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Although he was reluctant to touch Mu Jiuqing, Chen Fu did not give up his revenge on Mu’s family.

He decided to deal with Mu Jiuqing’s two elder brothers at a distance, especially Mu Jiurong, the head of the Mu family.

Chen Fu did not use his own strength to shake the giant of the Mu family with great fanfare.

Instead, he used the method of leveraging his strength to unite with those forces who had opinions on the Mu family, such as the Xu family who were deeply trusted by the Mu family, and after Mu Jiurong gave birth to an illegitimate son, through the son he even roped in the houses of Hu Qin and others.

Chen Fu was extremely patient.

He believed that these people could deal a fatal blow to the Mu family at a critical moment.

This matter had gone smoothly, and those who were used by him had no idea of his existence.

Even if Xu Qingli accidentally miscalculated and was expelled, Chen Fu didn’t feel frustrated, because this made the situation more real, and no one would suspect him.

Chen Fu didn’t expect that he would have a chance to get in touch with Mu Jiuqing.

When Feng Weiming was five years old, he had a falling out with Mu Jiuqing, and after that he lived in the country for a long time.

Mu Jiuqing hadn’t seen his beloved adopted son for a long time, so when he returned home, his excitement of the past was gone, and he was in a bad mood, thus he would occasionally sit in the garden alone in a daze.

Chen Fu hid in the dark, watching him carefully.

But by a very sudden chance, Mu Jiuqing saw Chen Fu who was pushing his wheelchair, and casually greeted him: “Hello.” With a polite smile.

It was just an ordinary greeting, but Chen Fu’s complexion changed drastically, and he fell to the ground because he pushed the wheelchair so quickly that he overbalanced the wheelchair.

Mu Jiuqing was taken aback! He didn’t discriminate against the disabled, and would even have rare occasional outbursts of kindness, so immediately focusing on Chen Fu, he asked him if he was okay.

The two had had an intersection ever since.

From being silent and unable to speak at the beginning, to speaking as if in pain, jumping out word by word, to stuttering, to being able to communicate with Mu Jiuqing normally, it took Chen Fu a full five year’s time.

Mu Jiuqing had never met such a weird person.

Except for the amputation of both his legs from below the knee and his need to sit in a wheelchair for life, Chen Fu’s appearance and temperament were not bad (the gloom all over his body disappeared when facing Mu Jiuqing), but he was extremely bad at communication, and sometimes was in so much of a hurry that he couldn’t make a sound even with his mouth open, so he simply wrote it or typed it on a computer for him to read.

However, his thoughts and concepts were very compatible with Mu Jiuqing.

There was basically no obstacle in the communication between Mu Jiuqing and him on the spiritual level, and he often felt suddenly enlightened, which made the proud Mu Jiuqing a little surprised and admiring.

He also saw that Chen Fu was a capable person, so he had enough patience to be friends with him.

Moreover, he had to say that he was pleased by Chen Fu’s attitude.

In the relationship between the two, Mu Jiuqing felt it was dispensable, but Chen Fu was extremely serious and tried very hard to show his best side in front of Mu Jiuqing, as if he had been waiting for this opportunity for many years.

Sometimes he struggled to speak and couldn’t keep up with Mu Jiuqing’s rhythm.

When this happened, the anxiety in his eyes was real, and his pitiful fear was so heart-melting.

Originally, Mu Jiuqing only thought that Chen Fu had a withdrawn personality and longed for friendship, so he looked at him differently, but Chen Fu was always restrained, and the acquaintance with him for many years was just the friendship of gentlemen, and if Mu Jiuqing did not take the initiative, Chen Fu would never take even half a step ahead.

But later Mu Jiuqing discovered that Chen Fu’s attention to him was much more than that.

Once Mu Jiuqing asked about his legs and asked him why he didn’t wear prosthetics now that the medical sciences were advanced, and let the trouser legs dangle empty, which made him feel uncomfortable.

