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“What did you say” Mrs.

Mu glanced at him angrily and shook her head: “You wouldn’t do such a thing.” But compared to his dedicated efforts when looking for Mu Yiqi, when looking for Mu Jiurong, Mu Yixi acted as if it was just a routine, was not only not fully committed, but also a little indifferent.


Mu suddenly had a guess, did Mu Yixi actually resent Mu Jiurong in his heart


Mu didn’t know when Mu Yixi got to know that he was Mu Jiurong’s illegitimate son, but she knew very well how smart this son of hers was, and he probably knew a lot of things.

And before they knew it, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan also gave Mrs.

Mu a feeling, as if they all knew it.

It was just that no one brought it up.

How they got along before knowing, was how they got along after knowing.

The only change was that their relationship was getting better and better.

Between Mu Yixi, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan, Mrs.

Mu was never worried, and was very happy to see them friendly and harmonious.

At home, Mrs.

Mu tried her best to do what she could.

But as Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi grew up, became sensible, and entered the Mu company as interns, there were some things that Mrs.

Mu could do nothing about.

She didn’t interfere with the children’s future, no matter what they wanted to do, as long as they didn’t steal or rob, she would agree, and she would help when needed.

But as the patriarch of the Mu family, Mu Jiurong would definitely not agree with her idea, feeling that she was pampering the children.

Because he believed that since they had enjoyed the honor, status, and convenience provided by the Mu family, they must undertake corresponding obligations.

The Mu family needed its next leader, and Mu Jiurong felt that since he could successfully win the position of the patriarch and let two consecutive patriarchs come from the direct line, then Mu Yiqi as his son, should be able to do the same.

Mu Jiurong had high hopes for Mu Yiqi.

So, in the process of Mu Yiqi’s entry into the Mu company, Mu Jiurong wanted to ensure his uniqueness.

Thus, Mu Yixi, who was also eligible, was directly excluded.

No matter how good, how hard working, or how eager he was, Mu Jiurong ignored it.

From birth to now, Mu Yixi had been treated unfairly by Mu Jiurong.

Although Mrs.

Mu tried her best to decorate Taiping and tried to ease the relationship between the two father and son, there was little success.

Mu Yixi knew that he was Mu Jiurong’s son.

As a son, Mu Jiurong held Mu Yiqi to the sky, but he was always indifferent to him.

Mu Jiurong did not admit that he was his son and could not seem to see his excellent efforts.

After entering the Mu family, Mu Jiurong only guarded against him for Mu Yiqi’s sake, suppressed him, and used him as Mu Yiqi’s sharpening stone…

Who wouldn’t hate him if he was in Mu Yixi’s place

But Mu Yixi didn’t seem to hate him.

Among the family, he cared about Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi, Mu Yixuan, and even Feng Weiming, who was fostered at home, but he was indifferent to only Mu Jiurong.

He was born with no expectation of a father’s love, and only maintained superficial realtionship with Mu Jiurong, and never took the initiative to ask for anything from Mu Jiurong, which was puzzling.

Over time, everyone thought that Mu Yixi was just like this.

He and Mu Jiurong were just familiar strangers, not father and son.

But Mu Jiurong occasionally felt complicated towards Mu Yixi.

Was Mu Yixi really indifferent to Mu Jiurong as his father Or was his indifference to Mu Jiurong just out of a son’s embarrassment

Mu Yixi’s stunning performance in the Mu company in the past two years seemed to show that the latter was the correct answer.

But Mu Yixi was kicked out of the Mu company by Mu Jiurong.

He was once again rejected and abandoned by Mu Jiurong.

Sometimes Mrs.

Mu didn’t understand why Mu Jiurong was so harsh towards Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi was a good child, and she and her two children had enough heart to accept him.

Even when it came to the Mu family, Mu Yiqi did not have to be the heir.

He was willing to give Mu Yixi room to play and compete with him.

But Mu Jiurong did not allow it.

He would never show mercy to Mu Yixi.

