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When Mu Yang and the other Mu family members slammed into the door to rescue Mu Jiurong, his stomach was cut open and a pool of blood was flowing down.

Xu Qingli held a scalpel, her expression was frantic, and she kept mumbling: “Child…child, give me a child…”

Everyone immediately restrained Xu Qingli, and the medical staff hurriedly surrounded Mu Jiurong to treat his wound.

Mu Jiurong was conscious, but because of the severe pain and blood loss, his face was sweating profusely, and his face was pale.

He saw Mu Yixi standing calmly behind the crowd.

Mu Jiurong struggled to spit out two words: “Xiaoqi…” His voice was a little vague, and others couldn’t hear him clearly.

Mu Yixi was also looking at him, watching his father, who had always been aloof, become so helpless because of weak woman, where he was almost slaughtered by the other.

He understood his mouthing, and thought that even after this fate, he still missed Mu Yiqi immediately after being rescued, and an indescribable feeling suddenly rose in his heart.

“Xiaoqi is fine.” Mu Yixi approached and said to him without emotion.

Mu Jiurong relaxed and closed his eyes slightly.

“Mu Jiurong, I hate you!” Xu Qingli still showed her teeth and claws while being restrained.

She had Mu Jiurong’s blood on her body, and she looked crazy and ferocious.

She let out a final scream and was knocked out.

Mu Jiurong was sent to the best hospital in Haicheng for emergency treatment.

Mu Yixi kept up and called Mrs.

Mu and Mu Yiqi to report that they were safe.

After being reprimanded by Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yixi told Mu Yang and the others the person he suspected: Xu Qingli.

In Mu Yixi’s memory, only Xu Qingli was so obsessed with Mu Jiurong from beginning to end.

Even if she got married and had children, and she repeatedly showed her self-discipline, it was still an illusion in Mu Yixi’s view.

She was like a snake waiting for an opportunity, coveting Mu Jiurong as a prey all the time, looking for an opportunity to hit him down with a single blow.

The Feng family took action against Mu Yiqi, which just gave her a chance to fish in troubled waters.

Mu Yixi didn’t think she would let it go.

It was a name no one thought of.

No one thought that such a weak girl with a husband and son was capable of kidnapping Mu Jiurong under the heavy protection of bodyguards.

Xu Qingli wasn’t even on Mu Yang’s list of suspects.

But Mrs.

Mu and Mu Yiqi supported Mu Yixi.

After they consulted Mu Jingwei’s opinion and Mu Jingwei asked everyone to listen to Mu Yixi’s command, the direction of the investigation quickly turned a corner.

Xu Qingli was very smart, she didn’t alarm anyone, she had joined Yue Yang to ambush Mu Jiurong in the bathroom, and then used the secret door of the hospital to leave.

After that, she rented a medium-priced detached house in the suburbs of Haicheng.

Moreover, she usually used the delivery service of a well-known restaurant for meals and paid in cash.

Yue Yang was also poisoned by her, so he had to obey her orders.

After catching Mu Jiurong, Xu Qingli locked him in the basement and gave him some food every day.

Mu Yang and others found out that the last trace of her and Yue Yang was the plane ticket to Haicheng, and then the two disappeared as if they had evaporated from the world.

The breakthrough was a Weibo post.

Someone posted a photo of a house above, with a woman half-opening the door, taking food delivery, which had the postscript: strange women who doesn’t go out every day and only gets takeaways, rich people are really self-willed!

The person in charge of information processing found this Weibo and recognized that the woman in the photo was Xu Qingli, then it took less than two hours to find out the specific address.

Then they led a team to Haicheng within six hours, broke through the door, and rescued Mu Jiurong, who was about to be dismembered by Xu Qingli, at the last minute.

It was indeed beyond Mu Yixi’s expectation that Xu Qingli would want to kill Mu Jiurong.

Xu Qingli’s obsession with Mu Jiurong was even at the expense of guarding the paralyzed Mu Jiurong, as long as Mu Jiurong belonged to her.

