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The son and grandson in this story was Chen Fu.

His original name was actually Feng Jinbei.

After being taken back by his grandfather, he changed to his mother’s surname of Chen, with a single name and a double word.

His remaining family members only wished him a speedy recovery, both physically and psychologically.

Chen Fu’s personality changed drastically after he became disabled, and he became gloomy and reticent.

The situation had only improved in recent years.

Not very good at telling stories, he stuttered when speaking to Feng Weiming, and under Feng Weiming’s unmoved gaze, he gradually couldn’t continue speaking.

Feng Weiming said: “The ancestors of the Mu family have taught that we must keep a bottom line in everything.”

No matter what the true character of the Mu family was, they had been educated since they were young that there was no mortal hatred, and they must stay on the line when doing things.

In order to achieve this goal, the Mu family both at home and abroad had special regulatory departments responsible for dealing with the aftermath.

Mu’s business had never been for the purpose of killing all competitors.

If the bankruptcy of Chen Fu’s father’s company was directly caused by the Mu family, as long it was brought it up, the Mu family would have definitely helped them out.

Even if they couldn’t restore them to their former glory, at least they could have paid their debt.

As long as he had the ability, he could find another job with the support of the Mu family, and he could have even made a comeback.

The Mu family’s behavioural style had always been mixed, but the fact was that the Mu family had stood for hundreds of years and had always had more friends than enemies.

Feng Weiming had been in touch with many confidential matters of the Mu family, so of course he believed in the Mu family’s style more than a man who kidnapped him and claimed to be his biological father.

Moreover, regardless of whether Chen Fu was his biological father or not, Feng Weiming only recognized Mu Jiuqing as his father.

Feelings were not all that could be represented by blood alone.

Chen Fu’s face changed, and his expression became gloomy.

The way he looked at Feng Weiming was not at all like looking at his own son, and he was even more indifferent than a stranger.

But after a while, as if thinking of something through him, Chen Fu’s face softened a little bit.

His emotional change in the blink of an eye made Feng Weiming even more vigilant.

He felt that there was something wrong with this person.

Although he claimed to be his father, he actually didn’t have much affection for him.

He kidnapped him not to make him recognize his relatives, otherwise, he had countless opportunities to confess the truth to him in the past ten years or so.

Why wait until now, and still use such an unfriendly way.

Feng Weiming even believed that Chen Fu would not hesitate to hurt him in order to achieve his goal.

Feng Weiming’s expressionless face turned into a pool of calm water.

He had been trained that when under the sway of others, if he could not escape, and the captor was mentally unstable, he had better remain calm and submissive.

But Chen Fu no longer cared about his face and continued to tell his story.

In fact, as Feng Weiming said, the Mu family was such a group of hypocrites, who slapped people down, but if the beaten person asked for help, they would indeed lend a helping hand.

It was a pity that Chen Fu’s father couldn’t bear the blow for a while, and directly dragged his family to die.

After all, the tragedy of Chen Fu’s family was related to his father’s weakness of heart.

So, Chen Fu’s grandfather didn’t think about taking revenge on the Mu family but hated Chen Fu’s father deeply.

But Chen Fu was not that rational at the time.

He was just a child who lost his parents overnight and had become physically disabled and mentally traumatized.

Revenge was his obsession and the reason for living.

After decades, the hatred for the Mu family was engraved in his bones.

Although Chen Fu’s grandfather was rich, he couldn’t shake the Mu family, and they couldn’t afford to offend the Mu family, so they neither opposed nor supported Chen Fu’s revenge for his health.

They let Chen Fu have no worries about food and clothing, but he could only deal with the Mu family himself.

However, Chen Fu’s high IQ and the achievements he made with his own IQ exceeded the imagination of the Chen family.

It took more than ten years for a disabled person with no foundation to have enough status to live next to the person in charge of the overseas Mu family.

Mu Jiuqing was the first person Chen Fu wanted to take revenge on.

The ridiculous thing was that Chen Fu fell in love with Mu Jiuqing at first sight.

He still remembered the first time he “saw” Mu Jiuqing – the car drove into the front yard, and Mu Jiuqing walked out of the car in a grey sweater and trousers, looking handsome, clean and dignified.

His face was slightly turned to the direction where Chen Fu was peeping, and for some reason, he showed a faint smile, which was unbelievably beautiful.