And Mu Yixi, was there really no disappointment in his heart


Mu felt that the atmosphere between him and Mu Jiurong was becoming increasingly rigid.

This time Mu Jiurong disappeared, if it wasn’t for her, Mu Yixi would just stand by and watch, even if the accident had happened to his biological father.

Even Mrs.

Mu felt that he knew some information.

This information was likely to be the key to finding Mu Jiurong.

But Mu Yixi chose not to speak.

Seeing that Mrs.

Mu was hesitating to speak, Mu Yixi didn’t seem to want to embarrass her but couldn’t just reveal it, so he suddenly asked, “Mom, do you love Jiurong”


Mu was taken aback.

“I always thought that you didn’t love him…” Mu Yixi continued in a low voice without Mrs.

Mu answering.

Uninterested in marriage, Mu Jiurong was the kind of character that put interests first and was not worthy of Mrs.

Mu at all.


Mu was also indifferent to Mu Jiurong, and there was no trace of ardent love on her body.

As long as they were married, Mrs.

Mu would continue be a competent wife.

Even so, many women harboured jealousy and resentment towards Mrs.

Mu because of Mu Jiurong, secretly troubled Mrs.

Mu, and even brought along their children to do the same.

Mu Yixi always felt that Mrs.

Mu should be matched with a better man who truly loved and protected her.

In the last life, Mu Yixi owed Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan, so in this life, he was willing to make up for it.

But for Mu Jiurong, Mu Yixi didn’t feel any guilt at all.

He was also just a normal person with regular joys and sorrows.

In the last life, if someone had loved him at first, he would not have been deceived by Hu Qin’s hypocrisy.


Mu made him have a correct understanding of his feelings, and his resentment and distortion, in addition to Hu Qin’s misleading, was owed in great part to Mu Jiurong’s partiality.

Mu Jiurong didn’t treat him as a son, and he was guarded against, used, and ignored, which made him deeply aware of his identity that could not be put on the stage, and the difference between him and Mu Yiqi.

So, he got revenge.

Mu Jiurong would be paralyzed in this life, it was not by his own hands, but he deliberately let Xu Qingli go.

Mu Jiurong was gone, and with Mrs.

Mu’s appearance and personality, how could it be impossible for her to find someone better Mu Yiqi was free and would no longer be forced to take so many responsibilities.

Mu Yixuan could also relax, and she wouldn’t need to be hinted by the family about the benefits they wanted to gain through her marriage, forcing her to follow her path in his last life for a while…

In this life, Mu Yixi did not show any interest in Mu Jiurong.

So, he never moved his hand against Mu Jiurong.


Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan had a better life than in his previous life.

But it turned out that Mu Jiurong’s existence was a disadvantage.

His character, his power, his identity, his rotten peach blossoms…

This time Mu Jiurong disappeared, Mu Yixi couldn’t help thinking: If Mu Jiurong was not there, would everyone he cares about live well Maybe even better

Mu Yixi had to admit that he had actually hated this father for a long time.

“Xiaoxi!” Mrs.

Mu noticed the strange expression on Mu Yixi’s face and squeezed his arm tightly: “Don’t do something you will regret!”

Mu Yixi blinked: “Mom, I really don’t care about anything.

I didn’t do it.” He just didn’t say the direction he suspected and let Mu Yang and the others continue to search like blind flies.

“Xiao Xi, don’t stand idly by.

Even if it’s a stranger, don’t stand idly by.” Mrs.

Mu said heavily: “The bottom line of a person is lost bit by bit like this.” Today if you can kill a stranger, then tomorrow it was possible to cause the death of an acquaintance, and gradually, he would become an indifferent person, or even a perpetrator.

Mu Yixi was a little shocked.

“Don’t let mom down.” The child she raised herself must never become such a person!

Mu Yixi sighed and said unwillingly, “Sure enough, my mother still loves him…”

It was a pity.

T/N: From her thoughts, I think Mrs.

Mu is more concerned about MY’s character and conduct than MJ….

Honestly, I don’t get the feeling that she is in love with MJ, maybe it’s just me, what do you think


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