Could it be that Xu Qingli changed her mind in this life and wanted to kill Mu Jiurong to keep his body alive Or did she want to live with his ashes

However, after Xu Qingli woke up, she quickly started attacking herself.

She was severely stimulated.

She had no family background and beauty to impress Mu Jiurong, so she only believed in her infatuation and her clean, healthy body that could bear children.

She always thought that a mother was precious to her child, and when she had found a chance to conceive Mu Jiurong’s child and would have given birth safely, for the sake of the child, everyone would have to give in to her three points.

Unexpectedly, Mu Jiurong was actually ligated!

This was a move beyond the comprehension of all contemporaries! In the concept of people of that era, a man running get sterilized was abolishing his own family line.

This kind of thing was almost equivalent to swinging a knife and turning himself into a eunuch from the palace.

But Mu Jiurong, the dignified head of the Mu family, the patriarch of the Mu family, a proud man who could call out the wind and rain, how could he do such an unreasonable thing But Mu Jiurong had done it!

The design of Hu Qin and the birth of Mu Yixi made Mu Jiurong realize that some things would inevitably be beyond his control.

He hated the feeling of losing control, especially in matters of women and children, which made him feel deeply insulted.


Mu was an impeccable wife.

She gave birth to Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan for him.

No matter what perspective he considered from, he should guarantee the interests and status of her and the children.

But there were too many confusing lures around him, and it was impossible to guard against everything.

Mu Jiurong did not want another woman to jump out one day and say that she was pregnant with his child, asking him and Mrs.

Mu to take care of her with their money and status, which would disturb his family forever.

So, he decided to do it once and for all and tie things up.

Xu Qingli suddenly collapsed after knowing that he was ligated.

The belief that she had been holding all this time had been shattered into pieces, and all her efforts had been in vain.

And she also understood this as Mu Jiurong’s love for Mrs.


If a man loved a woman more, wouldn’t he rather be sterilized by himself than let his wife bear the pain of pregnancy

Xu Qingli had always lied to herself that Mu Jiurong didn’t love his wife, and there were only interests and responsibilities between the couple.

Mu Jiurong had never fallen in love with anyone, so she had a chance, and she had hope!

Unexpectedly, reality gave her a slap in the face.

It turned out that Mu Jiurong loved Mrs.

Mu, and he still loved her deeply…

Xu Qingli had gone crazy with jealousy!

She cut Mu Jiurong with a knife not to kill him, but because she refused to give up.

It was said that ligation was reversible, as long as a recanalization operation was performed, so she decided to do it herself.

In any case, she wanted Mu Jiurong to give her a child!

But everything she said was irrelevant.

Her kidnapping and hurting the head of the Mu family was a fact, and the Mu family didn’t even plan to take the proper legal route, they directly took her back to the Mu family, and then decided to deal with it privately once Mu Jiurong’s situation stabilized.

Mu Jiurong’s injury was not serious, the wound was sutured, and he woke up as soon as the anesthetic passed.

When he woke up, Mrs.

Mu and Mu Yiqi were already by his bedside.


Mu held his hand with red eyes.

The worry for the past few days made her face look not very good, she was slightly haggard and pale, but in Mu Jiurong’s eyes she was still beautiful and moving.

His eyes softened, and he whispered, “I’m fine.”


Mu’s tears fell.

Mu Jiurong was very accustomed to her calm and self-restraint.

Seeing her crying, he couldn’t hold it any longer, and he ordered his son: “Mu Yiqi, take care of your mother.”

Mu Yiqi deliberately said mischievously, “You scared us this time.

Mother is worried about you, and you should coax your own woman.”

Mu Jiurong glared at him.

But he was lying down and Mu Yiqi was standing, so he couldn’t reach him for the time being.

Moreover, something had happened to Mu Yiqi before…

Mu Yiqi didn’t feel any pain or itching from his glare, he just took out the food prepared by Mrs.

