrible to welcome them in.

However, their boss was clearly in danger.

He had lowered his head and looked deeply remorseful.

He sat in a wheelchair with a thin and pitiful figure, expressing the desolation of the disabled in a three-point manner.

“You all go out.” Mu Jiuqing instructed arrogantly.

It was obviously not the first time he had commanded Chen Fu’s subordinates like this.

The people who had been commanded looked at each other, and the one with the highest position secretly looked at Chen Fu.

Chen Fu didn’t dare to hum when he looked towards him, but he immediately understood what the employer meant and led the people out.

Mu Jiuqing’s people went out as soon as Mu Jiuqing opened his mouth, as they had a lot of training.

Soon, there were only Mu Jiuqing, Chen Fu, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming left in the room.

“What do you want to do by kidnapping my son” Mu Jiuqing asked straight to the point, his deep voice was full of anger.

Through the clues given by Mu Yixi, Mu Jiuqing quickly found out Chen Fu’s entry records.

He didn’t want to regard Chen Fu as a suspect, he usually wanted to let him know even if he took a step, but he seemed extremely anxious that the people who grew up at home went to a country thousands of miles away in silence, so Mu Jiuqing couldn’t doubt it.

Chen Fu didn’t expect Mu Jiuqing to come to him so quickly.

He originally planned to seal Weiming for a few days, send him back to France after a few days of coercion and inducement to compromise, and then return to France without anyone noticing.

He never expected to be caught by Mu Jiuqing at this critical moment.

When he was talking to Mu Jiuqing, even if he was usually eloquent, he would have stuttered in front of him, not to mention that he had never been eloquent.

Mu Jiuqing was shrewd, how could he ever cheat him He was so anxious that he was sweating profusely, and his face was full of fear.

Mu Jiuqing wanted to beat him up! His boyfriend kidnapped his son, he really had all kinds of ideas.

The moment the evidence was conclusive, he felt really angry and sad! If Feng Weiming didn’t seem to be in good shape, Mu Jiuqing would have wanted to tear him apart, asking him if he had a conscience.

Chen Fu was speechless and looked at Feng Weiming pleadingly.

Feng Weiming was expressionless.

In the past few days, Chen Fu had intermittently confessed to him all the bad things he has done.

The death of his biological mother Fang Yan, and all the big and small turmoil that the Mu family had experienced over the years were all related to Chen Fu.

He also threatened him to hurt Mu Yixi, and deceived Mu Jiuqing, hiding his purpose of approaching him at the beginning, and even imprisoned his beloved woman without telling him.

Chen Fu’s admiration for Jiuqing was so morbid that he was completely insane…

“Weiming, tell me.” Mu Jiuqing looked at his son.

Feng Weiming didn’t want his father to be with such a person at all!

Feng Weiming said coldly: “If I said he just wanted to get along with me and let me accept your relationship with him, will you believe it” He stood up: “You two can handle your own affairs.

I’m leaving.” Saying this, he walked out of the place where he has been trapped for many days on his own.

Mu Yixi hurried to catch up.

Mu Jiuqing was dumbfounded.

Unexpectedly, Chen Fu relaxed, only to find that his back was wet with sweat.

He hurriedly pushed the wheelchair to Mu Jiuqing’s side, took his hand and said honestly: “I will never dare again, I promise.”

Mu Jiuqing almost choked to death.

He was frightened and swore to himself that he would not give a good look to the person who kidnapped Feng Weiming, but he didn’t expect that his lover would be the kidnapper, and when his son was rescued, he had the attitude of making a big deal out of a trivial matter.

Even Feng Weiming didn’t care about it, what else could he do

Break up with Chen Fu because of this matter, then they will never see each other again Chen Fu, who had a problem with his head, would probably die immediately for him to see.

Mu Jiuqing stared at the obedient and disturbed Chen Fu, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, not knowing what to do with him.

How could he fall in love with such a person

Mu Jiuqing said bitterly: “You don’t think of leaving the house for even half a step in the future!”

The purpose of going out was to kidnap his son, so it was better to be grounded from now on! Anyway, he was a dead house.

“Oh.” Overjoyed to pass the test so easily, he could take any punishment his lover said, Chen Fu clasped Mu Jiuqing’s hand, very obediently, and asked: “Will you stay at home more” Full of anticipation.

Mu Jiuqing: “…” He really wanted to say no.

But he was going to pull Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming into the Mu’s overseas company.

With the two of them around, he would not be as busy as before, and there would be ghosts.

Chen Fu would happily attribute this to Mu Jiuqing’s kindness to him.

It’s really… That Mu Jiuqing was so angry that he was half-dead, but he could do nothing to Chen Fu.

Feng Weiming got into Mu Yixi’s car, and as soon as the rear fender was raised, Mu Yixi pushed Feng Weiming down and kissed him on the seat!

Feng Weiming was stunned by Mu Yixi’s rudeness, and when he reacted, he began to struggle hard! Mu Yixi ignored him before he was angry, how dare Mu Yixi treat him like this!

Feng Weiming blushed with anger!

He was not as strong as Mu Yixi, and he was so suppressed that he couldn’t move.

So, he cruelly bit Mu Yixi’s lip.

Mu Yixi, that lunatic, didn’t move at all, blood flowed from his mouth, and the smell was overflowing, but he continued to press his lips, and even slapped him.

Feng Weiming really wanted to strangle him.

But inadvertently, a wipe of wetness ran across his face and landed on his lips.

Feng Weiming tasted the salty taste before realizing that Mu Yixi was crying.

Before, he was exhausted looking for Mu Yiqi, and then he was trapped by Mu Jiurong’s disappearance.

When he found out that he was gone, and his life and death were uncertain, Mu Yixi’s mood could be imagined, that’s why he lost his composure after finding him, not at all like the usual calm and unhurried him…

Feng Weiming’s anger dissipated unknowingly, and his stiff and tense body softened.

As soon as he softened, Mu Yixi seemed to regain his sanity, and his movements began to relax.

But he kept pressing on him, trapping him, as if confirming his existence, as if making sure he wouldn’t disappear again.

“You are so heavy…” Feng Weiming complained.

Mu Yixi’s reaction was to bury his face by his neck, without saying a word, as the warm breath blew on his skin.

“Get up after going crazy, I haven’t settled with you yet.” Feng Weiming looked at the roof of the car and said lightly.

“I’m sorry…” Mu Yixi said in a muffled voice, hugging him even tighter.

Feng Weiming didn’t bother to struggle, although his bones ached from being hugged by him: “Punish you.”

Mu Yixi: “Punish me.”

“You are not allowed to touch me for a year…” Feng Weiming said.

“…I didn’t hear anything.” Mu Yixi murmured, finally willing to move, he straightened up slightly, facing Feng Weiming, he let him see his reddish eye sockets, and his still oozing bloody lips after being bitten by him: “I was so worried about you…”

Feng Weiming: “…” When Mu Yixi went crazy just now, Feng Weiming believed in these words.

But at this moment, it was definitely to win sympathy and change the subject in order to make him forget what he just said.

“Why don’t you pursue it” Mu Yixi continued, showing the hatred in his eyes: “I hate him so much that I want to kill him, do you know”


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