Chen Fu’s heart sank with a thud, completely sinking into the abyss.

He didn’t dare to appear in front of Mu Jiuqing, because he was too perfect, and he was gloomy and incomplete, not even a single finger of him could compare to him.

He couldn’t make up his mind to move against Mu Jiuqing, so he could only vent his anger on his dates.

He used all his ingenuity to drive away Mu Jiuqing’s suitors because he didn’t want Mu Jiuqing to belong to anyone.

Mu Jiuqing never noticed it, because he didn’t take those contacts with him seriously.

He thought those on and off contacts were normal.

Until Feng Weiming’s biological mother Fang Yan appeared.

Fang Yan had a stunning appearance.

She was the illegitimate daughter of the Fang family and Fang Zhen’s half-sister.

At that time, Father Fang abandoned his wife in order to pursue Fang Yan’s mother.

The other party resolutely left after knowing that he was married, which made Father Fang almost unable to survive.


Fang was a formidable woman, and because of Fang Yan’s mother’s understanding of current affairs, she deported Fang Yan to France to be raised.

Fang Yan never went back to the country, but she had a good relationship with Father Fang and the pair of siblings born to Mrs.

Fang who occasionally come to see her.

Mu Jiuqing met Fang Yan, fell in love with her, and pursued her passionately.

But before they had time to develop, Fang Yan left a letter and left, saying that she loved someone else.

When Mu Jiuqing read the letter, he was extremely sad and disappointed.

What he didn’t know was that when Fang Yan wrote this letter, a gun was aimed at him from the next door.

If Fang Yan would have been disobedient, the trigger of the gun would be pulled off.

“Hey, she didn’t know that I didn’t want to hurt Mu Jiuqing at all…” Chen Fu couldn’t help but smile when he said this, with a strange condescending contempt: “She was just a slut who wanted to change his mind, but he deserves to be admired.

Falling in love with her…”

Afterwards, Chen Fu imprisoned Fang Yan, Mu Jiuqing didn’t know that his beloved woman was just next door to him.

Chen Fu also wanted to know what was so special about Fang Yan that Mu Jiuqing really fell in love with her.

Later Fang Yan realized that Chen Fu loved Mu Jiuqing, but he could never get what he wanted, so he could only hide in the dark and peep, never seeing the light of day.

Fang Yan said: “I can let Mu Jiuqing know you, and at the same time make him give up on me.” She said that she could write to Mu Jiuqing from time to time, telling him about her life now.

She said that she had an excellent husband, who was gentle and caring, very capable, and treated her well even though he was disabled…

Chen Fu was fascinated by this way.

He also started treating Fang Yan better.

Because words were the voice of the heart, he asked Fang Yan to write a letter to Mu Jiuqing, and there was a beautiful Chen Fu between the lines.

He wanted Mu Jiuqing to remember such a Chen Fu.

Mu Jiuqing wrote back and said: It seems that your husband is a good man, I am very happy that you are living happily.

When you have children, I’ll be their godfather…

Chen Fu was so happy that he almost danced, and he said to Fang Yan: “Let’s have a baby, huh”

During this time, they had formed an inseparable bond.

So, Fang Yan said: “Okay.”

Fang Yan underwent the IVF operation and gave birth to Feng Weiming.

Fang Yan attached a photo of Feng Weiming in her letter to Mu Jiuqing.

Mu Jiuqing was very happy.

When Feng Weiming was two years old, Mu Jiuqing proposed to meet his godson.

Chen Fu was never willing to reject him, so he let Fang Yan go out.

Unexpectedly, Fang Yan escaped with Feng Weiming, and there was a car accident in the process of escaping.

Feng Weiming was protected by her, but she could not be saved.

When Chen Fu arrived, he only had time to see her one last time.

Fang Yan only said one sentence: “Chen Fu, do you know I love you…”

Chen Fu was so disgusted that he didn’t even want Feng Weiming anymore.

He notified Mu Jiuqing in the name of Fang Yan, asking Mu Jiuqing to adopt Feng Weiming.

Chen Fu murmured: “At first, I thought that Mu Jiuqing and I could only do this at best…” He raised his child, and he hid next door, always watching him secretly.

He didn’t expect a turning point later.


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