Mu and set it up, a faint warm smell wafting in the ward.

After crying, Mrs.

Mu turned her back to tidy up her appearance, and when she turned around again, except for the redness of her eyes, her mood had stabilized.

She picked up the porridge and fed it to Mu Jiurong, Mu Jiurong looked at her, opened his mouth and swallowed it slowly.

Mu Yiqi suddenly felt that he was superfluous.

He snuck to the adjoining compartment with another thermos in his hand and no one noticed.

In the compartment, Mu Yixi was resting with his eyes closed.

After looking for Mu Yiqi and Mu Jiurong one after another, he was too tired, until his eyes were bloodshot, now he could finally rest for a while.

But he hadn’t fallen asleep, and was vaguely watching the movement next door.

As soon as Mu Yiqi came in, he half opened his eyes.

“Brother, do you want something to eat Mom prepared it for you.”

Mu Yiqi opened the thermos involuntarily, the aroma of the food wafted out, and then Mu Yixi felt that his stomach was empty and shrunk into a ball.

He took the thermos and opened it silently.

Mu Yiqi looked at him quietly, and was suddenly grateful, very grateful that he had such a big brother.

When something went wrong, then only you got to know who was really reliable, who would spare no effort to save you, support you, and protect your important people for you.

At the same time, you will also discover who you truly believe in.

When Mu Yiqi had an accident, he left a message because he believed that Mu Yixi would come to save him as soon as possible, that he would understand what he meant and help him take care of Mrs.


If he and his father disappeared at the same time, without Mu Yixi, Mu Yiqi didn’t know what would happen, how Mrs.

Mu would be isolated and helpless.

Fortunately, Mu Yixi was there.

This time, he and his father were close to each other, and they managed to save the day, thanks to Mu Yixi’s best efforts.

“Brother, thank you.” Mu Yiqi whispered.

Mu Yixi naturally knew what he was thankful for, so he wiped his mouth calmly: “Say it again.”    

Mu Yiqi stuck out his tongue: “Okay, okay, there is no need to talk about thanks in family matters, I’ll treat you to dinner when I go back.”

Mu Yixi snorted, his face gloomy: “You think it’s over If you don’t find someone to settle the account, you wouldn’t be too ashamed to ask me.”

Mu Yiqi hooked his lips, and his always kind face flashed a ruthless look: “Brother you don’t worry, you don’t have to work hard this time, I’ll handle it.

If I don’t take off a layer of their skin, my name will be written upside down from now!” Maybe his image of being kind to others was so deeply rooted in people’s hearts that some people thought he was easy to bully.

But the incident this time stepped on his bottom line and completely evoked his hidden ferocity.

Did they forget that he was also Mu Jiurong’s son

Mu Yixi nodded secretly.

Mu Yiqi was too gentle before, but now he finally showed some ruthlessness, which was a pleasant surprise.

Sure enough, after experiencing danger, people grew up fast.

The two brothers were chatting, when Mrs.

Mu on the other side called out, “Xiaoxi Xiaoqi, come out for a while.”

Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi looked at each other and went out.



Mu waved to Mu Yixi, Mu Yixi paused, walked to her side obediently, and met Mu Jiurong’s face.


Mu took Mu Yixi’s hand and said softly, “This time, it is all thanks to this child Xiaoxi.

If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be able to find you so quickly.”

Mu Jiurong looked at Mu Yixi and said lightly, “That’s right.” But in fact, both he and Mu Yixi knew what was going on.

Even if Mu Yixi tried his best, he was probably forced by Mrs.


Unfilial son.

Mu Yixi said, “It’s as it should be.” He and Mu Jiurong were still disgusted with each other.

Smelly old man.


Mu looked at them with some relief and decided to tell them later that the old man Mu Jingwei had nodded and let Mu Yixi officially enter the Mu family tree on another day.

This father and son, it was time to give them an official name.


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