Chen Fu felt that Mu Jiuqing disliked him, his expression changed on the spot, and his eyes turned red.

Mu Jiuqing had just asked casually, but seeing Chen Fu’s expression change, he thought that he didn’t want him to mention it, so he stopped immediately.

Unexpectedly, the next time they met, Chen Fu had already had prosthetics installed, and he stood up with great difficulty to show Mu Jiuqing, sweating profusely from the pain, but still smiling happily, with a look of “Look, I listened to you and put on the prosthetics.” His appearance was as if wanting his praise.

Such a big man with that expression looked pitiful and ridiculous.

Mu Jiuqing suppressed the sudden surprise in his heart, re-examined Chen Fu, and came to the conclusion: Chen Fu liked him.

The problem was that Mu Jiuqing only regarded him as an ordinary friend.

With Mu Jiuqing’s arrogance, it was okay to be an ordinary friend with a disabled person, but it was almost impossible for him to be a lover.

Chen Fu didn’t move him enough to make him make an exception for him.

Mu Jiuqing distanced himself from him, but Chen Fu didn’t respond at all.

After not dealing with each other for half a year, when Chen Fu saw him, his eyes lit up, his expression was so happy that he couldn’t control his expression, and he didn’t question or complain.

When he left, he was like a big dog that had been kicked, silently nestling in the wheelchair, watching him with a forced smile.

Chen Fu never expected to be with Mu Jiuqing at all.

Being able to approach him and talk to him had far exceeded his expectations and put him in a state of winning the jackpot every time.

Mu Jiuqing, who realized this, didn’t know what he felt in his heart.

Chen Fu had followed Mu Jiuqing silently for more than ten years and had been with him like a friend for more than ten years.

So, more than two years ago, Mu Jiuqing suddenly said to him: “Why don’t we try” in a compromised and helpless tone.

Chen Fu was dumbfounded.

What to try Them

Mu Jiuqing sighed and held his hand.

Chen Fu froze, his whole body was stunned! The great surprise and panic almost drove him crazy, he dared not agree at all, fearing that he was dreaming.

How could Mu Jiuqing, who knew his faults, begin to regard himself as a lover.

After maintaining this state for more than two years, Chen Fu began to slowly accept the reality, and felt that his life finally had a ray of hope…

His mind filled with Mu Jiuqing distracted his energy from revenge.

As a result of his lack of control over the domestic situation, he found that someone almost found him.

Something happened to Mu Yiqi, something happened to Mu Jiurong… If Mu Jiuqing knew what he did to Fang Yan and the Mu family, what would he think

It was like a bucket of cold water being poured over his head.

Chen Fu was terrified.

He was very worried that Mu Jiuqing would not want him anymore.

So, he took advantage of the chaos in Mu’s family and brought Feng Weiming here.

If you want to say that the person Mu Jiuqing valued the most in his life was Feng Weiming, it was really true.

Chen Fu was both happy and resentful, happy because there was still someone who could deeply influence Mu Jiuqing, and resentful because this deep father-son relationship originated from the woman Mu Jiuqing once loved the most.

So Chen Fu’s feelings towards Feng Weiming were very complicated, he couldn’t like him, but he couldn’t touch him as well.

Chen Fu looked at Feng Weiming’s cold face and said in a conferring tone: “I can stop the revenge on Mu’s family, you can see my sincerity – Mu Jiurong and his son escaped from danger, I secretly helped them.

I will always love Mu Jiuqing, and you also want your adoptive father to be happy, don’t you So, you keep everything secret, and let your little lover, Mu Yixi, stop checking, eh.” Chen Fu said helplessly: “I have never killed anyone, and I don’t want Mu Yixi to be the first.

What do you think Obviously, you know that I am serious.”

“Serious about what” Mu Jiuqing led others to rush in, and hearing the last sentence, he stared at Chen Fu and asked angrily.

Chen Fu opened his mouth, and under Mu Jiuqing’s gaze, he felt that he was about to be wiped out…


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