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“Mu Yixi, you know that I’ve always been conceited, but this time, I have to admit that I’m not capable enough.” In the small room, Brother Ling took off his disguise, revealing a delicate, pale and immature face.

Despite being a man in his late forties, having a tender face as if he was in his teens was an eternal pain in Brother Ling’s heart.

He was used to disguising himself for his own safety, but another reason was that he didn’t want others to see his tender face.

He felt that customers would definitely not do business with him once they saw his face.

Brother Ling couldn’t tell when the relationship between him and Mu Yixi started to get better.

But when Mu Yixi even invested in his “company”, he had a special sense of awakening.

It’s a pity that Mu Yixi was not the kind of person who could easily be gotten rid of.

Brother Ling could only helplessly accept the fact that he had become a “special detective for Mu Yixi”.

Mu Yixi’s lover, Feng Weiming, was missing.

He tried his best to find him as soon as he found out.

But this time was obviously different from the previous two disappearance cases.

The previous two cases of disappearance could be said to be traceable, but not this time, Feng Weiming seemed to have disappeared in thin air.

He did buy a ticket to France, but he wasn’t on board.

According to the person who boarded the plane with Feng Weiming’s boarding pass, it was Feng Weiming who personally gave him the boarding pass, saying that there was an urgent need because of which he had to cancel the trip.

That person urgently needed to return to France because of some family affairs, and Feng Weiming’s generosity helped him a lot.

This person’s statement had been verified and there was nothing suspicious about it.

The only useful information he provided was that when Feng Weiming gave him the boarding pass, he was accompanied by a young man.

Standing together, the two didn’t feel like friends.

This could not rule out the possibility that Feng Weiming was held hostage.

Brother Ling’s people were hacking into the surveillance system of the airport, trying to call up the video at that time.

But Mu Yixi had a hunch that it would be useless even to find the young man who “accompanied” Feng Weiming when he handed over the boarding pass.

Mu Yixi’s head was in a mess, and it was the first time he tasted the feeling of being anxious.

When Mu Yiqi disappeared, because he knew everything would be well, he didn’t realize this mood at that moment.

Brother Ling’s results disappointed him.

At present, the most useful thing in his hands was Brother Ling’s team.

“Calm down first, we must find out why your lover was kidnapped.

Does he have any enemies Or, if he is caught, who can he be used to threaten”

Mu Yixi’s fingers were deeply clenched.

At this moment, he suddenly realized that he didn’t know enough about Feng Weiming.

Except for him and the Mu family, he didn’t know what kind of friends or enemies Feng Weiming had had.

He always thought that they would be spending a lot of time together in the future, so they could take their time getting to know each other.

He didn’t expect that Feng Weiming would suddenly disappear.

This kind of thing had never happened in his last life, and Feng Weiming had always been good…

“You can check this.

The one who can catch him can threaten Mu Jiuqing and me.” Mu Yixi said in a deep voice.

The two of them were probably the only ones who would be willing to pay a big price for Feng Weiming.

He would rather the other party had kidnapped Feng Weiming for money, so that at least his chances of surviving would be much higher.

Brother Ling said: “Mu Jiuqing’s side, you’d better keep in touch with him.” The people on Mu Jiuqing’s side were not easy to use.

It stood to reason that people on both sides should work together to avoid useless efforts.

But looking at Mu Yixi’s performance, it didn’t seem easy to talk over there.

“I know.” Mu Yixi continued to call Mu Jiuqing, but Mu Jiuqing never answered: “Damn it!”

Mu Yixi recalled the last words Feng Weiming said to him over and over again.

Feng Weiming was so smart, what he said when he was held hostage by someone should not be as simple as it appeared on the surface.

Feng Weiming said: Mu Yixi, I have something urgent and I need to go back to France…

I have something urgent and I need to go back to France… I need to go back to France…



Mu Yixi called Mu Jiuqing fiercely, over and over again!

Mu Jiuqing was finally overwhelmed and connected the phone.

His voice was very gloomy: “You’d better say something useful.”

“France!” Mu Yixi said: “The person who took Mingming away was someone he knew, and he had met in France.

But the other party is not in France now!”

Feng Weiming had not lived in France for a long time.

He lived in France when he was a child, which was a relatively long time ago.

At that time, out of safety considerations, Mu Jiuqing kept tabs on his whereabouts and his friends, and it was impossible for Feng Weiming to have had a bad relationship with someone to the point where he needed to be kidnapped.

Later, even if Feng Weiming returned to France, his stay was very short.

He had then studied in the United States.

Then, it could only be because of Mu Jiuqing’s side.

In this way, the scope of the investigation was greatly reduced.

“Okay, I’ll check in this direction.” Mu Jiuqing said decisively: “Let me know immediately if you think of anything!”

Mu Yixi took a deep breath: “Yes.”

At the same time, Feng Weiming was eating lunch in silence.

The person opposite him looked at him with some distress.

From the moment he brought Feng Weiming to this mountain villa, Feng Weiming kept his mouth shut and didn’t speak, neither curious nor shocked.

In the face of this kind of cold violence, there was no way to fight or scold.

But in fact, Feng Weiming was already full of anger.

The first object of his anger was Mu Yixi.

He called himself his boyfriend.

He was threatened and made such a stiff phone call, but Mu Yixi didn’t react at all! He didn’t even ask anything, but he said, well, he told him to be careful on the road.

After five full days, he did not even call to say hello! What kind of boyfriend was this

The second object of his anger was the person behind the scenes who brought him to this remote place – the ambiguous object of his adoptive father’s feelings, his neighbor uncle from France, the paralyzed Edmond who he had known for more than ten years.

Turned out, his Chinese name was Chen Fu!

This man actually said to him straight to the point: “Hi, Mingming, let me introduce myself.

I am your father, your biological father, Chen Fu.”

Feng Weiming really wanted to grab the desk lamp beside him and throw it over!

Perhaps his eyes were too bloody.

But on the first day, after Chen Fu introduced himself, he left Feng Weiming’s sight leaving behind a thick stack of documents.

Feng Weiming didn’t read them, and the documents remained intact.

Chen Fu had no choice but to tell him stories from the next day.

Once upon a time there was a happy family of three.

The husband and wife were loving and had one son.

The husband was born a poor boy, and after struggling for half his life, he finally made some achievements and set up his own company.

But when her husband was at his happiest, the Mu family came.

In order to compete for market share, Mu’s used some methods.

The husband’s company had no backing or background, and the funds were not enough, so it was quickly overthrown like quicksand.

The family went from being rich to having millions in debt.

The husband couldn’t stand the excitement, so he drove his wife and son down the cliff together.

The couple died on the spot, leaving behind a son who became disabled.

The disabled son was taken to live in France by his grandfather whom he had never met.

It turned out that his grandfather was a French-Chinese, with rich family resources and old-fashioned manner.

He had a son and a daughter.

The daughter chose to go back to China to study as she wanted to see her father’s hometown.

Unexpectedly, she fell in love with a poor boy in China.

The father strongly opposed it, but the daughter insisted on going her own way, and the father and daughter broke up.

For so many years, the daughter had been stubbornly resisting going home and had continued living with her husband and son.

It wasn’t until the news of his daughter’s death reached him that the father returned home heartbroken and brought his only grandson back.

The grandson was greatly stimulated by this incident, and suffered from severe PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and the only thing he insisted on was revenge.


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